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Best Back Pain Relief Products – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

Our daily life habit is the main reason behind most of the problems that we are facing. 🙁

Among the HUGE list.

Lets talk about a small part.

Some Common Pains

Back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain and shoulder pain.

These are results of our careless daily life style.

So, what we do?

We search for videos, or sites that are discussing about the solution.

Only watching videos and reading articles won't remove your back pain.

So, what is the solution?

It is our main discussion today. So, that you can cure these problems. 🙂

Now, do we need a surgery?

That is an answer of a doctor.

We are trying to say. Lets try some natural ways to fix these problems.

Best Ways of Fighting Back Pain

1st lets find out the villain habits destroying our comfortable life?

Did we checked our sleeping style?

Did we cared about sitting posture?

Or standing posture?

And many other common factors damaging our back.

Okay enough!

Lets solve it.

We have listed the best back pain relief products that help individuals in preventing back pain related issues. Check these things, know their benefits and buy them to live a healthy life.

An inversion table is the equipment, which allows you to use the gravity for the spinal decompression therapy.

This table is gaining huge popularity nowadays for its capability of curing back pain and neck pain issues faster than the spinal surgery or medicines.

Several people have bought this equipment and they have placed it in their homes. People regularly take the spinal decompression therapy over the inversion table and reduce their back pain and neck pain.

Some fitness experts question the usability of inversion table yet because there is no scientific proof that inversion therapy reduces back pain and neck pain quickly.

However, the users praise the aid provided by this equipment and they also recommend it to others.

best inversion tables.jpg

An inversion table comprises a backrest, headrest, adjustable ankle locking system, a support handle, robust frame that provides support for the inversion therapy.

You fix your ankles tightly into the ankle locking system and lay down over the backrest.

Now you need to incline the inversion table towards the backside. Incline it to the suitable angle so that you can hang yourself in upside down position.

Stay as it is for at least one minute and then come back in the initial position.

This is called the spinal decompression therapy for which inversion tables are built.

The spinal discs get compress and space between the spinal discs increases so-that pain can get released. Spinal fluid and blood get filled between the discs and that’s how you feel better.

The inversion table offers the best way of stretching the spine and all you need to do is hanging yourself upside down.

A wide range of inversion tables is available in the market.

You should invest in top brand’s inversion table to get all the health-promoting features and high-quality equipment. You can find the best table online. Just check the reviews and then buy the best one.

Have you ever thought that sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow can result in neck pain and back pain?

The common people don’t think so because they just lie down over the bed and sleep.

The next day people suffer with issues like neck pain and back pain because their pillow is not perfect according to their sleeping habit.

The maximum people around the world are side sleepers. In other ways, we can say that most of the pillows are built for the side sleepers.

Which one is good and which one is not, you can check this online by checking the reviews of the best side sleeper pillows.

best pillow for side sleepers

Yes, you need a modern side-sleeper pillow because normal down pillows can cause severe damage to your neck.

Do not risk with your health because you can buy modern memory foam pillows, latex pillows and buckwheat pillows to avoid neck pain.

The pillows of these materials take shape according to the requirements of the user.

These pillows offer the best support to your head so that you can sleep well and wake up without pain.

A good pillow can bring many good changes in your life, which you can’t imagine without doctor’s support.

The top pillow and mattress brands are providing high-quality latex, memory foam and buckwheat pillows with many new features. Modern side-sleeper pillows offer better air passing and therefore you sleep comfortably.

These are not like feather pillows that heat up quickly and cause allergies. Pillows like memory foam and latex pillows take shape according to user’s requirement and of whole night support.

The chances of neck pain and sciatica pain go down, when you use these pillows. So, invest your bucks in a high-quality side-sleeper pillow to prevent neck pain every morning.

Hot compression is a very well known technique that people apply to relieve joint pain, neck pain and back pain.

People used to apply hot water containing rubber bag for hot compression in the past, but now heating pads have replaced those rubber bags.

