2 Types Of Neck Massage Techniques to Relieve Neck Pain

The proper neck massage techniques have to be applied to get rid of neck pain, and really it’s not that hard. Rather than always take painkillers it is more practical and effective to with a massage instead. Here is what you need to do to relieve pain and avoid injury.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Neck Massage.

If the person who needs a neck massage is recovering from a neck related injury, it is better if a professional massage therapist were to do the massage. But if it just your regular stiff neck caused by work, you can try the following techniques. Remember, form is very important.

2 Types Of Self Neck Massage Techniques

2 Types Of Self Neck Massage Techniques

Even if you’re not a professional massage therapist, it is possible to give a good neck massage. The following steps shows you how it is done.

Type 1: Giving a Seated Massage

As the name suggests, this technique has the person you’re going to m massage sitting down.

1. Seating Position

Place your partner in a comfortable seated position. Their back has to be straight and you have access to their upper back and shoulders. Your partner can use a chair, stool or sit cross legged, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re comfortable and you can massage their neck.

2. Massage Strokes

Use light, long strokes. Your strokes should be smooth and long. Apply a bit more pressure on the tension knots. The pressure should be firm, not hard.

3. Warm The Muscles Up

Muscles need to be loosened up before any intense massaging can be applied. Let your fingers prepare the neck by slowly loosening the neck and shoulder muscles.

  • Put your index, middle and ring fingertips along the base of your partner’s head to the point where it joins the neck. Apply firm but light pressure.
  • If your partner feels discomfort, use any other fingertips, or you can use just one or two fingertips.
  • Slide your fingertips along their neck and down to their shoulders.
  • Apply the pressure evenly.

4. Knead Your Thumbs Into The Tense Muscles

Knead Your Thumbs Into The Tense Muscles

Look for knots in the neck and shoulder area. These are indicative of pressure points and require concentrated amounts of pressure.

  • Put your thumbs on the hard knot.
  • Put your other fingers on your partner’s shoulder. This is necessary to keep your thumbs table while applying pressure.
  • Use your thumbs to apply pressure in a circular, kneading manner.
  • Keep repeating for all the hard knots and it should reduce the tension.

5. Glide Your Fingers Up And Down The Neck

The sides and back of the neck are also subject to stress, but you’ll be able to utilize your hand to relieve muscle tension.

  • Position your thumb along one side of your partner’s neck. Put your other four fingers on the other side of their neck.
  • Apply firm and gentle pressure on their neck.
  • Slide your hand along their neck up and down.
  • Glide your finger along their neck. Move your fingers on the sides of their neck’s spinal column. To loosen neck muscle tension, widen your hand a little.

6. Pinch Along The Back Of The Neck

Pinch Along the Back of the Neck

The pressure needs to be even along the neck’s sides when using your thumb. Your other fingers will be used to keep the pressure stable. To keep your partner comfortable, use just one hand and alternate with your other.

  • Stand behind your partner and a bit to your right.
  • Position your left hand’s thumb along the right side of their neck.
  • Wrap your 4 fingertips along the left side of their neck.
  • Knead your thumb along their neck. The motion needs to be circular.
  • Keep your attention on the tension knots.
  • After you’re done massaging the right side of their neck, move a little to their left.
  • Repeat the steps using your right thumb.

7. Glide Your Hands Down The Sides Of The Neck

To do this you’ll want to begin at the left side of their body.

  • Position your left hand on their left shoulder.
  • Position the fingers on your right hand so it faces down. Place your thumb along the back of their neck. Put the rest of your fingers on the side of their neck.
  • Glide your finger down, keeping the pressure on.
  • The motion ends with your thumb will be along the back of their shoulder. Your other fingers should be along the front of their shoulder.
  • Put your fingers on pressure points.

8. Use the Heel Of Your Palm Between The Shoulder Blades

Position your fingertips on their shoulder blades and put pressure on it. The pressure needs to be firm but gentle. Your hand should move in a kneading, circular motion. This is going to help release tension.

9. Massage Just Under The Collar Bone

Follow these steps:

  • Position yourself along your partner’s side. Put your hand on the back.
  • Rub firmly but gently. Apply circular motion under their collar bone.
  • Massage the muscles around the collar bone, not the bone.

10. Massage The Upper Arms

Massage The Upper Arms

This might seem unrelated to your neck, but massaging their arms will actually help relax their neck.

  • Place your hand on their shoulders. The pressure needs to be gentle and firm.
  • Glide your hands along their shoulders to their arms. Maintain the pressure and keep doing this.
  • Loosen their muscles by running your hands up and down on them.

11. Cycle Through These Motions In An Un-Patterned Manner

Go from one muscle group to another and use different patterns in your hand movement. This is necessary to keep the muscles from getting too used to the sensations. The muscles on their arms, back, neck and shoulders are closely linked. By massaging them you’ll be able to relieve a lot of muscle pain and discomfort.

12. Use All Parts Of Your Hand

You’ll be using your thumbs a lot but don’t limit yourself to that. Thumbs are great for applying concentrated pressure on muscle knots, but overusing it can cause discomfort. Your thumbs should be only for getting rid of tension knots.

