What Are Main Factors Which Causes Neck Pain After Massage?

The National Institute of Health Statistics say that 15% of Americans have some kind of neck problem, and this does not even include those regular neck pain we go through. A massage is suppose to make you feel better, but how do you deal with neck pain after massage? That is what we’re going to find out here.

 If you have been getting massages for a long time, this might come as a surprise. How is it possible to get an injury while getting a massage? Yes it is possible, and you should not dismiss the claims as they are legitimate. The good news is there are ways to deal with the discomfort caused by neck massages.

How Massage Can Help You?

How Massage Can Help You

Massages relieves the body of pain including the neck. While you may feel some discomfort at first, a gentle massage does a lot of good in the long term. If you’ve got neck pain the focus will of course be on the neck, but massaging the arms, shoulders, chest and back also help.

According to doctors at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, massage of the muscles lead to bodily restoration and easing of pain. With regular massage your body function can be restored.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is great for getting rid of neck pain, but it is also good for limbering your joints and making you stronger.  With regular massage you’ll be less vulnerable to muscle tightness. You will also gain greater flexibility and improved posture.

You’ll also notice improvements in blood pressure, better range of motion and improved heart rate. You’ll also sense that massaging your neck is a good stress reliever and helps you relax.

These are just some of the immediate benefits, and it doesn’t even take into account the fact that a neck massage just makes you feel good. Even if you don’t know all the specific details you know that there are benefits to getting a massage.

5 Reasons Behind The Neck Pain After Massage?

5 Reasons Behind The Neck Pain After Massage

When people think of massage it seems safe, and in many cases it is. But just like exercise it is possible for something to go wrong. You’re not likely to suffer serious side effects though. The most common thing you’ll feel is discomfort in the neck or whichever area has been massaged.

In many cases the discomfort is slight, but for other people it is more difficult. The following are some of the other possible effects of a poorly done massage.

1. When Massage Can Go Wrong?

Massage is mostly safe, but there are potential problems that could arise such as the following:

  • Stress the nervous system a bit: this is likely to happen especially if you’ve never tried it before. The slight feeling of discomfort is normal. However in some cases the pain is more apparent due to improper massaging. In these instances you’re going to feel discomfort as your nerves take a hit.
  • May distract some patients from using other treatments: while massaging is effective in getting rid of pain, it is not meant as a substitute for other types of treatment. If you’ve got a serious neck injury, have it treated first as a tough massage could make the injury worse.
  • May worsen injuries: this is related to the point made above. The whole point of massaging is to assist in your recovery. It is not the only means to treat injuries, though it is a better alternative than taking painkillers all the time.
  • Might lead to new injuries: this is something that most people don’t take into consideration. However it is possible especially if you’re not careful about the massage therapist you choose. You could also injure yourself if you do the massage incorrectly.

2. You Might Get Sensory Injury

This happens more often than people may realize, and it is painful. Sensory pain can be due to a mistake made by the massage therapist, or it could have been there for a while already and it just got worse. Even those with psychological and emotional pain can make you vulnerable to massage pressure and pain.

Those who are most likely to suffer from this are people with neurological problems that makes them more sensitive to massage pressure. This is the reason why some people are more vulnerable to feeling pain after a massage.

This problem can be avoided by talking with your massage therapist and letting them know of the condition you have. Doing so allows your therapist to make the proper adjustment so you don’t have to put up with more discomfort.

Sensory injury is a delicate matter and needs urgent attention. If you’re exhibiting the symptoms then it’s important that you take the steps to get healed as soon as possible. While the odds of getting this condition alone from a neck massage isn’t that high, it’s still best not to take that risk.

3. Massage Poisoning

Massage Poisoning

This one is rare and usually doesn’t affect those who get a neck massage. But it is possible to suffer from massage poisoning if the therapist isn’t any good. Direct poisoning from deep tissue massage is not likely, but it could happen if you have problems with your blood and the heavy massage worsens your condition.

Being poisoned by massage seems counter intuitive since the whole point is to detoxify your body. That is true, but detox only works if the massage is done correctly. That is the reason why it is imperative you avail of the services of a licensed massage therapist to ensure you don’t suffer from poisoning.

You’re not going to find a lot of cases like this, and many will say that it is something you don’t have to worry about. Well if you pick a qualified therapist you’re probably safe, but it is a different matter if the person is not qualified. You also need to make sure you’re healthy enough for the type of massage you want to get.

4. Effecting Your Nerves

Your nerves aren’t likely to suffer from pressure as easily as some may assume. In fact your nerve can handle a lot of heavy massaging before it is damaged. For that to occur it’ll take a lot of heavy, improper massaging. While it is not a common occurrence, it can happen and you need to be careful.

When people get a massage and they get pinched a bit here and there, they usually assume it’s nothing serious. While that may be the case it is also possible that you’ve gotten a case of real nerve damage. If you notice changes in how you’re able to interact and function, see a doctor immediately.

5. Your Neck Is A Sophisticated Spot

And as you may know your neck is a vulnerable spot, and a single wrong pinch could cause all kinds of health problems. Some of the more extreme cases are the following.

  • Careless deep tissue massage can lead to injuries to the brain stem and cause a stroke.
  • Too much pressure – and careless application – can lead to rupturing of one of the arteries leading to the brain.
  • Too much massaging pressure on the neck may cause dizziness and vomiting especially if you’re not used to this.

Another thing you have to be careful of is massaging your neck without knowing what you’re doing. If you’re going to do a self massage or use a massage tool, be certain you know how it’s done to avoid injuries and complications.

