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14 Best Massage Chair Reviews and Buying Guide to Find the Perfect Massage Chair for You

It was late 1980’s, when the first massage chair was launched in the market.

The designers and manufacturers were trying to gain attention of the buyers by introducing a chair with therapeutic features.

The initial models of the massage chair were emulating the techniques of real massage. Of course, the initial models were not that effective.

Today’s massage chairs are the cutting-edge chairs that can alleviate the back pain, muscle tension, stress and other health issues quite effectively.

All you need to do is just sitting over the chair and enjoy the massage. The scientists have researched and improved the functionality of the massage chairs.

Finding the best massage chair may seem a little tricky task, but we can make it easy for you.

Let’s check the reviews of top-rated massage chairs of this age and decide to buy one for your needs.

Our Best Picks For You:

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Space Saving Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

Electric Shiatsu Massage Recliner Stretched

RELAXONCHAIR Gravity Shiatsu Massage Built

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner - Full Body Shiatsu

A. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

As one of the top rated massage chairs, EC-06C Massage Chair is capable of relieving muscle strains, decreasing back problems, make you feel relaxed and reduce the fatigue.

People experience such relaxed after taking the Shiatsu therapy and they pay for it.

This massage chair is not only good for your back massage, but it also enhances flexibility and mobility of your legs.

You get a better posture and feel rejuvenated all time. EC-06C is equipped with the Relax Program, Recovery Program, Extend Program and Refresh Program.

The heat intelligent roller system improves your comfort during the back and neck massage.

The designers have placed massage heads wisely on the chair. These massage heads work on Tsubo Points on user’s neck.

This chair performs an effective back massage. The roller head of this chair can easily move up and down and massage your back within a few minutes.

This chair features more than 20 Air Bags that preciously massage user’s legs and reduce the fatigue and tension of leg muscles.

EC-60C has now become one of the most sold massage chairs in the market. Its therapeutic benefits are no more hidden and that’s why many users need it.

B. Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built in Heat True Zero Gravity Positioning with Deep Tissue Massage

It is a luxurious massage chair with multiple therapeutic benefits it reduces body pain and thus you feel refreshed.

It has got top ratings from the buyers and experts for its functions and performance. It can offer you 5-30minute massage.

It is up to you that how much time you want to spend on the chair, but as long you will stay there that long it will benefit to your body.

Human hands type massage hands operate independently. Spend at least 20 minutes over this chair and you will get surprised that how effectively completes the massage session.

This chair can operate on 4 auto massaging programs. You sit on the chair, select the massage program and then relax.

Those 4 auto programs include Kneading, Shiatsu, Spinal Rolling and Vibrating. Now choose what kind of massage you need and set that program.

It will be simply amazing for you that how a massage chair can perform better massaging than several humans.

Another impressive function of this chair is the heat therapy function for your back.

Suppose, you are suffering with shoulder pain, lower back pain or neck pain, sit on this chair and enjoy the heat therapy.

All the therapeutic functions of this chair will reduce your pain, provide relaxation feeling and eliminate all sorts’ pain in your body.

C. "iJoy-2580" Premium Robotic Massage Chair:

iJoy-2580 has got people’s attention for its innovative features and therapeutic capabilities.

The auto-massage program comprises massage therapies to reduce neck pain, back massage, shoulder massage and lower back massage.

Unlike older versions of the massage chairs, iJoy-2580 allows users to preset the massage programs.

You can also personalize the massage programs during the massage session because all the functions are situated on the armrest control panel.

The power output switch allows users to charge their smartphones during the massage session and feel relaxed.

This massage chair reduces all the chances of stress and anxiety. The automatic massaging programs, power outlets and perfect situation of control panel prove that iJoy-2580’s designer has designed it intelligently.

The user can choose an angel on which he wants to enjoy the massage session. Just push the button and the chair will incline according to your requirements.

You can adjust the intensity of massage by applying or removing the massage softening pads.

Take tea or coffee during the massage session and put the cup in cup holder. This chair has been voted as the best massage chair by numerous users.

It covers very small space, but offers every therapeutic benefit for which you buy the massage chair.

You can relax in this chair after spending hours in your work. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after every massage session in this chair.

D. Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800:

Upgraded recently by the designers, Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 offers user-friendly control mechanism to operate the chair.