You don’t need water or other heating sources to improve the warmth of the pad. Today’s modern electronic heating pads provide soothing warmth and soothe pain quickly.

You can consider this pad as a home remedy, which you can use, whenever you are suffering from neck pain, back pain and joint pain.

best heating pad

You should buy a top brand’s heating pad, if you daily experience back pain or neck pain.

The electronic heating pads use electricity to heat-up the pad. Most of these pads use moisture of the environment and releases warmth deep inside your body parts.

Whether it is neck pain or lower back pain, it will get relieved soon and you will feel better.

Of course, modern heating pads are a lot better than traditional heating pads.

You can apply hot compress therapy on the neck, back and other parts of your body without facing any trouble and that’s what makes modern heating pads better than traditional heating pads.

Several brands are manufacturing and selling the heating pads in the market.

As a wise customer, you should go online and search for the top rated and high-quality heating pad.

BodyMed, Sunbeam and TheraTherm are a few brands, which are providing high-quality heating pads.

Check the reviews and quality specifications of these heating pads and buy a perfect one for your family.

Every family member can use heating pads to relieve pain and other problems. Invest in the top-quality pad so that you can get long-term service with some cutting-edge features like LED control panel.

Heat therapy is a renowned solution of back pain and joint pain.

As we have mentioned in the heating pad section, heat therapy can pull out your pain and make you feel better.

The heating pad is the best device for applying heat therapy and it can be easily available in the market.

Usually, every individual invests his money in the electric heating pad because nowadays it is quite popular in the market.

It heats up quickly, provides the required warmth to soothe the pain, but it can also leave the red spot over your skin.

You may feel uncomfortable due to increased heat of the heating pad. The infrared heating pad is the best choice, if you don’t want to face any sort of discomfort.

Infrared Heating Pad
Infrared Heating Pad

You might be wondering that how the infrared heating pad is different from the electric heating pad.

Well, both are different devices because both apply different techniques to heat up your muscles and relieve the pain.

The electric heating pads use atmosphere’s moisture to heat up the skin. Infrared heating pads use FIR (Far Infrared Ray) technique to soothe body pain.

These are specially prepared therapeutic pads that do not cause any damage to the user’s skin.

This heating pad does not heat up your skin and that’s why you don’t face any sort discomfort.

Just like electric heating pads, infrared heating pads are also manufactured by several brands.

Those brands are selling their products online. A reliable brand would provide the best infrared heating pad that can be useful for your whole family.

There are no risks of using infrared heating pads. You can use these heating pads anywhere you want and relieve the pain quickly.

Many working class people spend 8-10 hours on their office desks.

Their sitting job becomes a problem for their body because it causes back pain.

The maximum people use normal chairs, which do not offer enough support for the spine. The ergonomic chairs are specially designed chairs, which improves stress over the structure of the spine.

These chairs help users in avoiding the development of lower-back issues like pain and strain.

The ergonomic chairs aid soothing of the back pain issue by evoking good posture.

These chairs provide better support to the lower back region of the user’s body. You can replace your old chair with such a chair to prevent lower back pain.

Ergonomic chairs

Several furniture manufacturing companies and chair brands are providing ergonomic chairs.

The price and the quality of the chair can vary, depending upon the material used in the chair.

Top brands provide high-quality cushion on the seat and the backrest to improve the comfort level.

The ergonomic chairs offer durable frame so that you can use the chair for a very long time.

You should ask your employer to replace your office chair with an ergonomic chair, if you are suffering with back pain.

Many companies have replaced old chairs of their offices with new ergonomic chairs because they want to improve the performance of their employees.

Any individual would perform better, if he or she is not suffering with irritating health issues like back pain and neck pain.

The ergonomic chairs improve your posture, offer extra support to the lower back region and your spine stretches more.

Normal chairs do not provide such ergonomic features and that’s why people suffer from back pain, when they spend hours on normal chairs. Become a wise person, invest in the ergonomic chair and get a permanent cure for lower-back pain.

