8 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers to Avoid All the Sleep Disruptions

The most of the people across the world use standard pillows while they sleep. People purchase these pillows, use them and soon they feel like standard-rectangular pillows are no more comfortable.

The rectangular pillows start flattening and thus the user faces sleeping issues. People don’t sleep properly every night just because of using a wrong pillow. This issue can be resolved if you use the side sleeper pillow.

The best pillow for side sleepers allows them to sleep on any side they want. You can comfortably sleep in the fetal position and there will be no disturbance. Every user wants such comfort and side sleeper pillows provide that comfort for the whole night.



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Snuggle Pedic Ultra Luxury Combination Adjustable Hypoallergenic

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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

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SleepJoy ViscoFresh Advanced Contour Memory

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Best Pillow For Side Sleepers Are Listed Below

1. Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow With Viscose Rayon Cover

This pillow is produced by Coop Home Goods, which is famous for producing innovative home goods and bedding products. Almost people use the down pillows, which do not provide enough support while we sleep.

The user faces neck pain and lack of breath issues and that ultimately results in sleepless nights. Coop Home Goods has not used the ordinary foam in which lack of airflow and lack of adjustability issues are common.

The adjustable shredded memory foam pillow of Coop Home Goods offers better comfort, improvesbreath-ability and it can take any shape you want.

It is simply the best side sleeper pillow that offers support of memory foam.

The producers have applied Shredded Memory Foam Technology to produce this pillow.

You can easily thin out and down the pillow according to your requirements.

The problem with people, who use the normal pillow, is they don’t get a pleasant sleep. Every day they wake-up in the morning, they suffer with the issues like neck pain and back pain. The memory foam pillow prepared by Coop Home Goods helps you in avoiding all the sleep related issues.

It keeps your temperature cool by using the mix of bamboo and polyester. Better air circulation and better breath-ability leads you towards a healthy sleep and that’s why you should buy it.

2. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Usually, people think that a pillow supports only the head and neck. They go to the market and buy a normal pillow that later causes sleep disruption issues.

A little negligence can result in troubling issues like insomnia and that’s why you should choose your pillow carefully. The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is a great aid for healthy sleep.

This pillow is wonderful because it offers complete comfort and support for your body, while you sleep.

This pillow has been proven the best, when it comes to controlling body temperature, supporting the neck and improving the breath-ability of the user.

Many experts suggest Snoogle, whenever people ask about what is the best pillow for side sleepers.

It also offers healthy sleep to pregnant women, who need proper rest. Most of the people feel better, when they sleep in a foetus position. The Snoogle is specially built to maintain your body in this sleep position.

You feel relaxed and energetic, when you get up in the next morning. Ivory have developed this pillow by doing a great research on how people should sleep to get better comfort.

The Snoogle is the result of experts’ research and you should purchase it, if you no more want to suffer with sleep disruption.

3. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic pillow is available with micro-vented cover, which keeps user cool whole night. It is a made-in-USA, a shredded style pillow that would remain fluffy whole night.

You can wash it in the machine and keep it clean to prevent health issues. This pillow is a great alternative to feather pillows, so no need to get worried about your feather allergies.

This memory pillow is US certified product that changes shape according to the user’s requirement and the side sleepers should use it to avoid sleep disruptions.

The manufacturer sells this pillow with 90 days refund warranty, so you can try it for better comfort.

Snuggle-Pedic comprises perfectly shredded memory foam, which ensures proper comfort.

People check many memory foampillows, when they searchbest pillow for side sleepers.

People often choose bulky memory foam pillows that later cause troubles. Snuggle-Pedic is a lightweight pillow in which manufacturers have filled hypo-allergenic and low V.O.C Biogreen memory foam. US certified foam is used in preparing this pillow and that assures better sleep, lessdisruption and perfect comfort.

The foam is produced in Westlake Village, CA factory and later that is filled with micro-vented cover and thus you get a perfect pillow for relaxing nights.

4. Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Queen is a reputable brand that produces mattresses and pillows. The Talalay Latex pillow of this brand offers better plush density and 100% natural Talalay Latex is used to produce this pillow. It is a reliable product for the side sleepers.

You can check side sleeper pillow reviews and you will know that users don’t get completely satisfied with the pillows they buy. Queen has used Zoned Technology to produce this Talalay Latex pillow that offers incredible pressure relief.

So, the users never complain about the features of this pillow and they get healthy sleep every night. This pillow is antimicrobial, dustproof and mildew resistant. It improves your breath-ability and ensures that you are taking a comfortable sleep.

The softness of this pillow attracts every buyer and you can easily remove the velour cover to clean it. An eco-friendly manufacturing procedure is followed by Queen and the latex is produced from the rubber trees. It is an eco-friendly product that is available in the market atvery affordable price.