It offers three different zero gravity levels along with double layer shoulder airbags.

It is one of those massage chairs on which the manufacturer offers 3-year warranty on all the components of the chair.

In case, any part or any function of the chair malfunctions, you can contact the manufacturer and replace or repair this chair.

The chances of malfunctioning are equivalent to zero, but still the manufacturer is assuring the buyers about long-term service and support.

It is an FDA registered full body massage chair. The main features of this chair include auto Yoga stretching feature along with 2-level zero gravity L-track and heating.

The dual foot rollers apply to the footer region for the foot massage.

The computerized mechanism of this chair scans your body and recognizes the areas where you need quick and quality massage.

The auto-massaging program of this chair helps you in feeling relaxed and takes whole body massage without any interruption.

Easy-to-understand functions, full body massage features and multilevel massage functions allow users to sit relaxed and enjoy a long-term massage session without any trouble.

E. New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69:

Among all the cutting-edge massage chairs, Shiatsu Massage Chairs have always proven themselves better for the users.

This chair is renowned for its Shiatsu therapy feature that relieves different type’s pain issues simultaneously.

It can easily move up and down and it allows user to set the angle for the massage session.

All the controls will be in your hands and it will take only a few minutes to understand that how the chair operates.

This massage chair mainly targets the muscle strains and removes all the knots to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Of course, the designers have used high-quality pads to enhance the comfort of the backrest and seating area.

The shiatsu therapy offered by this massage chair relieves muscle stress, reduces fatigue, anxiety, relieves back pain and you feel rejuvenated after spending some minutes by taking the Shiatsu therapy on this chair.

Every massage session in this chair will improve your flexibility, posture and mobility of your legs.

By including whole body massage programs this chair allows users to improve their fitness, reduce body pain related problems and feel energetic.

Whether you are a housewife, a chef or an employee in a private firm, Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 will be with you to reduce body stress.

Take a regular massage session and no depression or body ache will interrupt your performance.

F. Massaging Black Leather Recliner & Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base:

Problems like neck pain, back pain, leg muscle strains and lower back pain create hurdles in our life.

It is important to find a therapeutic way as soon as possible otherwise, these problems can cause larger damage in the future.

Experts have reviewed Massaging Black Leather Recliner chair and they have agreed that it can provide quick relief against pain related issues.

Black leather upholstery is used to improve the softness of the backrest and seat. This material also increases the durability of the chair.

This chair kneads your lumbar area, back portion and thighs effectively. Consequently, you feel good relief from body pain.

This chair offers 5 intense massaging levels and 9 different massaging modes.

The user can choose a perfect massage mode at the right intensity level and then lie down on the chair.

A 20 minutes’ massage session will be enough to target troubling problems like back pain, thigh pain, neck pain, lower back pain and other issues related to muscles.

The chances of malfunctioning are quite low. You can remotely operate this chair and change its functions during the massage session.

Set the timer and heat level and then enjoy the massage. You will experience quality relief from many troubling health issues.

Of course, this is one of the best massage chairs you can buy now.


The users single handedly control all the operations of Relaxonchair MK-II Plus. It is an easy to operate massage chair with so many therapeutic benefits.

The massage rollers are firm that gently reduces the pressure of arm muscles and calf.

You get 4-different massage programs with this chair to target different body regions.

This massage chair kneads, taps and performs both actions simultaneously at different intensity levels.

You can easily manage the speed and intensity of the massage to feel relaxed.

Relaxonchair MK-II Plus is one of those massage chairs that offer 3-different levels of zero gravity.

It places your legs to the level of your heart, reduces the gravity level around the user’s vertebrae to eliminate backbone issues.

Every individual wants to take some rest after work, feel calm and refreshed. You can sit on this chair and take a massage session every day.

You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. There will be no backache, headache, neck pain or any other issue.

All in all, you will feel energized to enjoy more time with your family and friends. People take several medicines to feel refreshed.

A massage therapy of Relaxonchair MK-II Plus would work a lot better than several harmful medicines.

H. "iJoy Active 2.0" Perfect Fit Massage Chair:

The massage chair designers are frequently upgrading the massaging techniques of the chair.

Is it possible to gain the health benefits of real massage on a massage chair? Of course, it is possible if you are taking massage on massage chairs like iJoy Active 2.0.