One of the biggest causes of lower back pain is a poor quality mattress. Most of the users prefer sleeping on soft and cozy mattresses.

They think these mattresses will help them in sleeping well and avoiding all the physical troubles, but that never happens.

You suffer from troubling back pain, when you wake up and get up from the bed in the morning.

The spinal health experts agree that poorly designed mattress can improve the back pain problem.

Your body takes a poor posture during your sleep due to which pressure over the spine increases and you suffer from lower back pain issue.

Far Infrared FIR Professional Healing Heating Pad

Your spine should be straight during the whole night, whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or a back sleeper.

If your mattresses are not offering enough support to keep the spine straight, replace that mattress with a better one.

The mattress designers are now providing perfectly designed mattresses that provide required support for shoulders, hips and legs so that the user can sleep straight.

These mattresses help you in maintaining ideal posture of the body during whole night. Consequently, you do not face any issue like back pain or neck pain.

The mattress should not be too soft or too firm. It should offer an ideal combination of softness and firmness so that you can sleep well.

Yes, such type of mattresses is available in the market that you can buy right now.

You may face trouble in recognizing the most appropriate mattress in the local market because retailer may sell any poor quality mattress.

You should go online, check the reviews of the best mattresses for back pain and then place orders for the best mattress online.

Buying online would also be a convenient deal for you because the online retailer will deliver mattress right on the door.

When it comes to relieving muscle strain, body stress and pain, many people visit the massage parlors to take a refreshing massage.

The whole body massage is an incredible way of curing back pain issue. Regular massage keeps depression away from you and makes you feel better.

Don’t you think regular massage in a massage parlor would be quite costly? Money may not be an issue for some people, but what about the time required for whole body massage.

Most of the individuals cannot spend hours in the massage parlor daily.

They need a better solution and that’s what massage chairs provide.

massage chair reviews

A massage chair is a special kind of chair that comprises components like nodes and rollers, which move through motors.

Almost massage chairs offer two types’ massages, the Swedish massage and shiatsu massage.

Three essential components of the massage chairs move frequently to massage different parts of the user’s body.

You just need to sit over the chair and massage chair completes the remaining task.

The modern massage chairs offer a digital display to control the operations of the chair. You can get many new features in a massage chair, if you want to enjoy a top-class massage.

Today’s massage chairs are equipped with computerized controls. These controls allow us to manipulate the operations of the massage chairs quite easily.

You can set the massage time, type of the massage and sit over the chair for a relaxing massage session.

Regular massage sessions will help you in fighting regular health issues like headache, back pain, neck pain, joint pain and mental stress.

Several great choices are available in modern massage chairs.

The manufacturers are introducing massage chairs with robust frames, cozier seats and backrests and computerized controls.

Of course, you will pay a considerable amount for buying a massage chair, but its benefits would be awesome for your health.

Today’s furniture designers, mattress and pillow designers are quite worried about customer’s health.

Those days are gone when people used to buy any product without considering its good or bad effects on the health.

Modern buyers check every aspect of the product before buying.

The buyers do not want to face any kind of troubling health issue and that’s why they search reviews of required products before buying them.

A pillow can cause severe neck pain, if it is not perfect for the user.

People know that and therefore they want high-quality pillows for neck pain.

Fortunately, some brands have developed high-class pillows that improve comfort, reduce pressure over cervical vertebrae and cure the neck pain problem.

Special Pillows For Neck Pain

The traditional pillows used to comprise feathers and cotton.

Today’s pillows are different from old pillows because these pillows comprise materials like foam, memory foam, latex and buckwheat.

Different brands fill different materials to make the pillow more comfortable.

The memory foam pillows take shape according to your body’s requirement.

These pillows offer perfect height to support the ideal position of your neck during the sleep. Some people have complained about poor air passing in memory foam pillows, but not all.

The latex and buckwheat pillows are considered the best pillows for neck pain.

