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Do Inversion Tables Help Bulging Discs? Answer in 3 Simple Steps

Can you deal bulging discs with inversion tables? When you are suffering from a bulging disc or a herniated disc, you should explore an option to heal it in a natural way. You should deal with the herniated disc in which the nucleus will go through the annulus.

The nucleus and annulus are the main parts of the vertebrae. The discs will play an important role in extending the health of the spine. They will absorb the shock in the best possible way so that you will not have pain.

Benefits of Inversion Table

Benefits of Inversion Table

You should understand the meaning and purpose of inverted table. It is true that inversion tables have become the most sought after exercising machines to deal with herniated discs. They are efficient in dealing with all kinds of back pain. The lower back pain which is resultant of the herniated disc or bulging disc can be treated very efficiently with the help of the inversion table.

An inversion table is a foldable machine. The user will be able to strap to the device without the need of a third person. A flat surface is required by the user so that it is possible to secure the person on ankles in a very efficient way.

You will remain in upside down condition and the bulging disc will be treated very easily. If you are suffering from herniated disc, there will be pain or numbness in the joint. Do inversion tables help bulging discs? It is possible to deal with herniated disc in various ways.

The inversion table is the best method where the decompression will take place in the best possible. You will not want to go for surgery when the simple and natural method is available. The space between the vertebrae will be widened with the help of the inversion table.

The pressure will be taken off the disc so that the rehydration will be done very efficiently. The bulged nucleus will return to its position when the margin between the vertebrae increases.

The rehydration will be done in a very efficient manner and it is filled with nutrient-rich fluid. No pain relievers are required when you can deal the pain with the help of inversion table. You can avoid all kinds of muscle creams.

Some products can deliver results in the short run. However, there will be side effects on other parts of the body. You should opt for a natural treatment which will deliver results on a long-term basis.

Muscle Treatment

Muscle Treatment

The muscle treatment will be done very efficiently with the help of inversion table. The tired and sore muscle will be regenerated with the help of inversion table. The irritated muscles can be treated in the best possible way. The spine elongation will be done with the help of inversion table.

Before starting the inversion therapy with the help of inversion table, you should check with your healthcare provider. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and blood thinning medication should not go for inversion exercises.

Do Inversion Tables Help Bulging Discs?

The question can be answered in the best possible way by going through the reviews presented by experts. The feedback given by customers will also help you settle for the best inversion table without any issues. It is possible to avoid complex surgery when you undergo the treatment in a very efficient way by using inversion table.

While staying on your head, there will be great relief on joints. The stress on the joints will be relieved. The pressure on the vertebrae joints will be removed. The blood circulation will improve so that there will be relief for stiff muscles. The flexibility of muscles will be very much enhanced with the help of the inversion table.

Usage of Inverted Table

Usage of Inverted Table

The inverted table should be used on a regular basis. It should be used for 10 minutes in the beginning. There should not be over usage of the product in which case you will witness negative results. Inverted table can be used by adults as per the advice of doctors.

The stimulation of blood circulation will take place with the help of the inverted table. The flexibility of muscles will also increase. The device can be used by athletes so that there will be great flexibility in muscles.

The warm up action will take place with the help of inverted table. Users will relax after a long day of training with the help of the inverted table. Do inversion tables help bulging discs? There are people suffering from joint pain due to herniated discs.

The inversion table can be used by people suffering from everyday back pain. The equipment is affordable and it can be configured as per your needs. The setup is crucial and it can be accomplished by following the directions of the manufacturer.

Expectations from An Inversion Table

Expectations from An Inversion Table

The inversion table should take care of the needs of the user in a very efficient way. You should go for a product manufactured by a reputed brand so that there will be warranty and support from the manufacturer. You are advised to go through the videos so that the table can be used in the best possible way.

If it is being deployed at home, it should have all the features for adjustment so that more than one user can use it without any issues. The space constraints should be studied before placing an online order. A highly efficient inversion table will reduce the pressure on joints.

There will be great relaxation of muscles. Oxygen-filled blood flow will increase in the upper body. The lymph flow will increase and it will encourage in good posture development. There will be reduction in back pain and herniated disc pain can be treated in a very efficient manner.

If there is increase in pain or stress at joints, you should stop the operation and should consult your doctor immediately. The inversion therapy will deliver results to deal with specific type of back pains and there will not be any side effects.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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Barbara Pettit - July 20, 2022

I have an inversion table & inverting is not the problem. My concern is returning to upright position. I do not know how to bring myself back up ,even to a level postion with out help. I have a chair sitting next to me to grab on to & help pull me up , but that is a struggle & puts a strain on my back. I have a bulging disc confirmed by an MRI! Any easy ideas how to get up without jerking. I had a similar problem 40 yrs, ago, but they went a different way than inversion. I was in something called a Sister Kinney incliner machine. Very painful, don’t want that again.

    Harris - December 13, 2022

    Take hold of the frame at the back of the bed once more. Pull them together and then bring your arms around them.

    Randy Schamber - May 7, 2023

    I have an Innova inversion table. I’m not sure what inversion table you have, but on mine on both sides is a looping handle which I can use to pull myself up slowly.

      Harris - July 8, 2023

      Please use this one: Bob & Brad Inversion Table


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