It applies Orbit, Stretch and glide motions to massage your body. You feel like taking massage in a famous massage parlor by the soft hands of a therapist.

This massage chair offers three different auto-massaging programs. Its massage can easily reduce the pain of the neck and shoulder muscles.

It can provide a refreshing back therapy every day to relieve your back pain.

In addition, this massage chair has a special mode for the massage of lower back region of your body.

All the features of iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair represent it as a great alternative to real massage.

Every massage session brings lots of benefits to you. In fact, the massage pads feel like human touch. The stress-relieving process will be some enjoyable for you.

You will want to spend several minutes over this amazing chair because sitting on it will be a delighting experience for you.

Whether you want to take the massage therapy in the daytime or after your work, this chair is the best for a relaxing whole body massage.

I. Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair:

This massage chair is the result of hard work done by the US based scientists.

It is the only Made-in-USA massage chair, which has been designed, developed and assembled in the USA.

The researchers have spent hours in improving the performance and therapeutic capabilities of this chair.

It is an FDA-registered and UL certified massage chair. It has proven highest safety of the user during the massaging session and approved by the leading therapists in the USA.

Yes, it is a whole-body massage chair that cures all of your health issues within a few minutes.

You can manage all the operations of this chair through a remote control and enjoy a relaxing massage over this chair.

It recognizes you and your body and then performs the therapeutic procedure. All of your family members can use this chair.

Five different user memory settings will help the user in recognizing his body’s requirements.

This massage chair can automatically perform different massages to improve your health.

It is more expensive than above review massage chairs, but it is also more advanced and feature-rich than above endorsed massage chairs.

Reducing lower back pain, neck pain, leg muscle pain, headache and shoulder pain is probably the easiest task for this chair.

It has been built to offer all the therapeutic benefits of massage. It is doing the same without causing any trouble to the user’s body.

J. OSAKI OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

It is a high quality massage chair with multiple advanced features.

With the ability of detecting your body’s natural curvature, Osaki OS-4000T can set it to the best massage mode and the intensity of your massage.

Its zero gravity features lifts your legs above your heart and distributes your body weight simultaneously to prevent extra pressure.

It is an expensive body massage chair that can reach user’s almost body parts to massage and relieve the muscle stress.

Its features like hip air massage, neck massage, seat vibration massage, shoulder air massage, vibration arm massage and heat therapy massage can be very beneficial for you.

Osaki OS-4000T is getting huge fame among the users for its cutting-edge massaging features. It is featuring 6-different massaging techniques for different body parts.

2 stages of zero gravity helps the user in feeling light and relaxed. It scans the user’s body and informs you about the problem causing the muscles of your body.

There are 7 different massage programs that can improve your fitness.

With foot rollers and high-quality upholstery this massage chair is one of the greatest full body massage chairs available in the market today.

Yes, it can perform automatic body massage, it can provide lumbar and lower back heat therapy and relieve all type’s body pain issues within a few days.

K. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair, Black:

It is a start of the art therapeutic chair with the latest PU covering.

It is durable, comfortable and very beneficial for patients suffering with back pain, neck pain and lower back pain.

You can switch to six different programs for a better back massage. It has an LCD display through which you can monitor the performance and operations of the chair.

It offers two different stages of zero gravity for more effective massage sessions.

This chair can perform foot massage, calf massage, arm massage, hips massage and shoulder air pressure massage.

The users can set Osaki OS-4000 to auto timer mode and enjoy 5-30 minute massage sessions without any interruption.

It is one of the most sold massage chairs that reduce body pain. It offers improved comfort by using advanced cushions.

You can easily spend 30 minutes on this chair and then walk out of it with more energy. The designers have upgraded the functions of Osaki OS-4000.

There are various models of this chair are available in the market, but it is probably the best model for in-house massage.

It takes only a few days’ massage sessions to cure critical health issues.

You should use it as your personal therapist for quick healing of back pain, neck pain and calf muscle strains cure.

L. OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery:

It is an OS-4000B model by Osaki. It is a zero gravity massage chair that is available in brown and black colors with synthetic leather covering.

The zero gravity design of this cutting-edge chair improves the position of the user’s body and smart massage robots offer neck massage, shoulder massage and whole body massage by identifying the curvature of the user’s body.

