10 Best Chair After Back Surgery Reviews with Buying Guide

You just got released from the hospital after critical back surgery. But still, you need to work, and for that, you'll have to spend at least eight hours a day in a chair. And you should know that if you sit on an uncomfortable chair, it'll worsen your back pain.

Now, do you dare to take the risk of sitting in a typical chair? We don't think so. At this time, you need to get the best chair after back surgery. The question that instantly pops up in your mind is, which chair is going to be perfect?

Don't sweat. We're going to help you out till the end so that you can get your ideal one. For the time being, lay on your bed and read our write-up.



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Homall Racing Gaming High Back Chair

5 out of 5

BestOffice VN-H03 Ergonomic Desk Mesh Chair

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BestOffice Gaming Ergonomic Chair

4.5 out of 5

RESPAWN RSP-110 Gaming Chair Racing Style

4.5 out of 5

AmazonBasics HL-002566 Adjustable Office Desk Chair

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Top 10 Chair After Back Surgery Reviews

After spending hundreds of hours and extensive research, we got the top ten chairs for you. Each of them was tested in depths and got passed with remarkable marks in terms of providing support, comfortability, and mobility.  

1. Homall Racing Gaming High Back Chair

A good chair can invigorate your performance to a new level, whether you're working or gaming. Well, that is the reason you should try out the racing gaming chair from Homall. The best thing about it is that it's pretty inexpensive.

With a steel frame of 1.8mm thickness, this sturdy chair has a quality PU leather outer cover and has 300 lbs. weight capacity. You can sit comfortably on it without the worry of wearing and discoloration.

Most of the chairs lose their shape if you sit for a prolonged time. Now, since it integrates elasticity resilience shaping foam, it'll get back to its shape the time you get off.

As you're suffering from back surgery, you'll need to relax after some intervals. No worries, this chair boasts a tilt locking mechanism so that you can recline to 180° for lying totally flat. That's soothing, right?

In addition to that, this orthopedically designed chair offers a headrest as well as lumbar support. Thus, you'll be able to sit in good posture, protecting your spine from any further injury, even if you work for long hours.

Plus, this chair offers you to rock back and forth for an extra level of comfort. For that, all you've to do is adjust the knob that is located under it.

Moreover, during work, if you suddenly get off from the chair, there is a possibility of injury to the spine. But with this chair, you can easily move without getting up, as this chair has 360-degree swivel rubber casters. They've been tested for 1000 miles of rolling without making any noise.

Highlighted Features:
  • Durable chair for the 1.8mm steel frame
  • Elasticity resilience foam to keep in shape
  • Allows to lay flat by the tilt locking mechanism
  • Lumbar support along with headrest to protect the spine
  • 360-degree swivel casters to move effortlessly

2. BestOffice VN-H03 Ergonomic Desk Mesh Chair

Doing office work can become very tedious if you're having an injured back. To make the working time a bit more relaxed, you can try out the VN-H03 chair from BestOffice. It's a pretty simple looking black chair yet has the capacity to give you utmost comfort and support.

Speaking of comfort, you'll be glad to know that it's an ergonomic chair that comes with a breathable mesh back and padded seat. No matter how long you work sitting on this chair, you'll feel comfortable and won't sweat.

Not only your hip, but it'll also back up your back. Thanks to its adjustable height locking mechanism, your back will stay upright, relieving the pain and stress.

While working, like making presentations, surveys, and reports, your hands stay in the air without any support. Keeping them like that can badly impact your surgery. No worries, this chair integrates ergonomic armrests so that you can keep your hands on it to relax.

Plus, this chair has passed the SGS and BIFMA because of its Classic-3 gas lift – giving it a weight capacity of 250lbs. So, chill out; it's not going to break that easily.

Aside from that, the base of this VN-H03 chair from BestOffice incorporates a strong metal base that has 2500lbs. capacity. Thus, you'll get efficient stability from this chair.

Nonetheless, its 360-degree swivel casters are great for multi-tasking, allowing you to move from one corner to another pretty smoothly. Don't jump up; rather, slide with freedom.

What's more, you'll get this chair with all the required hardware for assembling. Just follow the included instruction to get it ready within 10 to 15 minutes.

