7 Major Causes of Neck Pain and Common Neck Injuries

People do not consider neck pain as a serious health issue, until they don’t experience it. Just imagine that how would you complete all necessary tasks of daily life or your job by keeping your neck stable? This will not be possible for any person, who is a businessman, employee or a housewife. Your first priority should be preventing neck pain as long as possible. It can be mild or severe and you must have knowledge on how a person develops neck pain issue. You can prevent it for a long time, if you know the causes of neck pain. So, we are listing major causes of neck pain to help you in preventing this troubling health condition and living a healthy life.

7 Major Causes of Neck Pain and Common Neck Injuries

1. Sleeping on a Wrong Pillow

Most of the individuals suffer with neck pain because they sleep on a wrong pillow. Yes, a pillow can cause regular neck pain and it will remain as it is until you don’t change your pillow. People usually wake up with a stiff neck due to using a wrong pillow. Your pillow can either be so high or too low because it is not situating your head on an ideal height. You need a pillow that can take proper shape according to the requirement of your body. It doesn’t matter that you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, choose a pillow that can take shape according to your body’s requirement. Latex pillows, memory foam pillows and buckwheat pillows are some examples of top-class pillows that people use to prevent neck pain problem and sleep comfortably. You can check the reviews of these pillows to buy a perfect one.

2. Whiplash

Sometimes people experience severe neck pain due to sudden movement of the head. It is called whiplash that can occur due to a car accident and other causes. If your neck is injured due to whiplash, the neck pain may last for several months. Your neck will take time to completely recover from the shock. You can apply some home remedies like a hot compress to cure neck pain. However, you will have to avoid sudden movement of the neck to speed up the curing process otherwise the neck pain problem will become more troubling for you. Always drive safely and prevent shock to your head, if you don’t want to face a neck injury.

3. Using the Computer for a Long Time

Using the Computer for a Long Time

As an employee in a private or government office you may need to sit longer and complete all the pending tasks over your computer. There are some people, who spend at least 10 hours on their desk by completing their work over the computer. They may be precious employees of their firm, but their 8-10 hours job put their health in danger. Many people face health issues like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and waist pain. These health issues occur due to wrong sitting posture of employees. You should try to replace the old office chair with an ergonomic chair to prevent lower back pain and neck pain. Thus, you will be able to use the computer for a long time without experiencing neck pain or back pain.

4. Sports Injuries

There is a wide range of sports in which people injure their neck. Wrestling, skiing, gymnastics and soccer are some example of those sports in which people continually put pressure over their body and get injured. Well, a player can be agreed to face any trouble for the win and that’s why mostly players face injuries. Professional athletes and players get constant support of physiotherapists and they exercise daily to prevent neck and other injuries. You can play the game safely without putting your life in the risk, if you are not a professional sportsperson. In case, you suffer with an injury, immediately meet the doctor to cure the issue quickly.

5. Texting


Many youngsters and adults are facing neck pain so early because of the gadgets they have today. Devices like tabs and smartphones have made our lives quite simple and enjoyable. These devices have offered the most cost-effective ways of communication and entertainment, but at the same time these devices have also created several health issues. The neck pain is one of those health issues. People keep their head inclined for a long time, while texting or watching videos. It develops pain in the neck and troubles the user. You should try to avoid excessive use of the Smartphone to prevent neck pain.

6. Hauling Heavy Stuff Daily

We are not only talking about the labors or workers that work on construction sites and warehouses, common people also haul lots of heavy things in their daily life. In several countries the schools ask students to carry whole study material in the bags. Similarly, many shopaholic people haul lots of shopping bags. You put lots of pressure over shoulders, when you haul heavy things daily. It increases pressure over your neck and causes issues like neck pain and shoulder pain. Take some rest and try to avoid hauling weighted things regularly.

7. Frequent Traveling

You may need to travel to different locations frequently, if you are a businessman, travel guide or a travel nurse. Frequent traveling results in sore neck because you frequently sit on different types’ chairs. Some airlines offer high-class seats and some do not. Consequently, many people experience sore neck and suffer with unbearable neck pain. Of course, you can leave your job but you can carry a neck massager with you to avoid neck pain. You should also do daily neck exercises to improve the health of your neck and back.

Most of the people across the world suffer with neck pain only due to above explained causes. People, who know the reasons of developing neck pain and other pain related health issues, they try to prevent these health issues as much as possible. It is not quite tough to prevent neck from the injuries. All you need to do is avoiding unnecessary and sudden movement of your neck, keep exercising your neck and live a healthy life.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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Luke Smith - August 22, 2022

I like that you pointed out how a lot of people suffer from neck pain due to sleeping on a wrong pillow. I’ve been having some chronic neck pains lately and I think it is because of how I sleep. I don’t think I could focus on work with a neck pain so I should probably consult with a chiropractor.

    Harris - September 22, 2022

    Thanks. 🙂


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