In Simple 5 Steps – How to Clean a Mattress and Maintain it

Cleanliness is important to maintain good health and impress the guests. People buy many cleaning appliances to clean their home and offices. People also frequently search for new cleaning solutions that can help them in cleaning their place more easily and effectively. People pay complete attention to the floor, furniture, appliances and ornamental stuff, but many of us forget to clean the mattresses. Do mattresses not require proper cleaning? Well, you may now change your mindset, if you think yes.

The mattresses become a safe house for germs that come through your body sweat, sneeze and dust mites. These germs can cause a number of diseases to all your family members because people spend at-least 6-8 hours on the bed. It would be great, if you spend some time in cleaning your mattresses. Check the details given below to know how to clean a mattress effectively.

How to Clean a Mattress and Maintain it?

How to Clean a Mattress and Maintain it

1. Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Use the Vacuum Cleaner

It should not be a tough task for you to remove the bed sheet and the cover of the mattresses, if you use it. Anyone can do that. Now take your vacuum cleaner, attach the upholstery tool and then use it over the mattresses. Clean the top sides of the mattresses first and then move towards the downwards sides. Clean the both sides of the mattresses to remove all the germs and dust mites of the mattresses. You can clean the mattresses through the vacuum cleaner every month. However, you should clean it every week to avoid housing of dust mites and germs.

2. The Way of Cleaning the Spots

The Way of Cleaning the Spots

Cleaning the stains of the mattresses would not be quite a simple task. Though, we have chairs and couches, but still many of us enjoy the wine and coffee over the bed. It can be really tough to remove the stains of wine and coffee, if you spilled the beverage over your bed. Your vacuum cleaner cannot clean such tough stains. So, follow the given methods of removing tough stains from the mattresses.

  • Apply the solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid dish soap to remove tough stains. Yes, this solution helps you in removing the toughest stains of fabric. Dip a clean cloth into this solution and then rub the stains with that cloth. The results would be awesome.
  • Prepare the paste of lemon juice and salt and then use this paste to remove tough stains. Dip a small portion of your hanky into this solution and then rub the stains. Probably, tough stains will get removed and the mattress will look cleaned.
  • You can also apply non-toxic, natural enzyme cleaners. The enzyme cleaners remove the chemicals of tough stains. Consequently, cleaning tough stains becomes a lot easier.

3. Removing the Smell

Removing the Smell

When you don’t clean the mattress for a long time, it starts smelling. It may smell like rot because mattresses daily absorb sweat and humidity. The filling material of the mattresses starts smelling and you must find a way of removing that bad odor. The best way of removing bad odor of mattresses is using the baking soda. Just spread a layer of baking soda over the mattresses and let it stay there for a few hours. The baking soda will absorb the humidity and sweat locked inside the mattresses. Now use the vacuum cleaner to remove the layer of baking soda. Your mattress will smell like a new mattress.

4. Airing

Probably, the simplest and the most effective way of cleaning a mattress would be airing. You don’t need to do anything. It means you don’t need any solution, any equipment, just hang out your mattress in the sunlight and let the nature clean it. The intense UV rays of the sun will kill all the germs. Bad odor will get removed through the sunlight and dry air. That’s how easy it is. The mattress may grab some dust mites due to polluted air outside your home. You should bring the mattresses back inside the home and use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Thus, you will get perfectly cleaned mattresses for your home.

5. Using the Garment Steamer

Using the Garment Steamer

Along with the vacuum cleaner, a steamer can also be a great cleaning device for your mattresses. People used to apply this device for cleaning mattresses daily before the trend of vacuum cleaner. It not only cleans the dust mites, but also kills all sorts’ bacteria and germs hidden in the mattresses. You can use the garment steamer along with the vacuum cleaner to clean mattresses more effectively.

We have mentioned some of the best ways of cleaning the mattresses. Now you can choose the best methods to clean your mattresses. Just follow the instructions strictly to avoid any sort of harm. You can maintain your mattresses for a long time, if you clean them properly.


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