These pillows take shape according to the user’s requirements and offer better air circulation to prevent issues like sweating and discomfort.

You can manage the size of buckwheat pillows by removing extra buckwheat from the pillow.

All of these modern pillows are available online. You can check their features, specifications and then invest in the best suitable pillows.

Consider it as an investment for a healthy life because you won’t suffer with neck pain every morning.

Many people have bought modern pillows and they have admired the support and features offered by the pillows.

Important details on back pain:

Important details on back pain

Back pain is not a health issue that worries people.

Almost every person suffers from back pain and neck pain problem and it becomes a part of their life.

People consider it a normal health issue and soon they realize that the problem is increasing.

People start facing issues like lack of concentration, problem in sitting, walking and running, interruption in the work.

Can back pain create these issues in your life? Of course, it can and that’s why you should not take it lightly.

The more you will be aware about the back pain issue, the better you will fight it and the better you will enjoy your life.

So, check the information given below about the back pain problem.

The causes of back pain:

Finding the exact cause of back pain is probably not possible.

The human back is quite complex, which comprises several nerves, muscles, joints and bones.

You can just presume like due to certain activity you are facing back pain, but you cannot pinpoint the cause.

The maximum time people suffer from back pain due to normal and ignorable causes.

Any specific disease or injury cannot be responsible for back pain.

However, some people can suffer from severe back pain due to pinched nerves and irritated nerve.

Your everyday actions are mostly responsible for the back pain. The severity of back pain can increase gradually, if you ignore below given causes.

Lifting and pushing heavy objects:

Lifting and pushing heavy objects

You may have experienced back pain due to lifting heavy weight in the gym.

It does not only happen in the gym, but people also lift and push heavy objects in general life also.

It can be any machine, furniture or any other heavy appliance in your home.

You put extra pressure on your spine, when you lift heavy objects.

The spinal disks are compressed and then you face back pain.

Bending awkwardly:

Bending awkwardly

It is not often considered as a cause of lower back pain.

People blame it, when they experience sudden and severe back pain after bending awkwardly.

You should avoid such actions in daily life to be safe and away from back pain problems.

Poor sitting posture:

poor sitting posture

It is good habbit that you work hard to get promoted and earn more, but do you sit properly at the desk?

Your sitting posture decides that you will suffer from back pain or not.

Try to get ergonomic chairs so that you can offer better support to the lower back portion and sit in an ideal posture.

Awkward twisting:

Awkward twisting

Often it happens that people get up from their chair and start twisting their body awkwardly.

Consequently, they experience strain and cramps in the back muscles.

Try to avoid such actions so that you can enjoy a back pain free day.

Driving in hunched posture:

Driving in hunched posture

Millions of people have cars and most of them drive it on a daily basis. You should not sit in the hunched posture while driving because it can cause back pain.

People, who daily drive one or two hours, they can develop back pain problem.

This problem can turn into a very frustrating health issue, if you don’t change your habit of driving in hunched posture.

There are also many other causes for back pain like overstretching and overusing the muscles that cause back pain.

You should have knowledge on these causes so that you can prevent this health issue.

Symptoms and types of back pain:

Back pain’s symptoms and types are differentiated according to severity and intensity. The back pain can be mild or severe, depending upon the causes of the back pain.

As we have mentioned above, a wide range of things can cause back pain.

We are listing the symptoms along with the type of back pain so that you can better understand this problem.

Symptoms of upper, middle and lower-back pain:

Symptoms Of Upper, Middle And Lower-Back Pain

The symptoms of upper, middle and lower-back pain are almost same.

If you are experiencing continuous aching around your spine from the neck to the tail bone, it is a symptom that you are suffering from back pain.

Many people experience sharp pain below their neck and lower-back after hauling heavy objects like furniture or machines.

It is also a symptom that should not be ignored.

If you experience mild or severe pain, when you are sitting or standing, you should meet the doctor.

It is a symptom that you have developed the back pain problem.

