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6 Health Benefits of Hanging Upside Down with Inversion Therapy

Any medicine, any new product and any exercise is not considered profitable until people do not provide the proof of their workability. The same thing had occurred with the inversion therapy and researchers had found it useful. Still, some people may ask like what are the benefits of hanging upside down and why should I try inversion therapy. Well, there are a number of benefits of inversion. This exercise helps you by relieving the back pain quickly and it is the best benefit of this exercise. Different people try different equipments for inversion. Though, inversion table is the best equipment, if you want to experience the maximum benefits of this therapy. Some renowned benefits of hanging upside down are listed below.

6 Health Benefits of Hanging Upside Down with Inversion Therapy

It Cures Back Pain Faster

It will feel like someone has drawn the back and now you are fit. That’s what happens, when people hang themselves upside down on a daily basis. The inversion therapy is a proven way of relieving back pain. Mostly, back pain occurs because spinal disks are pressurized. You release the pressure of spinal disks and that’s how the root cause of back pain is cured. This benefit may draw attention of millions of people towards the inversion therapy.

Your Brain Work Better

Your Brain Work Better

Hanging upside down is a beneficial exercise for the brain and it is scientifically proven. The blood flow increases towards the brain, when you hang upside down and thus the brain receives an increased amount of oxygen. Our brain needs more oxygen to perform better and inversion therapy is the best way of supplying more oxygen towards the brain. You will focus better, work better and you will take better decisions, if your brain will work better. So, hang yourself upside down for a few minutes to improve your brain power.

It Reduces Mental Stress

It Reduces Mental Stress

People try different things to reduce stress. Some prefer holidays, some prefer meditation and some prefer entertainment. Probably, many of you may not know that hanging upside down is the best exercise to reduce mental stress. You feel relaxed and calm, when your legs go up and head comes closer to the earth. It feels like you are meditating in a different way. You should try this exercise, if you want to feel refreshed. This will help you in your job and business because stress can spoil many of good things you do in a day.

You Gain a Better Leg And Core Strength

The best way of testing and improving the real strength of the body is performing exercises in which you do not touch the ground. Inverted crunches, squats and pushups are a few exercises in which you can test your strength. Inverted squats and crunches are probably the best because it strengthens your legs and lower body portion. The core strength of your body increases and you gain more power to lift heavy weight.

It Is Good For Your Joints

Reduction in joint pain and healthy muscles are also considerable benefits of hanging upside down. People, who are suffering with knee joint pain, ankle pain and other sorts’ joint pains, they should try inversion therapy. The pressure over the joints gets released, when you hang yourself upside down. Gravity pulls your body towards the ground and that’s how muscles and joints are stretched. It ultimately relieves the body pain and you feel better.

good for your joints

Improved Flexibility

People join different types of fitness classes to gain better flexibility. Other ways like Yoga work quite slowly, but inversion therapy is a much faster way of improving body’s flexibility. There will be no issues like muscle strains, cramps and muscle pain, if you daily practice inversion therapy.

There are many other health benefits of hanging upside down. You will experience those benefits, when you will try this exercise. However, the safety becomes a bigger concern, when you hang yourself upside down. The chances of injuries and other health issues may increase, if you are not performing inversion therapy safely. So, always try inversion therapy over an inversion table rather than hanging over a bar. Do not take any risk of injury because head injuries or neck injuries can create some big health issues for you. Buy a right equipment and then try this therapy to avoid injuries and gain the maximum health benefits.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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Jim Seiler - February 27, 2021

Nice article.

I’ve been inverting the old school way with a bar hanging from my basement ceiling and boots on. I do 10 minutes every day after workouts and have loved the physical and cognitive effects. Such a great mood elevator after a bad day too.


Jim, psych nurse

    Harris - November 11, 2021

    It is a good practice. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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