8 Best Pillows for Neck Pain to Have an Uninterrupted Sleep

A proper bed rest is important for a healthy physique. We spend a large time of our life on the bed, so it should be perfect. Of course, selection of high-quality mattresses and pillows is very important.

It depends on your pillow that how you wake up in the next morning. If your pillow is so thick, it can cause troubling issues like neck pain, back pain and some other spinal problems. Too thin pillow can also cause terrible back pain issues.



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You need a pillow, which is built specially to provide better comfort and support to your neck. We are listing some of the best pillows for neck pain.

Check the Reviews and Choose the Best Pillow to Take Proper Rest:

1. Core Products Tri-Core Standard Support

All the physicians from different fields agree that good pillows are important for healthy sleep. Selecting any poor quality pillow can affect your sleep and the result will come out as the neck pain and back pain.

The Tri-Core is a pillow, built specially for the people recovering from wounds and physical damages. This pillow can also be the best support to yourneck, if you are constantly facing the neck ache since last few months.

This pillow is also a great choice for the people, whosuffer with troubling issues like joint pain, musclepain and sciatic nerve pain. It holds your head at perfect heights and provides a cozy feel below your head.

The designers have applied trapezoid design to improve the head support. In fact, you can buy the Tri-core, which can turn its shape and size according to the user’s needs.

The Tri-Core turns its shape and thickness with every move of your head during the sleep. You get 2 firmnessoptions, when you are buying this pillow.

It is available online with free cotton covers. Mostly, doctors suggest using this pillow, if they want quality results in terms of reduced backache and neck ache.

2. Z by Malouf

When it comes to choosing the best material for pillows and mattresses, experts suggest only latex. The Z Talalay Latex pillow has natural latex, obtained from the rubber tree through an eco-friend process.

Maouf has built this pillow for bothside-sleepers and back sleepers. It will take necessary shape to keep your neck and head at the right height during your sleep.

The manufacturers extract the milky sap from the tropical trees and pour it into a mold. It is later chilled and then heated to improve the coziness of the pillow.

This pillow has been prepared by applying zoned technique to ensure better comfort and support to cradle the user’s head and reduce issues likebackache and neck pain. Z by Malouf turns its shape right according to the movement of the user. 

It consistently improves your comfort and prevents chances of pain. Do not get worried about the shape of the pillow, if you are thinking that Z will reduce its shape. 

This pillow maintains its original shape for a long time and offers an incredible support to improve your health. Z Talalay Latex Pillow is one of the best pillows for reducing neck pain, but it is not the only property that makes it better for you. 

This pillow is antimicrobial, dustproof, mildew proof and provides improved air circulation to maintain a good temperature below your head. So, you can invest in it for long-term relief from neck pain and back pain.

3. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

It is a pillow for neck pain with different material. It comprises hypoallergenic polyester fiber cushion that snuggles over a water layer. It brings lots of therapeutic benefits to theuser, when used daily.

This pillow effectively prevents heat loss because a thermal insulator covers the pillow to improve its advantages. The manufacturers have proven the benefits of this pillow for neck pain relief.

They have assured users about its quality and performance. The 20" x 28" size is perfect for the maximum individuals. The Waterbase is used for a purpose. It turns the shape of the pillow according to the requirements of the user.

Therefore,Chirflow Premium Water Pillow becomes a great alternative to latex andmemory-foam pillows. The innovative design of this pillow helps it in gaining firm, soft and medium texture according to user’s needs. The newChirflow pillows are also available with Dacron StaLoft Hollfil Fiber.

This material can take your comfort to the highest level. There will be no disturbance whole night, whether you sleep on your back or sides.

The next morning will be pleasing and refreshing for you because there will be no neck pain or back pain. Chirflow has proven its therapeutic benefits to the world and now you have a chance of using it.

4. Buckwheat Pillow

This Buckwheat Pillow is a ComfySleep product. Launched especially for side sleepers, Buckwheat Pillow is the best for adults and people with broader shoulders.

It sizes 20” x 26” and weighs only 2 lbs. You can get extra buckwheat with the pillow to alter its size and fluffiness. The manufacturers have used USA-grown buckwheat as the main material to improve coziness of this pillow.

No harmful chemicals are used for cleaning the buckwheat, so there are no health threats caused by this pillow. The organic cotton cover offers a smooth and durable casing to this pillow.

It comprises invisible zipper through which you can fill and remove buckwheat to adjust the size of the pillow. It is a hand-made pillow, sold all over the USA with a guarantee of relaxing and uninterrupted sleep.

You cannot shape the memory foam or latex pillow according to your requirements. Yes, those pillows adopt the necessary shape according to your requirements, but not as effectively as a buckwheat pillow adopts.

You can remove the buckwheat and adjust its size right according to your requirements. It is a large pillow and it is perfect for every adult person. You can placeorder for this made-in-USA pillow online and get it now.

5. CozyCloud Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Queen

CozyCloud is a made-in-USA pillow that offers air-vent heat reducing cover fabric, which comprises 60% polyester and 40% viscose of bamboo to maintain better airflow and comfort.

It is recommended by the leading health experts in the USA to reduce neck pain and improve the spinal alignment quickly. This pillow recognizes the perfect size for your rest and adapts itselfinto that size.

CozyCloud is a perfect pillow for you, whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or a stomach sleeper. It is filled with high-density memory foam that enhances comfort and reduces irritation.

Certified by many agencies, CozyCloud is chosen by the maximum US citizens and now available online for purchase.

The manufacturers have usedeco-friendly material to prepare this pillow. It is hypoallergenic and machine washable. You can clean it time-by-time to maintain its cleanliness.

The washing process would not affect the quality of this pillow because it is more durable than other memory foam pillows.