Sciatica symptoms:

Sciatica symptoms

Sciatica is one of the most common types of back pain that affects life of many individual.

This type of back pain occurs due to compression of herniated disk or bone spur in the spine.

Lower back pain, leg pain, tingling legs, frequent pain in either side of the rear are a few symptoms that characterize sciatica nerve pain.

Lower back strain:

Lower back strain

Lower back strain mostly affect the performance of athletes because they sometime overstretch the muscles and ligaments that place spinal cord on its right place.

Lower back strain occurs due to overstretching.

It weakens muscles and due to which you can experience severe back pain in the future.

You should find the cures as soon as possible because lower back strain can cause displacement of spinal bones.

Nighttime back pain:

A person should be worried about his health, if he is suffering from nighttime back pain.

It is a special kind of back pain that you experience after lying down on the bed.

Most of the patients around the world experience back pain, when they are lifting heavy objects, sitting or standing.

They feel relaxed after lying down on the bed because they can adjust their position to soothe back pain problem.

Things are quite different with the patients of nighttime back pain.

It only starts when you lie down on the bed.

It will remain constant whether you change your sleeping position or not.

The nighttime back pain suffering people spend the whole day happily and they afraid to sleep because nighttime back pain frightens them.

You are suffering from nighttime back pain, if persistently experience back pain during the sleep.

Nighttime back pain

Considering back pain a normal health issue can be a big mistake of your life.

We have listed several types of back pain so that you can better analyze that what type’s back pain is affecting your life.

Favorable treatments for back pain:

The treatment for back pain can vary according to its types and symptoms.

Many individuals prefer exercises, many prefer therapies and many people prefer surgical treatments for rapid cure.

We are listing the most widely applied treatments. Check the details:

Be active and keep moving:

People used to think that they will feel better, if they take bed rest of a few days and be inactive.

This thinking has been proven wrong because the more you will rest the more you will suffer.

It may seem difficult in starting due to severe back pain, but you should be active in your general life and do some light jobs to fasten the treatment.

Take a small walk, do daily jobs in the home, face some discomfort and then experience the difference.

Certainly, you will feel better and severity of back pain will go down. You can get back to your job or business without waiting for complete cure of back pain.

Living an active life will help you in curing this frustrating health issue quickly.

Hot and cold compress therapy:

Yes, it works and it offers short-term relief from the back pain problem.

We have listed heating pads earlier in this post to inform you about their benefits.

Many people take a hot bath or place hot bottle over the affected part of the back.

Using heating pads is a much easier way of hot compress than placing a hot water bottle.

Cold compress therapy is also another great way of curing back pain.

Take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and place that bag over the affected portion.

Compress your back for at least 15 minutes to feel better.

Change your sleeping posture:


A large number of people suffer from back pain and lower back pain problem because of their sleeping posture.

Your sleeping habit, pillow or mattress can be responsible for poor sleeping posture.

Of course, it may take some time in changing the sleeping posture, but you can immediately replace your pillow and mattresses.

The best sleeping mattresses and pillows are explained above to guide you in buying a right product for your home.

You can easily speed up the cure, if you right mattresses and pillows at your home.

Exercise daily:

Exercising is a good habit, which you should adopt as soon as possible.

There should be no excuse for exercising because it can help you in curing back pain problem quite quickly.

A wide range of exercises is available for lower back pain.

You can check a few of them and perform those exercises daily to cure lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatica and nighttime back pain problems.

You will experience many other health benefits, if you exercise daily.

You can reduce extra weight, you can gain better flexibility and you can certainly gain more power with positive energy.

Practice Yoga:

Practice Yoga

Yoga is also a kind of exercise, but it is a natural treatment for many health issues.

Yoga comprises Pranayam, Yogasanas and many other exercises.

Millions of people in India, America, UK and other countries are practicing yoga.

Normal back pain can get relieved within one or two days, if you daily practice Yoga.

Go online, search for the best Yoga poses for back pain and practice those poses daily.

