How Much Treadmill Walking to Lose Weight: Easy to Do Tricks

The treadmill walking process is similar to regular walking, but you're walking on a treadmill. The main difference is that you will be doing it at your own pace to control the speed at which you do it.

Hence, many younger and older people turn to treadmills instead of walking to lose weight. So they want to know how much treadmill walking to lose weight. The answer to that question largely depends on how much weight you want to lose. If you are looking to drop a few pounds, five minutes per day should do the trick.

This article will explore the factors that affect your treadmill walking to lose weight and provide some tips to help you get the most out of this exercise.

How Much Treadmill Walking to Lose Weight Per Day?

How Much Treadmill Walking to Lose Weight Per Day

You will need to know your current weight before committing to a treadmill walking session because it is necessary for determining your daily caloric expenditure (the number of calories you burn per day).

Once you know your height, weight, age, and activity level, you can calculate how many calories you burn in a day. The following tips and workout plans help you lose weight on a treadmill.

Short Duration Workouts:

If you are a beginner and looking to lose weight, then here is a sample treadmill workout plan for you:

Start by walking at 2.0 mph for one minute, followed by 1.5-minute rest. You can increase the speed or decrease the rest time as needed after every session. Your goal should be to walk five times a day for five to fifteen minutes.

You should walk at 2.0 mph for 30 minutes using a treadmill for best results because it is the safest speed for beginners. It is also easier to burn calories at this time, so you are likely to lose more weight if this is your target pace.

Intermediate Level Workouts:

Try this workout plan if you have been walking for a while and want to burn a few more calories.

Start with a five-minute warmup at 3.0 mph or faster because it will be easier for you to walk fast from the get-go without slowing down too much.

Maintain your maximum speed for thirty seconds before slowing down to 2.5 mph for thirty seconds. Repeat this seven times before cooling down for five minutes or more at a speed of 2.5 mph or lower.

High Duration Workouts:

High Duration Workouts

If you are looking to burn more calories in a shorter period of time, then try this workout plan.

This routine should be done on a treadmill that has an adjustable incline. Start by walking at a speed of 2.0 mph for 5 minutes before increasing the incline to 5 percent.

Maintain this incline for two minutes before going back to a zero incline for one minute, increasing it again to 7 percent. Continue with this routine for fifteen minutes before cooling down by slowing down your speed and decreasing the treadmill's incline.

Treadmill Walking Distance:

For weight loss, you should walk at least an hour or more daily, depending on your current body condition. You should also maintain a pace of two to three miles per hour.

You can set your speed at 2.5 mph so you can walk for an hour without getting tired too quickly. Slowing down slightly from time to time will help you catch your breath and avoid injuries as well. You can walk on an incline instead of on a level surface for faster or better results.

Walking Uphill:

Walking uphill is one of the best ways to burn more calories and lose weight faster without realizing it.

Try walking at 2.0 mph for five minutes to warm up. After, you can increase the treadmill's incline to 1 percent for each minute. Maintain this speed and until the incline increases 8 percent.

Keep walking for another minute and repeat the routine five more times. After the routine, cool down for five minutes by reducing the speed.

You may find it hard to increase the incline at first but once your body adjusts, you will be able to walk uphill for a longer duration.

Inclines also require more effort from your muscles so they tone and strengthen faster. It is also possible to keep going for longer periods of time on an incline.

You should try it too because it can lead to a better workout and greater weight loss results in less time.

Tips to Make the Most out of Your Treadmill Walking

Tips to Make the Most out of Your Treadmill Walking

Here are some tips that you can use to make the most out of your treadmill walking:

Invest in A Quality Pair of Walking Shoes:

This will help reduce the amount of stress on your feet and ankles, which could lead to injuries over time.

Drink Plenty of Water:

Drinking plenty of fluids will help keep you hydrated and make your workout more comfortable.

Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Loose clothing will allow you to move around more freely and avoid any unnecessary distractions.

Start with a Five-Minute Warmup:

This will help your body adjust to a faster speed and prevent any muscle strain or injuries.

Increase Speed and Incline Gradually:

Doing this will allow you to test your limits without overdoing it.


Your cool-down routine is just as important as your warmup, so keep that in mind. Doing this will also help your muscles relax and prevent strain.

Check Your Heart Rate Often:

Check Your Heart Rate Often

You can do this by checking your pulse or using a watch that has an inbuilt heart monitor. This way, you can ensure that you are maintaining the right pace for your current fitness level.

If you follow these tips to maximize your treadmill walking workout, you will notice your weight starting to drop within a few days.


Treadmill walking is a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and tone your body. It is important to find the right pace and incline for you so you can maximize your workout results.

You should always ask for guidance from a professional before starting any new exercise routine, especially if you have been inactive for a long time. We hope you got your answer on " how much treadmill walking to lose weight " from our article. Start your treadmill walking and bring good shape to your body.

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