You feel better comfort because the pillow cradles user’s head and support upper body movies during your sleep. All in all, you don’tsuffer with neck pain, back pain and sleep disruption issue, when you use Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow.

5. Z by MALOUF 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Another great pillow in latex material is Z by Malouf. The properties of this pillow are quite similar to the properties of Queen’s Talalay Latex pillow.

It also provides best possible plush density so that back sleepers and stomach sleepers can feel relaxed. There are no synthetic additives mixed to prepare this pillow.

It offers pure latex for complete comfort. This pillow is also prepared by using zoned technology so all other features would be similar to the Queen’s Latex pillow.

Well, the cover is prepared by using bamboo and polyester blend, which you can easily remove and wash to keep your pillow clean and attractive. The manufacturers useeco-friendly technique to produce Talalay latex and then prepare the pillow from this material.

They don’t blend synthetic material because that material reduces the quality and features of the pillow. We have checked many best pillows for side sleepers reviews and then we came to a conclusion that latex pillows consistently prevent disruptions.

The pillow takes its shape according to your movement and prevents trouble to your body. In fact, Z is purchasable at a very affordable price that’s why you can get it and try it for healthy sleep.

6. Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is the best choice for those, who are back sleepers and often feel neck pain problem. The ViscoFresh offers neck bolster shape that improves your breath-ability and reduces troubling issues like snoring and backache.

The manufacturer has used green tea to remove odor of foam and other chemicals. In addition, this pillow has ventilating air channels that improve coziness and comfort of the pillow.

Pure Neon-Tex comfort fabric is used as the material, which doesn’t catch moisture and remain fresh for a long time. The zippered cover is free with this luxurious pillow and there is another inner cover, which ensures long-lasting use of the pillow.

Everyone is busy in finding the top rated pillows for side sleepers, but ViscoFresh is prepared specially for the back sleepers.

The most common issue everyuser face is neck pain due to the flat and the unchangeable size of down traditional down pillows. The ViscoFresh is prepared from memory foam, which takes shape according to your requirements.

It hassleek and narrow design that offers the best support to your neck and prevents unnecessary discomfort during the sleep. This pillow is also prepared to provide your body a right temperature so that you can feel relaxed and fresh in the next morning.

7. Buckwheat Pillow

Does your child also have problems with the pillow he is using? Provide him with cozy Buckwheat Pillow because it is considered as the best pillow for babies and teenagers. You can also use these pillows, while traveling in a train.

It is a lightweight pillow that weighs only 4 lbs. It is easy to customize and USA-grown buckwheat hulls are used to make it cozier and comfortable.

The manufacturers do not use chemicals or fumigants to clean the material. They use organic cotton, which lasts for a long time and these are the handmade pillows.

Side sleepers would find these pillows very useful for better comfort during the sleep. As a user, you can easily manage the weight and size of the pillow. The buckwheat pillows use buckwheat to make you feel comfortable.

This pillow is a basically a pillow shaped bag in which buckwheat is filled. Now you can adjust the size of the pillow by removing or filling the buckwheat. It will be quite comfortable and healthy for a longer sleep.

In addition, the Buckwheat Pillow doesn’t charge an expensive price. You can buy as many pillows as you want. The use of organic cotton is increasing in pillow industry and soon you will see many of such pillows in both online and offline markets.

8. STANDARD SIZE - Natural Latex Pillow

Organic Textile has used pure natural latex to prepare this pillow. It is a renewable pillow that offers incredible comfort and temperature control facility that every user wants.

This pillow comes with a removable cotton cover, which you can wash and clean easily at home. The manufacturer prepares it through the Dunlop process and only organic products are used for preparing it.

The antimicrobial andhypo allergenic qualities of this pillow make it a wonderful support for healthy sleep. It has impressive freeair flow design that keeps the pillow cool and cozy.

It is a great alternative to memory foam, which heats up and then causes discomfort. It is a made in India product and pure natural latex is used for preparing it.

The latex is obtained from the rubber trees of India and later shaped into the pillow.

The firm core of the pillow ensures that you can use it longer than memory foam pillows. There is no chemical, gel or other synthetic substances are used to prepare this pillow that’s why it is quite useful for all types’ sleepers.

In fact, it is one of the best pillow for side sleepers. It is available online for purchase and its comfort will give you longer sleep every night.

What Should You Check Before Purchasing A Pillow?

People think that healthy sleep depends on the mattresses they use for their bed.

Yes, good mattress are required, but your nights would go with full of discomfort and trouble if you are not using a right pillow. What pillow should you buy depends on how you sleep during the night.

Usually, people use feather pillows for better comfort, but many develop allergies to feathers. In addition, people also don’t check that which pillow will prevent back pain and neck pain. You should choose the pillow by considering the filling material and your sleeping habits.

