5 Easy Techniques To Apply Ice Or Heat For Back Pain Fast

Back pain has ruined happy life of many people across the world. People are frustrated because of this issue because they can’t work, they can’t walk, they can’t enjoy the life and some can’t even sleep due to back pain. Poor quality pillows-mattresses, poor sitting posture, improper movement of the body are a few common causes of back pain. People get busy in their daily life and they do not pay attention to these causes. Consequently, they develop troubling health conditions like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back pain. There are multiple treatments for these health issues.

Many individuals have tried ice or heat for back pain and they have admired soothing effects of cold and heat compress. People want quality cure for back pain problem and cold compress or hot compress are the best home-based treatments for quick relief.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

What Are the Causes of Back Pain

This may sound amazing, but people have found many different ways of developing back pain. There are multiple causes and you should pay attention to all the major causes of back pain to prevent this issue.

Increasing Use of Gadgets

Many new communication gadgets have been introduced in the last few years. Some of these gadgets are so awesome that people just can’t stop themselves from using these gadgets whole day. Of course, these gadgets have changed users’ lifestyle in a good way, but these gadgets have also caused several health issues. Back pain and neck pain are two common health issues that modern people are experiencing today. Increasing use of gadgets like smartphones, tabs, laptops and computers is creating trouble for the users.

People bend their spine too much by sitting in wrong posture. It compresses spinal disk due to which users face back pain problems. You should limit the use of gadgets and always try to keep your spine and neck straight to prevent painful health conditions like back pain and neck pain.


Everyone knows smoking is injurious to health. It is injurious not only because it affects your lungs, but it also stops the flow of fluids to the spinal disks. You should quit smoking to live a healthy and back pain free life.

Poor Sitting and Sleeping Posture

You may sit on the office desk for a long time in a day. Your poor sitting posture becomes the main cause of back pain. You should sit straight and try to use an ergonomic chair to prevent compression of spinal disks.

Poor sitting posture

Poor sleeping posture also results in back pain issue. Use of poor quality mattresses and pillows can affect your sleeping posture. Try to use high-quality mattresses and pillows to maintain a good sleeping posture whole night and sleep comfortably.


Your body can work more effectively, if you live an active life. Lazy people become prone to disease like obesity, back pain and neck pain. Get up early every morning, go for a walk, do exercises and be active whole day. This is a great way of preventing back pain problem.

There are several other causes of back pain like injury, stress and so on. You can go for some expensive surgical treatments to cure this health issue. Though, you will have to take at-least one month’s bed rest after surgical treatments. We suggest you to try some effective home remedies that can easily cure the issue. Hot and cold compress are two best methods of relieving back pain quickly. Many people have tried it and got satisfying results. So, let’s check the benefits of Ice or Heat for Back Pain:

Applying Heat to Relieve Back Pain

People mostly apply heat to relieve pain caused by injuries. For example, you can apply heat over the swollen area or injured body part, it will offer quick relief from the pain. It is usually called heat therapy. This is the most inexpensive way of treating any sort of pain. The ways of applying heat are given below:

  • You can take a hot shower or apply moist heat of hot packs over the back to relieve pain. Moist heat works quickly and helps you in feeling better.
  • Another great way of applying heat is using heat strap. The heat straps can be available in the pharmacies. You can buy the heat strap, apply it around the lower back region of the body and then keep it whole day. It will offer effective relief from back pain for a long time.
  • If above given both ways are not suitable for you, then you can buy and use a heat pad. The heat pads are in huge demands nowadays because these devices offer moisturized heat constantly. The cutting-edge infrared heat pads do not cause red spots over the body, but the FIR technology effectively cures the back pain problem.

Applying Ice For Back Pain Relief

The ice therapy or cold compress therapy is also a great way of relieving back pain. It works similarly as the heat therapy and helps you in relieving back pain, swelling and other sorts’ pains quickly. The ways of applying ice for back pain relief are:

  • Visit the local drug store or health outlet and ask the retailer for cold pack. You can buy the cold pack and apply it over the lower back region of the body to cure back pain problem.
  • Suppose, you don’t want to spend the money, then moisten a clean towel and take some ice cubes in it. Now apply that towel over the lower back region of your body for cold compress.

The hot and cold compression therapies are widely applied by people across the world. These are called the best home remedies for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and other types’ body pains. It is an inexpensive way of curing back pain. However, the cold or hot compress doesn’t cure the back pain issue completely. It offers short-term relief from back pain. You can try other home remedies with heat and ice to cure this problem completely.


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