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Inversion Therapy for Neck Pain – 4 Important Benefits and Its Risks

The inversion table and inversion therapy is quite famous across the world for its ability of reducing back pain. Many people think that inversion therapy is only for the back because they do not know the way it works. Hanging the body upside down is a great way of curing several health issues.

Neck pain is one of those issues, which you can cure by taking inversion therapy. It cures neck pain as effectively as it cures the back pain problem. Here we are going to reveal some essential details on how effective the inversion therapy for neck pain is. Probably, this information will help you in dealing with chronic neck pain more effectively.

Inversion Therapy for Neck Pain – 4 Important Benefits and Its Risks

How Does It Cure?

Mostly, neck pain occurs due to compression of cervical vertebrae. The pressure over the nerves and neck’s soft tissues gets increased due to compression of the vertebrae. It can create severe pain around the neck and you will face pain, whenever you move your neck. 

Obviously, you cannot spend a day without moving your neck and you would search for the ways of curing it as soon as possible. The inversion therapy is the best way of curing neck pain. The pressure over the vertebrae gets released, when you hang your body upside down because gravity pulls your head towards the floor. This action of gravity cures neck pain quite faster than any other cure.

What Are the Effects?

The effects would be positive only if you try inversion therapy over an appropriate equipment. The inversion table is the best equipment for inversion therapy. It offers complete safety for hanging the body upside down and it prevents you from the possible injuries. The space between the vertebrae increased and blood along with spinal fluid flows towards in the space. Consequently, the pain reduces and you feel better.

Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy

Decompression therapy is a well-known cure for spinal issues and the inversion tables offer the best way of performing this therapy. Decompression is also necessary for the neck because pressurized vertebrae cause neck pain. Regular sessions of decompression therapy over the inversion table can help you in healing chronic neck pain and back pain problems.

The benefits of inversion therapy are a lot and that’s why we promote the uses of the inversion table. You may not know that how many people are actually experiencing the health benefits of this equipment. Certainly, the number of active users would be in the thousands. 

Some Benefits of Inversion Therapy for Neck Pain

1. Decompression of Vertebrae

The vertebrae in your neck have been compressed for several years due to gravity. The inversion therapy offers a way of releasing the pressure and decompressing vertebrae in the neck.

2. No Stress And No Tension

All the people, who spend hours in their job, experience strain and tension around the neck. The inversion therapy is a great cure for this problem. It offers quick relief by curing the root cause of the issue.

3. Repositioning of Cervical Vertebrae

Repositioning of Cervical Vertebrae

The gravitational force helps you in realigning the cervical vertebrae. Just lie down over the inversion table, incline towards the ground and gravity will do the remaining job. It will increase the space between cervical vertebrae and realign it to relieve the pain.

4. Better Flexibility

No need to worry about moving the neck. Inversion therapy increases flexibility and offers better posture. You can easily move your neck without facing pain and that’s what you get from this treatment.

All of these benefits are reported by the regular users of the inversion table. Of course, you should try the inversion therapy to enjoy the same health advantages. Inversion therapy for neck pain is a reliable cure. It works more effectively than the surgical treatment and you can get back to your daily life without facing any adverse effect.

People may think that there are many other ways of curing the neck pain. True, we agree with you, but none of those ways can cure this health issue quicker than the inversion therapy. This therapy can solely cure several health problems related to spine, neck, head and shoulder. The opinions of some experts may vary, but you should buy an inversion table and hang your body upside down to know the listed benefits of inversion therapy for neck pain and back pain.

Is Inversion Therapy Risky for Me?

It depends on your health conditions. Actually, there are no serious health risks of using inversion table. Still, you should consult with the surgeon for the purchase of the inversion table. Your doctor knows better than others and if he agrees that you can try the inversion therapy, you should buy the inversion table. Start safely and follow all the guidelines to avoid the chances of the injury. Other ways of inversion can be risky, but inversion tables provide complete safety for this therapy.

Which Inversion Table is Best for Me?

There is a wide range of inversion tables. Recognizing a perfect one is not an easy task. However, there are some essential things you should find in the inversion table to recognize its quality and capacity. Your chosen inversion table must have a cozy and therapeutic backrest along with cushioned leg rest and ankle holder. Its frame should be robust enough to weigh up to 300lbs. Inversion table must offer easy manuals near the balancing handles. Technological advancement and improved features are optional, but inversion table must perform its basic operation effectively.

Which inversion table is best

There is no special kind of inversion table, which can be used specially for the cure of neck pain. The same equipment can be useful for all the issues related to the back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and sciatic nerve pain. It should be durable equipment and it should not cover a large space in your home. Yes, the inversion tables equipped with the latest technology may cost more expensive price than normal inversion tables. Be a wise user, recognize your requirements and then invest your money.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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