Highlighted Features:
  • Breathable mesh back to keep the back cool
  • Comfortable to sit for the padded seat
  • Provides support to the back by the adjustable height mechanism
  • Classic-3 gas lift to offer more safety
  • 360-degree swivel for ease of movement
  • Effortless to assemble by following the instruction

3. BestOffice Gaming Ergonomic Chair

Whether you've injury on your back or not, if you play games for prolonged hours, it's likely that you'll end up with pain. So, don't take the chance and take the gaming chair from BestOffice. Let's see what's it got.

Well, to start with, it's a leather chair that comes with superbly designed fashion upholstery along with a padded seat. Therefore, get into the excitement of gaming while sitting comfortably on it as long as you want.

Have you heard the term cervical spondylosis? It means the wear and tear of your spine over time. Scary, huh! However, with this chair, there's an adjustable soft and comfy headrest that'll help your neck to relax and reduce the risk of such a dangerous disease.

Thanks to its flip-up padded arms, you can rest your arms on them during work. The best part is that you can adjust them to your desired position.

On top of that, whenever you're planning to sit on it for spending a long time, you'll need a convenient seated position. And you can do that pretty easily with this adjustable chair by just pushing in or out the handle.

Besides, this gaming chair from BestOffice sports commercial-grade gas-lift – making it go up and down pretty fast. It'll make you feel very comfortable while sitting on it. Asides from that, it has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs.

Since you'll be all in the game, you won't need to move that much. But still, there're 360-degree swivel casters that have 100,000 rolling capacity. So, feel free to move whenever you need to, and it won't even make any sound when you do that.

Highlighted Features:
  • Relaxing to seat due to the padded seat
  • Adjustable headrest for reducing neck disease
  • Flip-up arms to provide extra comfort
  • Offers convenient seating position by the adjustable knob
  • Easy and noiseless to move owing to 360-degree casters

4. RESPAWN RSP-110 Gaming Chair Racing Style

The dream of every gamer is a convenient sitting throughout their endless gaming session. Basically, that is the reason why we bring you the RSP-110 from RESPAWN. This brand is popular among gamers for its brilliantly designed comfortable chair.

It's a race-car style chair that comes with a 100% upholstered leather cushion seat to give you utmost comfortability. That's why you won't feel any kind of backload or spinal illness while playing.

Not only that, but it also comes with an adjustable headrest along with lumbar support. They will release the pressure on your head, neck, and back while gaming. And the best thing is that you can adjust them according to your needs, which makes it the best chair for back surgery recovery.

Plus, this chair will replace the need for a reclining chair, as it can recline up to 155-degree. You've to adjust the seat according to your preferred position by the position locking mechanism. Pretty convenient!

Not pleased, yet? Well, guess what? It integrates a footrest and padded armrest for overall comfort. So, you can recline it, put your feet on the footrest, and keep your elbows on the armrest; that almost seems like you're lying on your bed!

Additionally, this chair boasts a maximum 275 lbs. of weight holding capacity. And even with maximum load, you can move it just like that, thanks to its 360-swivel casters.

Highlighted Features:
  • Leather cushion seat to give maximum comfort
  • Reduces head and neck pain by the adjustable headrest
  • Lumbar support to release stress from back
  • Offers convenient seating position by reclining 90 to 155-degree
  • Provides all-around comfort by footrest and armrest
  • 360-degree rotation wheels for painless movement

5. AmazonBasics HL-002566 Adjustable Office Desk Chair

If you want a simple non-mesh comfortable chair after back surgery, then you should consider this HL-002566 desk chair from AmazonBasics. It's a budget-friendly chair that can efficiently support your injured back during a long session of works.

This is a square-shaped chair that comes with a contoured padded back and seat made of black bonded leather. As a result, you won't feel any sort of pain in your back no matter how much time you sit on it.

It's in all probability that you're going to spend plenty of hours for your working purpose on this chair. That's why you need to be seated in a comfortable position. No worries, it integrates pneumatic controls so that you can adjust it depending on your needs.

As it stands, there's a tilt-tension knob below the seat of this chair so that you can either rock back easily or stay in an upright position.

What if we tell you that this chair has more to offer? Quite unbelievable, right? Well, its armrests are made of textured nylon that'll surely provide you extra support and comfort.

Plus, the HL-002566 from AmazonBasics incorporates dual-wheel casters for smooth-rolling. Therefore, moving from one part of your office to another part will be a piece of cake.

Besides, this chair has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. However, it can survive for a long time if it gets 225 lbs. of weight on it.

