How to Choose The Right Pillow in 2 Very Simple Steps?

How to Choose The Right Pillow in 2 Very Simple Steps

Many of you may say that “it doesn’t matter that what kind of pillow I use because I can sleep by using any available pillow”. Well, you can sleep with any pillow and it won’t affect your sleep immediately. After a few days or in just two days you will feel pain in your neck. The back pain and neck pain problems usually occur due to using a wrong pillow and mattresses. Different types’ pillows are suitable for different individuals and finding the right pillow is quite important for good health. You should know that how to choose the right pillow for yourself, if you don’t want to develop troubling health issues like neck pain, back pain and snoring.

Follow below given steps to find the best pillow for a healthy sleep:

1. Determine your sleeping position and then buy the pillow:

Do you know how you sleep every night? It is obvious that you may not know that because of your unconsciousness, but you can ask your partner or friend to know that how you sleep. The sleeping position matter and sometimes the sleeping posture can also create back pain and neck pain issues in your life. You may be a back sleeper, side sleeper or a stomach sleeper. High-quality pillows are available for all. A right pillow can help you in improving your health and offer quick relief from pain related issues.

If you are a back sleeper, you should purchase a medium thick pillow. The pillow should not be too thick or too thin because it may affect the ideal position of your head and neck. If your neck is too high during the sleep, it will put extra pressure over the vertebrae cervical in your neck and cause neck pain issue. You may also suffer with neck pain problem due to the curved position of the spinal cord. So, choose a medium thick pillow to sleep well and be healthy.

Suppose, you are a back sleeper and sleep on both sides, buy a thick pillow for healthy sleep. Do not even think of buying a medium thick pillow because it will affect the ideal posture of the spinal cord. Your head will go low due to which you will also experience neck pain. A thick pillow keeps your head in an ideal position during the night and helps with your avoiding neck pain or back pain problems.

A flat or soft pillow would be the best choice for you, if you are a stomach sleeper. Actually, there is no need of pillow for the stomach sleepers because they keep their head low on the bed. This position is not a good sleeping position. Health experts suggest people to avoid sleeping on their stomach, but still people prefer it for their comfort.

You should buy a high-quality memory foam or latex pillow, if you frequently change your sleeping posture. The latex or memory foam pillows offer better air-passing and take shape according to the movement of your head.

2. What is stuffed inside the pillow?

What is inside pillow

Do the pillow fill material matters? Yes, it matters a lot and you should pay huge attention to what is filled inside your pillow. All the pillows are divided according to the type of material filled inside the pillow. The feather pillows are stuffed with feathers, memory foam pillows contain memory foam and the latex pillows are stuffed with latex. Many people also use buckwheat pillows that look like a cozy buckwheat bag. So, check the details below to know the best material for your pillow.

Both down and feather pillows are filled with different materials and both are not the same pillows. You should solve this confusion to choose a right pillow. The feather pillows comprise soft feathers of the duck. The down pillows seem softer than the feather pillows due to filled material. Some people like feather pillows and some prefer down pillows. If you are planning to buy feather pillows, first check that you are allergic to feathers or not. If you are, then do not buy the feather pillow. Just find something else because it is not for you.

The memory foam pillows are certainly better than the down pillows and feather pillows. These pillows do not cause any sort of allergy and all the users are happy with the comfortable support offered by memory foam pillows. The memory foam takes shape right according to the demands of the user. You can easily adjust the thickness of the pillow and use it whole night. Some users have reported poor air passing issue with memory foam pillows. Buy it, if you think memory foam would be the best support for your head and neck.

The latex pillows are simply the best pillow for all types’ sleepers. Latex is a cozy material, extracted from rubber trees. It is processed and then used for manufacturing pillows. Latex offers better air circulation and maintains the ideal temperature of the pillow to provide better comfort. Latex is also an easy to clean and washable material, so pillow maintenance would not be a big task for you. The latex pillows can be available at reasonable prices, if you buy online.

Buckwheat pillow is a pillow that offers the best air circulation whole night and quality support for the ideal position of the neck. You can easily adjust the thickness and softness of the pillow by filling or removing the amount of buckwheat. You don’t need the support of the cleaners or any special cleaning material to maintain buckwheat pillows. Open the zip, pour the buckwheat and wash the cover. These are easy to maintain pillows that offer support for all types’ sleepers.

Whether you buy online or in the local market, only these four types’ pillows will be available there. Now you have to decide that which type of sleeper you are and which material you want as the stuffed material in your pillow. Check above explained details carefully and then follow the guide to buying the best pillow for you and your family members.


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