Soon, you will feel better and back pain curing process will speedup.

Spinal decompression therapy:

Probably, you may have read or heard about the spinal decompression therapy.

It is called the sovereign remedy for back pain problem.

This is the best therapy for those, who are suffering from lower back strain, sciatica and severe lower back pain.

You need an inversion table to perform spinal decompression therapy.

Get an inversion table, fix your ankles in it and incline towards the back side.

Set the inversion table on a suitable angle and then hang your body upside down.

You should daily invest 1-10 minutes in this therapy to cure back pain problem quickly.

Maintain ergonomically perfect sitting posture:

You can cure the back pain problem quickly, if you sit properly on your office chair.

Your spine should be straight, when you sit on the office desk.

Do not bed your spine or incline towards the desk because thus you will put extra pressure on the spinal discs.

You can buy ergonomic chairs to prevent poor sitting posture.

The ergonomic chairs automatically keep your spine straight.

It offers better support to the spine and helps you in curing the back pain problem faster.

Thousands of people have replaced old chairs with ergonomic chairs.

Now they are living a back-pain free life.


Use of painkillers is not a way of curing back pain or any other sort of pain

Though, you can take painkillers to reduce the intensity of back pain

Many people need painkillers to soothe back pain because they suffer from severe back pain problem

If the back pain is causing trouble every day and if its severity is increasing, you should meet the doctor

You can also try above mentioned treatments of back pain to reduce the severity and cure it quickly

Using the painkillers is not a solution, but it becomes necessary in case of severe back pain.

Surgical treatments:

Doctors recommend surgical treatment to cure back pain only when other treatments get failed

Patients with severe back pain also go for surgery because they want to cure this problem as soon as possible

The type of back pain surgery will depend on the type of back pain a person is experiencing

Usually, surgeons perform two surgeries, Discectomy and Spinal Fusion.

In Discectomy, the doctors remove vertebrae to release the pressure on the nerves.

This treatment is carried out to decompress spinal nerves and cure severe back pain issue.

In Spinal Fusion, the doctors join two or more vertebrae to stabilize the spine and soothe pain.

Both of these surgeries are popular treatments, applied by doctors to cure severe back pain problem.

Back pain prevention:

Back pain prevention

Back pain is a health issue, which most of the people face between the age of 25 and 60 years

Yes, it can affect your life early, if you prefer a lazy and inappropriate lifestyle

You can prevent this frustrating problem and you don’t need to do something extraordinary to prevent back pain

Just follow a few tips given below and you will be safe.

Exercise more:

Say no to a lazy life because laziness are the biggest enemy of healthy physique

You should get up early and spend some time by doing exercises

You can follow any fitness program or join the gym

Choose the exercises, which can offer better flexibility, reduce spinal pressure and help you in improving your charm

There is a wide range of exercises

You can check those exercises online and perform them daily

For sure, the back pain problem will never trouble you

You will be fit and enjoy a back-pain free life, if you exercise and remain active.

Maintain normal Body-Mass-Index:

Maintain normal Body-Mass-Index

Mostly, fat or overweight people suffer from back pain and lower back pain

It is important to maintain ideal body-mass-index to prevent back pain

You can do that through many ways like you can join a gym, reduce your weight and get in an ideal shape to avoid back pain.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is injurious to health

Every individual knows that, but only a few quit smoking

This bad habit affects the flow of essential spinal fluids and blood towards the spinal disks

You can improve your health and avoid the risk of back pain, if say no to smoking

It should not be so tough for you because it is for your better health.


Back pain has many types, many causes, many symptoms and many cures

All the details are given above regarding the ways of curing this health issue

You should not prevent the expenditure of money over health-promoting equipment and appliances

There is a wide range of products, which you can use to prevent troublesome health issues like lower back pain, sciatica and nighttime back pain

Live an active life, be positive, meditate, exercise and you will be fine for a long time

You should not take any risk with your health because small risks and laziness can result in various troubling health issues.