The user doesn’t need to set the massaging mode according to the curvature of his body.

OS-4000 itself recognizes the curve of your body and adjusts its massaging tools in a way that you feel like a human is performing massage therapy on your body.

There are six intelligent auto-programs for whole body massage.

You will never experience headache, backache and calf pain and other serious issues related to muscles and bones, if you spend 30 minutes by doing massage on this chair.

It is the best equipment to feel relaxed and refreshed. In fact, hundreds of buyers across the world admired the therapeutic ability of this chair.

This chair can perform automatic massage of both upper and lower body organs. It can provide quick and long-term relief from various troubling health issues.

You should buy it, if you don’t want to save your money and get a healing massage at home.

M. Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy:

This is a luxury massage chair with built-in MP3 player.

Sit on the chair, set the massaging mode and then plug the earphones, it will be the most relaxing massage sessions for you.

Unlike many other massage chairs, Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair has real humanized hands that perform the massage.

The 3D intelligent system detects user’s body and provides a long-lasting massage session.

Some customers may get intimate with the looks of the chair, but they should mainly focus on the functions of the chair.

There is no need to say that Shiatsu Arm Hand Chair perform the best massage and relieve all of your bodily pain.

The users get a complete guide with instructions about how to use, how to change the massage modes and how to adjust the massage intensity.

Many massage chair brands do not specify the details on the warranty of their chairs.

Things are quite different in terms of this massage chair because it offers 3-year warranty for the frame, electronic equipments and other essential components of the chair.

You can return this chair in just ten days, if you don’t find it useful.

However, the chances of returning it are quite low because you will experience the benefits within two days.

N. Ogawa Active SuperTrac Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology:

When it comes to buying the best full body air compression massage, no other massage chair can perform as well as Ogawa Active Super.

It has 56 effectively situated multi-layer air chambers that improve the performance of this chair. This chair is equipped with SuperTrac roller technique.

You can feel relaxed and calm and the chair will perform massage without causing any irritation.

This chair comprises deep kneading foot rollers for foot massage and it relieves tension of the thigh muscles quite effectively.

It is a perfect massage chair for chefs, who stand whole day in the kitchen and suffer with terrible back, neck and foot pain.

Ogawa effectively kneads and relieves pain of the foot muscles. The zero gravity recline fastens the curing process and thus the user feels relaxed and calm.

The manufacturer is offering a 1 year warranty for replacement, maintenance and in-home service of the chair. People often invest in low-cost poor quality chairs.

Their health issues increase after regular use of poor-quality chairs, but Ogawa is not one of those chairs.

It has a scientifically approved design and many health experts have admired its performance of full-body massage.

You can place the order now and buy it online at a discounted price.

Why do You Need a Massage Chair?

There are several obvious reasons for which you must invest your bucks in the massage chair.

The massage offered by massage chair can help you in relieving stress of your body quite quickly.

The chances of back pain, muscle tension, neck pain and shoulder pain go down, when you take regular massage on the best chair massager.

It brings lots of benefits to you and some of those benefits are explained below.

It Maintains Venous and Lymphatic Flow:

The massage chair can help you in improving the blood flow. It is a very crucial task done by the massage chairs.

Better blood flow leads to improved circulation of essential nutrients in the body. Those nutrients are later absorbed by the muscles and thus the muscles become powerful.

The regular massage can also help you in evacuating the toxins in your body. It occurs due to lymphatic circulation and the massage chairs improve lymphatic circulation.

The targeted massaged area gets revitalized and thus you feel relaxed. Many massage parlors would charge an expensive price for such a therapeutic massage.

You can take it at home for free through the massage chair.

Reduces Tension and Enhances the Flexibility of the User’s Body:

All the humans develop tightened and strained muscles because the maximum of us work hard whole day.

These tightened and strained muscles should get loosen as soon as possible otherwise you may suffer with pain. Massage is a proven way of loosening the muscle strains.

Most of the reviewed massage chairs stretches and kneads user’s muscles to reduce the tension around the muscles.

You can feel relaxed every day by taking a massage over the massage chair. It will be an enjoyable procedure and you would like to take it again and again.

Enhances Endorphin Levels:

Endorphin is one of human body fluids that make you feel good and it runs through the whole body.