Highlighted Features:
  • Prevents back pain by the contoured padded back
  • Pneumatic control for adjusting the position effortlessly
  • Offers to rock back by the tilt-tension knob
  • Dual-caster wheels to move easily

6. NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Office Chair

The chair on which you're going to sit should be stable; otherwise, it may get unbalanced and make you fall. And you don't want that even if you haven’t gone through surgery. So, try this office chair from NEO CHAIR, as it offers a 2-inch wider base for stability.

Aside from that, you can sit on it as long as you want without sweating. Thanks to its 3D skin-friendly air mesh, proper air circulation will keep you cool throughout the working time.

Plus, it boasts dual fabric technology to make the seat which has soft fabric on the top, solid plywood on the bottom, and molded sponge in between them. Thus, you'll feel out of the world comfort level on it.

Additionally, this height-adjustable chair offers two modes — tiltable and fixed. You can fix the height according to your needs from 36.5 to 40.5-inches, making it suitable for not only the office but also for students and more.

Besides, this desk chair from NEO CHAIR comes with extra lumbar support, which is extremely important for your lower back support. Also, its waistline is curved that'll feel like hands on your waist.

As such, you can use its armrest to reduce the stress from your arms and shoulder during working.

Most importantly, it has a maximum of 300 lbs. of weight capacity so that it can sustain for a long time. When you need to reach for something, don't twist. Rather give a push, and its dual-wheel casters will take you to the place with no shock, marks, or scratches.

Highlighted Features:
  • Keeps the back cool by the 3D air mesh
  • Dual fabric technology to offer ease
  • Convenient to sit owing to the adjustable height
  • Supports lower back by the lumbar support
  • Curved waistline to provide extra backing
  • Dual-wheel casters for moving painlessly

7. FDW Home Office Comfortable Chair After Surgery

Time goes fluidly if you're comfortable at work after. Otherwise, you won't be able to concentrate, which, in turn, hampers your productivity. That being said, get the home office chair from FDW so that you can stay completely at ease.

Assembling a chair is important, though it's a troublesome work. But we don't want to add insult to your injury. That's why with this chair, you'll get all the necessary tools along with detailed instruction, allowing you to assemble it within a snap.

Now, this chair will keep your spine aligned to reduce pressure as well as muscle fatigue, thanks to the resilient mesh. Not only that, but its mesh design also makes the backrest well-ventilated, offering you to work more comfortably.

In order to provide you with added comfort, the seat of this chair from FDW is made of the thickest sponge cushion. Aside from that, behind the backrest, there's 2 lumber support that is designed in such a way that you'll feel like someone's hands are on your waist. Impressive, isn't it?

Plus, how do you feel when rocking back and forth after heavy work? Pretty relaxing, right? Well, that's the reason it integrates rocking mode. And you can pull out its handle to rock and stop it by pulling it in. No worries, it won't break apart while rocking, as it supports weight up to 250 lbs.

Moreover, its pneumatic control allows you to adjust the height of this chair with no effort at all. So, raise the seat or lower it to work conveniently.

One important thing you should remember that you mustn't get in any position that can harm your back, such as twisting or bending. Since this chair incorporates 360-degree swivel casters, you can reach things more easily and quietly.

With all these features in its rig, if you got a back surgery lately, but you have to work no matter what, this chair has got you covered.

Highlighted Features:
  • Assembling is easy as pie by the included tools and instruction
  • Mesh backrest to prevent back from sweating
  • Offers extra comfort by the sponge cushion
  • Rocking mode for relaxing
  • Effortless to adjust the height by the pneumatic control

8. Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair

Imagine yourself sitting on a chair that lacks maneuverability and back support. You can already feel the pain because of your surgery, can't you? No worries; consider the ergonomic office chair from Yaheetech. It has all the characteristics needed to feel cozy during work.

It's a mid-back desk chair made of durable and breathable nylon mesh for proper airflow. So, even if the weather is hot, your back won't sweat, and you'll feel cool. It's also important to mention that the backrest is curved so that your spine can get the utmost support.

Now with this chair, you're going to get a mind-blowing seating experience, thanks to its soft foam seat. Well, comfort doesn't end here! Whenever you feel your hands are fatigued, keep them on its well-designed armrests to relax.

A question for you, how would you feel if someone holds your low back and pushes it up while you're working? Tranquilizing, right? Here's the thing, this chair from Yaheetech comes with a lumbar support system that seems like a pair of hands. So, the lower back of yours will be in a lot more relaxed position.