Most of the time we just focus on the results, and we also take massages for granted. But ignoring signs and symptoms of pain is the reason why they get worse. By taking preemptive action you’ll be able to avoid the worst of it.

Multiple Case Studies & Factors Of Massage Distress

There are a lot of other possible complications that can arise if neck massages aren’t done properly. Aside from those mentioned above you may also suffer from any of the following conditions.

Multiple Case Studies & Factors Of Massage Distress

Headaches From Neck massage

Is it possible to get headaches from a neck massage? Yes it can happen especially if the therapist isn’t careful and you’re already stressed to begin with. Since headaches can occur for any number of reasons, make sure that it did come from the massage therapy session and has not been bothering you for a while now.

Injuries From Stretching

Some massage therapists like to do a bit of stretching on the neck muscles, and this isn’t bad in itself if done right. But if it isn’t correctly applied the stretching could cause some injury or at the very least make the massage very uncomfortable. Fortunately this can be avoided as you’ll feel it early on and can tell the massage therapist to lighten up a bit.

Fractures Due to Massaging

If you’re getting a Swedish massage the chances of getting a fracture are almost nil. The chances go up if it is a hard type like deep tissue massage. Again this is not likely to happen if your therapist actually knows what they’re doing. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen because it can, but if you take precautions it can be avoided.

Blood Clotting

This is another potential risk that a lot of people are not aware of. But this can happen if the neck massage is too vigorous. Needless to say this can be a risky situation and could lead to all kinds of serious situations.

Professionals and Patients Lessons

The potential risks listed above above should not discourage you from getting a massage. The number of benefits far outweigh the risks, and the health complications that may arise can be easily avoided if you’re being massaged by a professional. That is the reason why it is so important that you have the right therapist to help you.

Massage Therapists Should Know

Massage Therapists Should Know

Professional massage therapists need to know that the health of their patients / clients are literally in their hands. That’s the reason they have to undergo training, licensing and be updated on the latest techniques.

This means as a massage therapist you need to be careful and apply only the amount of pressure that your client can handle. You also have to be on your toes and make sure that your hands and fingers are where they should be.

You Should Also Know

If you have never experienced a massage before, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The first is there are different types of massage. Some are mild and soothing like the Swedish massage, and it is ideal if you’re looking to wind down and relax after working the whole day.

Other massages are more intense and apply more pressure like deep tissue massage. The harder massages are more suitable if you’ve got a stiff neck or other neck related problems. The extra pressure is going to do a lot of good when it comes to removing neck pain.

As for the pain after your neck massage, it can be avoided if the therapist is skilled or the pressure is lightened a bit.

Once you’ve decided what type of massage to go with, do your homework and find a qualified massage therapist, someone who actually knows and specializes in the type of massage your body needs.

Self-Massage Types For Your Neck Pain

Self-Massage Types For Your Neck Pain

There are a lot of licensed massage therapists that can soothe your neck, but it is possible to do the massage yourself. Here are some of the most common and proven techniques that you can try.

Method One

Put your left hand’s palm along the back of your neck. Position your thumb so it is parallel to the rest of your fingers. Squeeze your neck gently and turn your head to the right slowly.  Hold the position for a single breath.

Move your head to the original position to the center and turn to the left slowly. Repeat the process 5 times for each direction. Done properly you should feel some relief on your neck. Just apply some pressure on your neck, but not too hard as it might cause injury or hurt.

Method Two

Position the knuckles of your right middle finger and index finger under your right ear. If you like, make a fist with this hand. Breathe deeply and rotate your head to the left as you’re exhaling. Hold the position for a single breath and return you had back to the center.

Repeat the steps above 5 to 7 times for each side, changing to your left hand as you turn your head to the right. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure as your muscles will do the massage as you turn your head left and right.

Method Three

This method is aimed at the trapezius muscle, which spans down your back and across the shoulders. To perform this method, put a tennis ball inside a sock. Set the sock diagonally along your upper back. One end should loop below your left arm and the sock’s toe end over your shoulder.

You have three options when it comes to applying pressure. The first is to pull tightly at the sock so the tennis ball moves. The other two is to lie on the floor or lean back and move on them. To massage the other side you just change the diagonal cross up.

Method Four

This method can be used to release both neck and shoulder tension. The first thing you have to do is grab a belt or a scarf. Raise your arms slowly above your head. Move your arms back until they’re behind your head.

As you do this, your elbows should be kept straight as possible. Your hands can be widened if you’re having a hard time keeping your elbows straight. Keep moving your arms back until you feel your shoulders catch.

Maintain this position for a moment. Take deep breaths and widen your arms a bit if it hurts. Repeat the process several times going from front to back and back to front.

What you’re doing here is massaging your shoulders and removing the tension there. As the tension in your shoulders decrease, so does the pressure on your neck. The end result is you feel better.

A lot of the problems and issues that arise from massaging comes from improper application, either by yourself or the massage therapist. Fortunately as we have shown here, these can be overcome quickly.

If you’re going to do neck massage yourself, make sure you understand the steps. Don’t apply too much pressure and make certain you assume the right posture.  It may also take several steps before you experience relief.

If you’re looking for the services of a professional massage therapist, make certain that they’re qualified. By taking these steps you’ll be eliminating a lot of the possible health complications and injuries your neck could sustain from a massage.

The bottom line is you must not be afraid to get a neck massage, but it never hurts to be careful. With the right techniques you can say goodbye to those neck pains.

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