Probably, the best benefit of using massage chair is that it improves endorphin levels. You feel good and relaxed. That’s what a good massage chair can do for you.

The increment of endorphin levels is just one of several amazing advantages provided by the massage chair.

A massage chair, equipped with the cutting edge technology, can bring lots of other benefits to your life.

Increased endorphin levels will help you in feeling refreshed, no headache or anxiety and no depression.

Reduces Lactic Acid:

This is well known among the health experts, fitness trainers and the athletes that a therapeutic massage can enhance blood circulation among the body.

Enhanced blood circulation reduces production of lactic acid. When the muscles are continuously compressed and relaxed, the blood vessels also get filled and emptied.

Consequently, harmful chemicals like lactic acid are removed out of the body. You can never suffer with muscle fatigue issue, if you are regularly taking a massage therapy.

What else can be a better way of taking regular massage rather than using a massage chair? Obviously, there is no other better way.

Helps in Curing Cancer Quickly:

The very recent researches show that massage chairs can help cancer patients in speeding up the cancer cure.

The cancer specialists use massage chairs as an additional supplement for cancer cure. The massage chairs relax user’s body and also removes the symptoms of cancer.

There will be no fatigue, no depression and the user will remain calm for all time. People feel energetic and that’s why helps them in dealing with serious health issues more effectively.

Buying Guide for Massage Chair:

The massage chairs are good for your health and you must plan for buying a feature-rich chair.

However, several questions may puzzle you while buying a massage chair. Do not get confused and follow below given guide to buying the best massage chair.

What is the Size?

Are you not considering the size of the massage chair? You should consider it because it will be in regular use.

Its size and shape should be ideal according to free space in your home. Do not invest in a massage chair, which is so bulky and large in shape.

We have reviewed top rated massage chairs in this post. Our reviewed chairs are perfect for in-house use and these are also not so bulky.

Check the space in your home and then check the size of massage chair and then buy it.

What Features do You Want?

Different massage chairs offer different features based on technologies used in those chairs.

Not all the massage chairs are equipped with cutting edge features like zero gravity, LCD monitor, Remote control, L-Track Massage system and so on.

Check the features carefully before you place the order. The recently launched cutting-edge massage chair may offer all the therapeutic features.

Pick such a useful massage chair for complete benefits.

You would not like to regret after buying a standard massage chair, while several others with more features available in the same price range.

So, take your time, check all the details carefully and then purchase the massage chair.

Is it Perfect for All?

Not all the massage chairs are beneficial for all. You should check the reviews carefully to understand that who can use that chair and who cannot.

The massage chairs of this age are good for all. Every individual can use the chairs, set a specific massage mode and then enjoy the massage.

In other words, you can use the massage chair for back pain and someone else can use it for relaxing calf muscles and foot therapy.

We have reviewed only a few selected massage chairs, which every family member can use for a different type’s massage.

Is there any warranty or guarantee?

The brand should offer at-least 1 year warranty on the massage chair.

If any retailer or manufacturer is not providing the warranty, you should not invest your money in that massage chair.

All the reputable massage chair brands provide 1-10 year warranty on the frame, electronic devices and different components of the massage chair.

This warranty ensures you that the manufacturer will send experts, if any issue occurs in your massage chair.

Is There Any Hidden Drawback?

The manufacturer or retailer would never share information on the hidden drawback of the chair. These are buyers, who share their experience through the reviews.

You should carefully check the consumer reviews of the chairs before you buy them. The users always comment the issues and troubles they face after using an expensive product.

Though, we have shared complete details about the reviewed massage chairs in this post.

You can check the best massage chair reviews to ensure the quality and performance of the chairs.

Final Verdict:

We have reviewed 14 top-rated massage chairs. All of these chairs have met the expectations of the users.

We have gone through the consumer reviews of several massage chairs and then picked these 14 chairs. You can trust our reviews and pick the best massage chair for your home.

The technologies, features, shape and control mechanisms of the reviewed massage chairs are fairly satisfying.

There is no chance of facing any health risk, if you are using one of our endorsed massage chairs.

You will take only a few minutes in understanding that how to operate the massage chair. The regular use of the massage chair will keep many health issues away from you.

Your fitness will improve, your work performance will improve and the most importantly, you will be happy and calm all time.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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