On a top note, you can adjust the seat height from 12.4 to 16.3-inches so that you can find your comfort level of sitting. Besides, the gas lift cylinder is SGS-certified and made of durable steel. Thus, the adjustment is going to be pretty easy and safe.

It also has a tilt tension knob so that you can easily adjust the reclining angle. As well, you can pull in or out the lever to lean backward or keep it in a locked position depending on your sitting position.

Unlike others, this chair will give you the utmost maneuverability. Yes, there're five pieces of 360-degree swivel wheels so that you can move smoothly and quickly.

Highlighted Features:
  • Durable nylon mesh for proper airflow
  • Curved backrest to support your back
  • Hand-designed lumbar support for providing auxiliary support
  • Sitting convenience by the adjustable seat height
  • Tilt tension knob to fix recline angle

9. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair

If you're solely focused on getting an ergonomic chair, then this Ergo3D office chair from NOUHAUS is for you. You may not have heard the name of this brand before. But it's truly versatile, and the best part that'll blow you away is its remarkable design.

Unlike others, enduring ElastoMesh upholstery has been used for making this chair. Though you aren't likely going to sit bare skin, the smooth textured mesh will feel good if you do so.

Not only that but the seat and headrest are also made of this material. Thus, you're going to feel a lot more comfortable sitting in it for prolonged hours. And yeah, you can adjust the headrest during assembling by tilting it at any angle to support your neck.

Plus, you'll be amazed by the support from this Ergo3D chair from NOUHAUS. Regardless of the pressure you put on it, its 3D lumbar support will kind of hug your back to give you support throughout the day.

With this chair, you're going to get four-directional adjustable armrests. You, therefore, can fix them at an angle where you feel comfortable to keep your arms.

We agree with you that the reclining feature is a must in an ergonomic chair. Well, you can tilt the Ergo3D chair up to 135-degrees that'll allow you to chill out after a hard-working day.

Moreover, there's a tension knob beneath the seat that you can either tighten or loosen for the chair to tilt fluidly. Further, you can pull up the tilt handle to adjust the seat height at ease.

The 5-point base of this chair is built from the iron alloy that gives it the capacity to hold up to a maximum of 275 lbs. of weight. In addition, its blade castors will help you to move pretty smoothly even on hardwood floors.

Highlighted Features:
  • ElastoMesh upholstery for comfort on the back
  • Supports head and neck by the adjustable headrest
  • 3D lumbar support to offer extra comfort
  • Allows the arms to relax by the adjustable armrests
  • Blade castors for moving easily on hardwood floors

10. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Last on our list a sleek ergonomic office chair from Hbada. The combination of its black and white color scheme will add great compliment to the décor of any room. Let's dive deep into it to know more of its features.

The most notable aspect of this chair is its 5cm adjustable lumbar support. You can fix it to your preferred position to support the low back and protect the spine for good.

Speaking of that, if you're working in a hot climate area, sitting for a long time will make you hot and sweaty. The good news is, this mid-desk chair from Hbada comes with a mesh back that'll prevent your back from sweating to let you work more comfortably for hours.

Aside from that, it boasts an anti-collapse seat cushion so that no matter how long you sit, it'll stay in its good form. Besides, you'll feel cozy to keep your arms on its flip-up arms that are covered with velvet. You can keep the arms under or over the table, depending on your positions.

You can also adjust the seat height of this chair from 16 to 19.75-inches. If you're amongst the shorter folks, the lowest setting will do great work for you.

Whenever you feel tired after working for prolonged hours, this chair will help you out. As it can tilt from 90 to 135-degrees, you can rock it back and forth at ease. By the way, you can adjust the force required for rocking by the tilt control tension knob.

Nevertheless, its heavy-duty base makes it strong enough to hold 250 lbs. of weight at max. And the silenced rolling casters will surely help you to move in your workspace just like that.

Highlighted Features:
  • Adjustable lumbar support to safeguard the spine
  • Mesh-back to feel more relaxed
  • Flip-up arms for saving up spaces
  • Helps to get proper seating position by the adjustable seat height
  • Rolling casters to move smoothly and silently



360-degree Swivel Casters

Mesh Backrest

Weight Capacity

Homall Racing Gaming High Back Chair



300 lbs.

BestOffice VN-H03 Ergonomic Desk Mesh Chair

BestOffice VN-H03 Ergonomic Desk Mesh Chair



250 lbs.

