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Top 6 Reasons Why We Should Use Massage Chairs During Pregnancy?

Every woman waits for these nine months during which she takes care of the most precious thing in her life, a baby. It is also the most joyful nine months of every woman’s life during which she doesn’t want anything bad with her. Obviously, physical issues like back pain, anxiety and depression may occur during this period. Anyone would not like to suffer a lot during this period and that’s why some health experts suggest the whole body massage. Too much traveling and walking may not be possible for the pregnant ladies. That’s why the use of massage chairs during pregnancy can be a great idea.

A massage chair is an equipment that offers whole body massage. Modern massage chairs can also offer several different massages like deep tissue massage, shiatsu, Thai massage and pregnancy massage. Pregnant ladies require massage because they experience frequent changes in their physical conditions. Many pregnant ladies experience back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain and too much fatigue during this period. The modern massage chair is capable of relieving all of these health conditions effectively.

However, we should focus on both good and bad effects of massage chairs over the pregnant woman. So, let’s reveal some necessary facts so-that you can take a better decision.

The Risks of Using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

The Risks of Using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

Massage chairs offer great benefits to a pregnant lady. It is great health-promoting equipment, but it is not completely safe. Some massage chair manufacturing companies have strictly warned against the use of massage chairs by pregnant woman. There are two main reasons for which pregnant ladies should not use the massage chairs.

Heating Pads

Heating Pads

Many famous brands’ massage chairs comprise heating pads. These heating pads can increase the body temperature of the pregnant ladies, which in turn increase the heart rate of the baby. A sudden spike in the heart rate of the baby would not be good for his health and that’s why it should be prevented.

Pressure Points

Different components of the massage chair put pressure over different pressure points in the user’s body. This action can lead premature labor and that may not be good for a pregnant lady’s health. A massage chair can easily trigger pressure points. Due to it the user may experience some serious complications during the pregnancy.

Hence, these two can be considered as the drawbacks of massage chairs, but everything is not bad about the massage chairs. If there are two risks associated with the massage chairs, then it also offers several health benefits to the pregnant woman.

Good Effects of Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

Using a massage chair during the pregnancy can be a good idea because:

1. It Soothes Back Pain

It Soothes Back Pain

Most of the pregnant women suffer with terrible back pain because the natural body posture changed during the pregnancy period. Some may say that it is a common health issue, but it is also a very painful condition for pregnant ladies. The massage chairs comprise several vibrators and motors that effectively relieve muscle strain and tension. After every massage session you will feel like the back pain has gone away. This can give you some refreshing and pain-free moment during the pregnancy period. It is why many health experts suggest use of the massage chairs during pregnancy.

2. It Doesn’t Jar The Baby

Many people think that the vibration of the massage chair may hurt the newborn baby. Well, there is nothing true about such claims. There is no chance that your baby may get hurt due to vibration of the massage chair. The massage chair vibrates and massages your body smoothly. Its effects over your baby would be same as the effects of walking. That doesn’t hurt the babies and that’s why massage chairs are safe for pregnant ladies and their babies.

The Benefits of Using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy

A massage chair comes with a complete set of instructions for the pregnant women. You should follow those instructions strictly to experience these benefits:

1. Stress-Free Pregnancy

Stress-Free Pregnancy

Some of the best massage chairs include feature of parental massage. This massage is quite beneficial for the pregnant ladies. It helps them in maintaining a good balance of hormones. Consequently, you feel happy, relaxed and you experience no stress during these precious nine months.

2. It Prevents Leg and Back Pain

Every day during the pregnancy period may end up with excessive back pain and leg pain. Exercising, sleeping on high-quality mattresses are a few great ways of preventing back pain, but most of these don’t work during the pregnancy. A soothing massage is required every day. Only a massage chair can be a great way of taking parental massage every day. It will easily ease the back pain and leg pain problems.

3. It Makes Labor Easier

Of course, every health expert doesn’t agree with this fact, but the maximum pregnant women have experienced shorter labor after using a massage chair. The massage chairs provide a wide range of massages. This can help you in preventing postnatal depression and that’s lead towards a safe and easy labor.

4. It Can Also Prevent Chances of Premature Birth

It Can Also Prevent Chances of Premature Birth

Premature birth is also a risk of using massage chairs, but only poor quality massage chairs. If you are investing your bucks in a high-quality and modern massage chair, the chances of premature birth will reduce effectively. All you need to do is follow the instructions of using the massage chair carefully and there will be no complications during the pregnancy.

The benefits of using Massage Chairs During Pregnancy are more than the risks. It offers several health benefits to the pregnant ladies, prevents body pain, maintains an ideal hormone level and that’s what you want. You should spend only a few minutes over the massage chair. That would be enough for your and baby’s good health. You should also prevent the use of the massage chair during the first trimester because it can be risky for your health. Just follow some necessary rules of using massage chairs during pregnancy. Everything will be fine and your pregnancy period will offer some of the most memorable moments of your life.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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