Best 5 Inversion Table Exercises and Their Health Benefits

Almost people across the world are facing frustrating health issues like back pain, sciatica nerve pain and others. The spinal decompression therapy has come out as a comfortable cure for the back pain. The health experts have evolved several spinal decompression exercises, but those exercises do not provide appreciable cure. Fortunately, inversion table is a very useful device for spinal decompression therapy. This table reclines your body and reverses the gravitational effects over your body. It is a very useful device that improves user’s fitness and helps relieving back pain quickly. The fitness experts have also found the ways of using the inversion table for several other exercises. We are listing some of the best inversion table exercises, which you can practice over the inversion table.

List of Best Exercises

Inverted Crunches

Inverted Crunches

Usually, people lie down on the mat and pull their head towards the knees to practice crunches. The inverted crunches are quite similar, but these are performed over an inversion table. First, get your body in the inversion therapy position and then bend your knees. Now clasp your hands behind the head and pull your head towards the knees. Of course, performing this exercise would be a more difficult task for you in comparison to normal crunches. The benefits of inverted crunches would also be better than the health benefits of normal crunches.

We are not suggesting you to totally recline the inversion table and then practice the inverted crunches. You can start with a comfortable angle and then increase the inclination angle to make it tougher. Regular practice will help you in doing it better. Soon, you will be able to perform the inverted crunches effectively. It will help you in building and strengthening your abs much faster than the normal crunches.

Body Stretch

Body Stretch

The inverted body stretch is not a special kind of body stretching exercise. You can perform any feasible body stretching exercise over the inversion table. The effects would be better than the normal body stretching. The inversion table will frequently stretch your spine, which will help you in relieving the back pain. Along with that you can stretch your arms and upper body parts as much as possible. You can twist the upper body right to left, lift upper body towards the knees and perform several other stretching exercises. This would be a time saving way of stretching the body and spinal traction.

Sit Ups

Usually, people lay down on the floor, bend their knees and then pull their upper body upside towards the knees. The inversion table sit ups are slightly different from normal sit-ups. You need more strength and will power to do sit ups over the inversion table because it becomes really difficult to do. The way of performing sit-ups would be same, but your body will recline towards the ground. The upper body weight will increase due to gravitational power and that’s how inverted sit ups would become more difficult. Start practicing this exercise on a comfortable angle. Increase the difficulty according to your capacity. This exercise will enhance your core body strength.

Inverted Squats

Many people worry about their body’s overall fitness and that’s why they also want to keep their legs perfectly fit. Squats is a great exercise that helps you in keeping your legs in proper shape. Normal squats may seem easy to do, but inverted squats are not so easy. You will be in upside-down position over the inversion table and then perform squats. Of course, you will need more power to pull your body up and that’s why inverted squats is more beneficial.

Weight Training

Weight Training

People use the reclined benches in the gym to shape their chest muscles. Weight training over the inversion table would be quite different from normal weight training. You can do biceps exercises, arms, and several other types’ weight training exercises over the inversion table. Of course, you will face some difficulties at the start, but soon you will enjoy it.

Be Safe And Perform All The Exercises Carefully

Inversion table exercises are tough to perform. We have explained the difficulties you may face, when practicing all the inverted exercises. You should be completely concentrated on the exercise, when performing it. Do not talk and don’t even think to use your Smartphone because any negligence can cause severe neck or head injury. The inversion table is a safe device, which offers cushioned handles to maintain the position. You should hold the handle tight, whenever the grip around your legs is loosing. Squats, sit-ups and weight training are a few exercises in which you should grip your ankles carefully around the leg bars. Do not take any chance of falling down on the head. Start the exercises at a comfortable angle and slightly improve the difficulty. Always remember these precautions.

The Inversion Table Exercising Program

It would be a new experience for you to exercise over the inversion table. Many of you may have bought it recently. It is important to get prepared and habitual of the inversion therapy before you perform the exercises. During the initial days, you should only perform the inversion therapy. Learn how the inversion table works and how to manipulate with its functions. Try spinal decompression therapy over it and incline the table more towards the ground. It will hardly take one or two weeks to understand the functions and operation of the inversion table.

If you have understood everything about the inversion table, start with the simple exercise. Try body stretching exercises. These are simple inversion table exercises, so you will not face any problem. After a few days you should practice the inverted crunches. Go for more difficult exercises, if you can perform inverted crunches easily. We believe that you will be able to perform all the exercises within 2-3 weeks. It will help you in shaping your body better and faster.

Many famous brands are manufacturing and selling the inversion tables online. Many of them have introduced inversion tables with more security features and cutting-edge technology. Buy wisely, if still you haven’t bought one for your family.


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