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What Is The Difference Between Inversion Table Vs Gravity Boots?

There are similarities between inversion table and gravity boots. Both are meant to get relief from back pain. They have great capability in the reduction of stress. You can experience improvement in the skin condition and posture. However, it will take some time to get used to both kinds of fitness equipment.

Inversion Table vs Gravity Boots

What Is The Difference Between Inversion Table Vs Gravity Boots

You can go through inversion table vs gravity boots to choose the best fitness machine as per your needs. You should be aware of the ups and downs of using the inversion table and positioning the body in upside down condition. Inversion therapy is intended to counteract the effects of gravity.

There will be many benefits by keeping the feet above the head level and the benefits are many for people suffering from back pain. Inversion table can be used to get relief from back pain without subjecting your body to invasive methods.

There will be great privacy while treating the pain and the task can be achieved from the comforts of your home. There are fixed and portable tables which can be selected as per your needs. The product should be made with durable materials.

The inversion table can be arranged in multiple inversion angles. You should consult the physician before using the table. You will not be able to experience the benefits of inversion table unless you use it. Hence, you are compelled to buy the product.

Features of Inversion Table

Features of Inversion Table

Inversion table should be selected as per the needs of the inversion therapy. In some cases, the inversion table requires the help of a second person so that the individual will be hanged properly.

There are inversion chairs which can be used as an alternative to inversion table. If you are seated in an inverted position, there are many benefits. There will be little pressure on joints when you use inversion chair.

The blood pressure will be equalized in a better way. You can use inversion chair alone. There will be better posture control and control on the lumbar spine with the help of inversion chair.

Hence, inversion chair can be used by people who cannot use inversion table. Before buying inversion table, you should be mindful of your health condition. There will be great stress and pressure on the circulatory system when you are on the inversion table. Hence, people suffering from blood pressure, retinal and cardiac issues should not use inversion table.

Benefits of Gravity Boots

Benefits of Gravity Boots

The Gravity Boots will deliver the same functionality as that of the inversion table. The latches on Gravity Boots will be tied to ankles in a very firm way. When you are hanging in an inverted position, the boots will help you stay in a balanced condition.

You will be hanged in a perfect position with the help of gravity boots. When you go through the inversion table vs gravity boots, you will understand that there will not be any benefit of suspension with gravity boots.

Gravity boots occupy less space. Hence, they can be considered for usage at home. Inversion tables are expensive as their price will be around $150.

On the other hand, you can manage gravity boots for $80. If ankles are strapped into gravity boots, the inversion will take place in a very aggressive manner. There are some users who will be able to go through the aggressive inversion exercises.

The exercise can be done as long as you are able to treat your body in a natural way. For some people, the 100% inversion will lead to pain in ankles and knees. When core muscles are strengthened, the degeneration process will be slowed down.

The spine will not be overloaded at work, and at play. The boots should fit comfortably around your legs so that there will not be strain in the vertical as well as horizontal direction.

The boots should be used on right kind of gym equipment. You can also use a chin-up rack which is installed at the door frame. Thus, you can find an alternative to expensive inversion table very easily.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

The inversion therapy is suggested by physiotherapists to overcome the back pain in a natural way. It is possible to overcome the pain without using medication or surgery. The therapy provides traction force through which the decompression of joints will take place.

The spinal discs will be decompressed. Various kinds of conditions can be treated with the help of inversion therapy. These conditions include disc hernia, degeneration and spinal stenosis. Inversion can be done at home with the help of inversion chair or inversion table.

The table is the most common device to hand in the upside-down condition. As you compare inversion table vs gravity boots, you will understand that inversion tables are not best tables for all. Inversion tables are used by many people even though they do not suit their type of body.

On the other hand, hanging in an aggressive manner with gravity boots will have a negative impact too. Hence, the selection of the exercising machine, duration and type of exercises should be done in a very careful manner.


Being aware of the pros and cons of inversion table and gravity boots, you should choose the right medium to keep your body in good condition. The decompression of the body should take place and it should not happen at the expense of damage to other parts of the body. You should choose a safe and natural method which gives you great relief from pain.

Yoga postures can be explored to get best benefits. As inversion table is expensive, it should be selected very carefully when it serves your needs. The investment will go into wrong direction when there is negative impact on your health.

If you can get better relief with gravity boots, it can be used without any issues. The step should be taken as per the suggestion offered by the healthcare specialist and the comfort and convenience you experience with the exercise machine.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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