Learn 4 Effective Ways for You – How to clean pillows?

Every human being sleeps at least 8 hours every night to take proper rest and feel energized next day. Almost every human being uses the pillow, when he or she sleeps. Pillow is required for comfort of head and neck and sleeping without pillow becomes a terrible experience. Many types’ pillows are in use nowadays. Down pillows, memory foam pillows, feather pillows, latex pillows and buckwheat pillows are the most popular pillows nowadays.

Learn 4 Effective Ways for You – How to clean pillows

Different people use different pillows. All of them know that pillows should be cleaned regularly to prevent germs and odor. Probably, some people may know how to clean pillows and some may not. If you are one of those individuals, who don’t know how to clean the pillow, below given information is essential for you. We have explained the ways of cleaning pillows. The cleaning methods of different pillows are different. So, pay attention to the details given below.

Maintenance of the Pillows

You don’t need to worry about the maintenance of all the pillows. Some pillows are easy to maintain and some require special attention. The way of maintaining pillows would depend on the type of pillow you have at home. Suppose, you have the down pillows in your home, do not get worried about their maintenance. The down pillows remain useful for a long time, but cleaning them becomes a very difficult task. Whether the pillow is stuffed with feathers or down, you will have to take them out of the home in the sunlight for proper cleaning. Airing in the sunlight is the best way of cleaning down pillows.

You should never think about washing feather or down stuffed pillows with soap. The soap water can release the natural oil of feather and damage its natural softness. Airing is the only way of cleaning down and feather pillows. The polyester filled pillows are mostly used in hotels and lodges because these are quite easy to clean. The hotels and other establishments require regular cleaning of pillows and mattresses to impress their clients. The maintenance teams in hotels, lodges and resorts apply different cleaning methods to clean their pillows and mattresses. Check different methods used to clean different types’ pillows effectively.

1. Cleaning Method Of Down And Feather Pillows

Cleaning Method Of Down And Feather Pillows

One thing you should never do with the down pillows or the feather pillows is washing them at home. You may think that I can easily remove dirt particles and other mess by washing it. Many people do so, but ultimately they damage the natural texture of the pillow. In case, something has spilled over the pillow like tea or something else, take it to the professional cleaners. A dry cleaner would be the best person to clean that pillow. If the stain is not so old, then you can use warm water with sponge to clean it. After cleaning the stains with warm water, hang the pillow in fresh air and sunlight. The sunlight will kill germs and the pillow will get cleaned quickly.

2. Cleaning Latex Pillows

Cleaning Latex Pillows

Unlike feather and down pillows, the latex pillows are washable at home. You can easily clean these pillows at home, but do not take latex out for cleaning. There is no need to do so because sunlight can affect the natural texture of this material. You should also not put the latex pillows in the washing machine and soapy water. You should wash latex pillows by sinking them in soapy water and then gently put pressure over the pillow to squeeze it. Now wipe water with a clean towel and let it dry inside the home. It is the best way of maintaining and cleaning the latex pillows.

3. Cleaning Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat pillows are quite easy to clean. All you need to do is pouring the buckwheat out of the pillow and then wash the pillow cover in the washing machine. Once the cover is cleaned, fill the buckwheat back inside the pillow and use it. That’s how simple it is and buckwheat pillows are also considered great for neck pain and back pain issues.

4. Cleaning Memory Foam Pillows

The way of cleaning memory foam pillows is also quite easy. All you need to do is remove the cover and taking lukewarm water in a tub. Now mix one teaspoon detergent in the water and then sink the pillow. Let it get submerged in soapy water for a few minutes and then take it out and then douche it. Douche the pillow at least four times to remove soapy water and then air it in the sunlight. Do not wring the memory foam pillow, if you want to maintain it for a long time. Just squeeze it gently and then air it. That’s how you can clean the memory foam pillows.

Cleaning Suggestions for Pillow Covers

Cleaning Suggestions for Pillow Covers

People do not get worried about the pillow covers. The pillow covers can be cleaned like normal clothes. Prepare soapy water and then put pillow cover in the water. Now apply normal cleaning methods and clean the pillow cover. However, the pillow covers can also be prepared through different types’ clothes. Take details on the clothe type and then know how to clean it. This would be a lot better because thus you can know that the pillow cover is washable or not.

Sleeping without a pillow can be a very awkward experience. There are many people, who can’t even sleep if they don’t have the pillow. Though, sometimes the situation becomes troubling because of odor or dirtiness of the pillow. The pillows should be cleaned within 5-7 days. If the pillow is not cleaned once in a week, the oil, sweat and germs can turn it into a polluted pillow. Obviously, you would not like to sleep over such kind of stinking pillow. Clean it regularly and apply above explained methods to clean the pillows of your home. All the methods we have explained are easy to apply. The only down or feather pillow would require dry-cleaning. You can easily clean other pillows at home.


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