  • Your palms should be used for light pressure application on skin muscles.
  • Your knuckles should be used for relieving muscle tightness.
  • Your fingertips should be used for putting firm pressure.

13. Continue For As Long As Necessary

Keep massaging as long as necessary. A five minute massage is ideal for most people but in some cases you can go for half an hour, but no more.

Type 2: Giving A Supine Neck Massage

Giving A Supine Neck Massage

Here’s how you do this:

1. Place Your Partner In A Supine Position

  • If they’ve got long hair, tie it back so it doesn’t get in the way. Another option is to just sweep back the hair and along the side.
  • Your partner should wear a top where their chest is exposed a bit.
  • Put a towel over their chest.

2. Choose A Massage Oil Or Lotion

 Just pick one that your partner likes.

  • You can use coconut oil, as it is great for massage.
  • You can also use sesame oil, almond oil, olive oil, but they’re a little thick and heavy. If you’ll use any of these, apply just a little.
  • Make sure your partner isn’t allergic to any of the oils before using it.
  • Apply the lotion or oil on your hands and rub them.

3. Warm Up Gently

Once the lotion has warmed up, stand behind your partner’s head.

  • Put your palms’ heels on the sides of their neck. Apply the Swedish strokes along the shoulders and neck.
  • Put your thumbs below their neck. Run your index finger along its length. Commence at the ear and go down to the spot where the shoulder and neck meet.
  • You can use your pinky, ring or middle finger when massaging their shoulders.
  • Put your palms’ heels on the sides of their neck. Apply the Swedish strokes 
  • Put your thumbs below their neck. Run your index finger along its length.
  • Commence at the ear and go down to the spot where the shoulder and neck meet.
  • You can use your pinky, ring or middle finger when massaging their shoulders.

4. Apply More Focused Pressure To The Neck

Put your four fingers on the sides. The pressure should be firm and move your fingers from the shoulder to the skull.

  • Pull your fingers up to loosen their muscles. Your partner’s head will raise up a bit.
  • Repeat the process with your fingers.

5. Work The Neck And Shoulders With Your Thumbs

Raise your index finger and put your thumbs on the sides of the neck just under their ears. The pressure should be gentle but firm. Let your thumbs glide down along the sides of their neck. Keep your thumbs sliding along their shoulders to where it connects with the arms.

  • Your thumbs’ length should be used and not just your fingertips. This ensures pressure is diffused rather than focused.
  • Keep your fingers off the exposed area near the throat. Massaging that will cause discomfort.

6. Massage The Chest

Massage the Chest
  • Put your thumbs against their shoulders lightly.
  • Position your other 4 fingers to the front of their shoulders.
  • Use the same kneading pressure you applied before, this time on the upper chest and the front of the shoulders.
  • Do not put pressure on the bone, only the muscles around them.

7. Apply Rolling Pressure Under The Neck

Put your ring, middle and index fingers under the sides of your partner’s neck. Again, apply pressure but don’t be rough or tough.

8. Focus On Each Side Of The Neck

Turn their head so the side of their neck is exposed to you.  Place one of our hands under their head for support. Massage that side of the neck. When you’re done, turn the head the other side and repeat the process.

  • Use your fingertip and massage from the earlobe to the chest. Your strokes have to be firm and long.
  • Knead with your thumb in a circular motion along the sides of the neck.

9. Apply Deep Tissue Pressure To The Sides Of The Neck

  • Make a loose fist with your hand. Push that fist in the neck’s side all the way to the back of the ear.
  • Apply firm pressure. Move your fist down slowly to the chest.
  • Communicate with your partner. They should tell you if there is too much pressure.
  • If your partner says there’s too much pressure, stop for a few seconds. Start again but with less pressure.

10. Work Your Fingertips In Circular Motions Behind The Ears

  • Put your fingertips behind their ear. Apply firm and gentle pressure.
  • Just like the massaging you did earlier, your fingers should move in a circular motion.

11. Massage The Muscles Just Above The Collarbone

On the collarbone is a dent. Massage that part lightly using kneading and circular motions.

Benefits Of Neck Massage

The benefits of a neck massage are numerous and include the following:

  • Neck massages are simple and easy to do. You don’t need to be a professional therapist to do it.
  • There are many ways to do a neck massage. If you or your partner is not comfortable with one, you can change the approach.
  • It only takes a few minutes before you feel the positive effects.
  • Neck therapy doesn’t just relive neck pain. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes the mind and body.
  • Neck massage doesn’t just provide relief for your neck, as it also provides relief for shoulder pain.
  • The massage reduces pain and stress on the head and back as well.
  • You can give the massage in a seated or supine position.
  • A neck massage can be one anywhere, anytime.
  • It is easy to adjust the pressure level to match your needs or those of your partner.

A neck massage may seem like a small thing, but as we have sown here, properly applied it can relieve pain and discomfort. Instead of just coping with the pain, there is a more efficient way to deal with it, and that’s a neck massage.

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