3 Most Important Things You Should Check Before Buying A Pillow Are:

1. Check the Pillow Fill:

The most common pillow fill is down feather, which almost people prefer. The maximum people choose pillows with goose down feather fill because it is cozy, soft and it is quite durable. The problem with goose feather pillows is the allergy that many people develop.

In addition, the feather pillows are not good for the side sleepers. Do not compromise with your comfort and health, when it comes to choosing a pillow. Search for other pillows with non-allergic materials, if you goose feathers are causing trouble.

Of course, there are many better options in pillow fills and that’s why the modern pillows are coming with materials like memory foam and latex. Memory foam pillows are getting popularity among people because it takes shape according to your requirements.

Most of the best pillow for side sleepers comprises the memory foam as the fill. The memory foam pillows can be available in all sizes and shapes. These pillows are also affordable and great for comfort. In case, you want a pillow with better comfort and natural fill, the latex pillows are the best.

Latex pillows cost, higher price than other two pillows, but they offer better air passing, impressive comfort and long-lasting service. The latex is a natural element obtained from the rubber tree and then processed to prepare pillows. Latex pillows can be available with washable cover and firm core.

2. Check The Size:

Not all size’s pillows are the best for every user. You should recognize that what size’s pillow can offer you proper comfort during your sleep. Suppose, you are buying a 20” by 26” pillow, you should check the thread count and fluffiness of the pillow. It should not be too high and weighty otherwise you may suffer with neck pain and back ache.

You can go online and find pillows, which are perfect according to your body frame. The comfort does not totally depend on the material of the pillow. Pillow’s size and height also matters, so carefully choose the size of the pillow.

3. Check The Performance Of The Pillow:

Traditional goose feather filled pillows offer good comfort, but these pillows do not remain cool during the summer days. Consequently, the pillows get heated and the user sweats a lot during the nights of summer season. The pillow manufacturers of this age are producing pillows by using cool technologies.

These pillows offer better air passing and remain cool during the summer nights. So, the chances of heating and sweating get reduced, when you use the latest pillows.

4 Pillows Built Specially For The Side Sleepers:

The side sleeper can be happy now for having special pillows, built especially for them. 5 types’ pillows are available in the market and this won’t be too difficult to choose the best pillow for side sleepers.

1. Feather Pillows:

The feather pillows are comfy, adjustable and durable pillows. These are prepared from all natural goose feathers. Most of the users prefer this pillow because it offers great support to head and neck positions.

The feather pillows are also great for improving blood circulation in your head. The users feel relaxed and fresh because filled feathers address the pressure points well avoid disruption during the sleep.

You should not purchase these pillows, if you are allergic to bird feathers. It is good for the side sleepers, who have no issue with feathers and who don’t need pillows prepared by cooling techniques.

2. Memory Foam Pillows:

The side sleepers often complain that their pillows don’t offer enough support to their head and neck, when they sleep. It happens because most of the people use cotton filled pillows that get firm quickly.

The memory foam is a material that takes shape according to your requirements. It doesn’t matter that you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper or a side sleeper. The pillow will turn its shape according to your requirement and provide the best support to your upper body.

Thus, there will not be any sleep disturbance whole night. It is called memory foam because it recognizes user’s sleeping habit and turns it into required shape for a long time.

3. The Buckwheat Pillows:

You will not sweat during the sleep and you will not suffer with back pain and other sleep issues, when you use the buckwheat fill pillows. These pillows get a firm shape according to the sleeping habits of the user and maintain higher air flow to keep your head cool.

The feather fill pillows may not serve as long as buckwheat pillows. These pillows come with a zipped cover which you can maintain the quantity of buckwheat to improve or reduce the size of pillows. The cooling and shape management properties of these pillows have impressed many side sleepers.

4. The Latex Pillows:

The most widely chosen pillows by the side sleepers are latex pillows. The manufacturers use latex, produced from the rubber tree to prepare the outer shell of the pillow. The latex improves air passing in the pillow and thus it prevent heating and sweating problem.

This pillow also adjusts its shape according to your sleeping habits and it provides the best comfort to the side sleepers. Your head would be up the whole night and there would be no neck-ache and backache problem, if you use this pillow.

There are some companies, which are using the latest techniques to prepare the best pillow for side sleepers. They are applying techniques like zoned technique and some other cooling techniques to ensure that the user will feel no discomfort after using their product.

So Many Materials And Techniques, What Should You Choose?

Now, you must be agreed that the pillow manufacturing companies are working hard for your comfort. They are using new materials and techniques to prepare pillows, which can pull-away all the sleep disruptions side sleepers, face during the sleep.

Latex, memory foam and buckwheat are the materials, which are new but very comfy. We have suggested the best pillows available in the market for side-sleepers. Know your requirements and buy the best suitable one for relaxing nights.

Do not get worried about the price because the suggested pillows ensure long-lasting service and performance. Invest once and get lifelong relief from sleep disruptions.


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