BestOffice Gaming Ergonomic Chair

BestOffice Gaming Ergonomic Chair



250 lbs.

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair Racing Style

RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair Racing Style



275 lbs.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Adjustable Office Desk Chair



275 lbs.

NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Office Chair

NEO CHAIR Ergonomic Office Chair



300 lbs.

FDW Home Office Chair

FDW Home Office Chair



250 lbs.

Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair

Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair



200 lbs.

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Office Chair



275 lbs.


Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair



250 lbs.

Chair for Back Surgery Patients Buying Guide

Best Chair After Back Surgery Buying Guide

Spending hours after hours sitting on a chair isn't easy, and it becomes more difficult when you've back surgery. However, things can get easier if you can get the best chair after back surgery.

And for doing that, you need to consider some of the important factors before the purchase. We're going to describe them below for your convenience.


Now, this is the most important factor because you're having surgery on your back. If you don't get a chair that provides comfort to your back, then it'll be harmful to you.

Chairs with mesh-back are better as they offer proper air circulation. As a result, your back won't get the heat; thereby, you won't sweat. You can also go for a chair that comes with a padded back. They may not be as breathable as mesh-back, but you'll feel good in it.

Adjustable Chair Height

If you're sitting on a chair lower than your height, your knees will stay bent in an inappropriate position. Same way, if the chair height is higher than you, your feet won't be able to touch the floor properly. Both of the positions will hamper the blood flow in your legs, which in return impacts your back.

That's why you need to get a chair that offers adjustable height. That way, you can adjust the chair height according to your height so that your feet stay flat at a 90-degree angle.


Well, you're going to spend a lot of time seated on your chair. Therefore, you'll need to provide proper support to your lower and upper back. Otherwise, you'll just add insult to the injury.

And since you're getting a chair after back surgery, then you must get one that comes with a headrest. It'll give support to your spine as well as neck, promoting good posture. Not only that, but a headrest also will be of great benefit when you are working in a reclined position.

Lumbar Support

This is another vital factor of a chair that you must check. Because when you sit for too long on a chair, it creates pressure on your lower back, distorts your spinal curves, and compresses discs.

And it's the lumbar support that can support your back and let you sit comfortably for prolonged hours, reducing the pressure. So, make sure that you get a chair that comes with it.

Adjustable Armrests

Adjustable Armrests

Most people overlook this factor while buying a chair after back surgery, though this is a must-have feature. Whether you're writing on your PC or watching TV, these will provide your elbows as well as wrists a supportive and comfortable position.

Thus, the stress on your shoulder will be reduced, and you won't end up with wrist fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It OK if I Sleep in a Recliner After Back Surgery?

Answer: Well, you can sleep in a recliner after back surgery. Just ensure that your recliner can provide sufficient back support; otherwise, you'll put more tension on your back.

2. How High Should My Chair Be?

Answer: It is recommended that you raise or lower the seat until your feet are flat and your thighs are parallel to the floor. And one more thing, try to have 2-inches of a gap between the edge of the seat and your knees.

3. Can I Use a Gaming Chair As an Office Chair?

Answer: There are different types of desk chairs that you can go for. You may find their names a bit misleading. However, you can certainly use a gaming chair as an office chair and vice versa.

4. How do I Sit After Back Surgery?

Answer: Well, it'll be pretty painful for you to sit after surgery. You've to be in an upright position while avoiding slouch or sliding down. Plus, sit on a chair that offers good lumbar support.

Answer: Don't twist to reach for something; rather, turn around totally. And most importantly, stand and stretch between every 30 to 40 minutes during the work session.

5. Is it OK if I Use a Recliner After Back Surgery?

Answer: Yes, it's OK to use a recliner. It'll help you to relieve the pressure from your back. Since a recliner is softer and more padded, you can even sleep in it.

Final Verdict

It's uncomfortable as well as painful to sit post back surgery. With that being said, the chairs that we've added are the best chair after back surgery.

Each of them offers effective lumbar support and a comfortable sitting position that'll help you in your recovery. So, get one of the chairs to protect your back from any further injury.

Billy L. Osorio

My name is Billy. I am a computer engineer by profession. So, most of my work is on the desk. In my past days, I had many back pain issues due to a long time sitting, eating, working habit. I did a lot of studies and consulting for overcoming my problem. Now, I am trying to share my knowledge.

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