The manufacturer is so assured about the quality and performance of the pillow that he is providing10-year warranty with the product.

The memory foam and bamboo coveringturns it into a reliable product, which can reduce all the physical discomforts of your life.

6. Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow Petite

The shape may appear weird, but don’t judge this pillow by its shape. A well-qualified ergonomic designer has prepared this pillow in association with the doctor of chiropractic.

Now you can understand that why the shape is quite weird and why this pillow should be your first choice. It is a Made-in-Canada pillow that turns troubling nights into relaxing nights.

Unlike, many other pillows, Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow provide incredible comfort in all the sleeping positions.

The designer has created it in a way that both side sleepers and back sleepers can reduce their back pain and neck pain problems by using it.

Just like the sleeping positions, people’s sleeping postures also vary. It can be quite difficult to find a pillow that prevents neck pain issue in all the sleeping postures, but it is not impossible.

Theraputica Sleeping Pillow Petite is the best for all the sleeping postures. There is no chance of waking up withpain, when you use this pillow. Its ergonomic design improves support during your sleep.

Itadapts a shape that is perfect for the demands of your neck. Therefore the chances of discomfort and pain get reduced effectively by this amazing pillow.

7. Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers with Cotton Casing

Is there any pillow designed especially for face or stomach sleepers? The answer is yes, Extra Soft Down pillow has been built especially for the face sleepers.

100% cotton provides super soft to the pillow and 20% blend of feathers improves its coziness. No, do not worry if you are allergic to feathers.

It is a hypoallergenic pillow that offers uninterrupted sleepwhole night. It weighs only 12 oz. and sizes 20 x 26 on the bed.

It is a cambric woven pillow with 100% cotton casing, which turns it into a durable and extra-soft pillow. This Made-in-USA pillow is machine washable and it is a perfect choice foryou, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars in buying a pillow.

You might be thinking that how a down pillow can prevent neck pain and back pain because its shape gets reduced with time.

Well, Extra Soft Down Filled pillow doesn’t change its shape for a very long time. It identifies your sleeping habits and then adopts a perfect shape to support your neck.

You enjoy an uninterrupted sleepwhole night and wake without neck and back pain problems.

8. The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow By Coop Home Goods

Memory foam is recognized as the best material for comfort and better sleep The problem with down pillow is their sturdy shape and irritating thickness. The maximum down pillow userssuffer with neck and back pain in the next morning.

It happens because down pillows don’t turn their shape to provide better support to your head and neck. Even, normal memory foam pillows produce heat and reduces airflow below your head.

Consequently, your head starts sweating and thus you face too much discomfort during your sleep. You cannot adjust the pillow effectively to feel better comfort.

The shredded memory foam pillow of Coop Home Goods is a lot better than both down pillows and normal memory foam pillows. The shredded memory foam pillows offer plushness, improves air circulation and takes shape according to user’s requirements.

The feel of discomfort moves out of your bed because memory foam turns your nights into pleasing nights. The Coop Home Goods have been producing top quality shredded memory foam pillows for a long time.

It has sold many pillows and got a huge response from the buyers. You can replace thepillow, if you face any trouble in using it because Coop Home Goods also offers5-year warranty with its high-quality pillows.

How do the Best Billows Prevent Neck Pain Problem?

Practically, every individual suffers with neck pain problem. It occurs when you spend hours on the computer, travel a lot and mainly when you use a wrong pillow.

Considering neck pain as a common problem can be a big mistake. It should be considered as a serious health issue like you consider to a serious injury. How your next day will pass depends completely on how uninterrupted sleep you take.

If your pillow is firm and larger than your body’s requirement, it will certainly cause neck pain and back pain. There are some therapeutic benefits you experience, when you use one of the suggested pillows.

Those benefits are listed below:

Protects Cervical Spine:

The seven bones together form the cervical spine in your neck, which are cushioned by soft cervical disks. The standard texture of the cervical spine is lordiotic cervical curve, which may get affected if you use a wrong pillow.

It can also cause serious damage to the cervical spine and therefore you won’t be able to turn your neck properly. There will be a huge pain and other health issues. You can prevent this problem easily by using the best pillow for neck.

Some experts have researched and found that high-quality pillows can improve the texture of the cervical spine and prevent the neck pain problem for a long time. The only thing it requires is a pillow of proper shape and material.

No Tension or Irritation to Nerve Root:

The best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is designed to ease the irritation and tension of the nerve root. The alignment of head and neck remains in ideal position and thus the chances of increment in irritation get reduced to a very low level.

Normal down pillows enhance pressure around the neck and causes huge trouble to the sleepers. To enjoy a relaxing sleep it is important that you use pillows that offer overall comfort. Sometimes, individuals invest their money on pillows that seem cozy and fluffy.

Only the coziness is not something that can improve your comfort. The air circulation, ability of turning shape according to the user’s requirements and durability of the pillow is also important.

All the top rated pillows, we have listed above, comprise quality features to protect you from neck pain problem.

Uninterrupted Sleep Whole Night:

You can give your best in your work, if you have taken a relaxing sleep last night. Poor quality pillows are the biggest enemy of healthy sleep. Normal down pillows improve pressure around your neck as you change the posture and sleeping position. 

An uninterrupted and healthy sleep is possible only if you use a pillow that turns its shape according to your neck’s requirements. The memory foam pillows, latex pillows and buckwheat pillows comprise this property.

So, you should choose these pillows rather than buying feather or down pillows.

Buying Guide:

There are various different types of pillows. Each pillow supports a particular sleeping habit of the user, so all types’ pillows cannot be perfect for you.

Maybe, a pillow that offers health benefits to your partner may not prevent your neck pain issue.

So, consider some important points before purchasing a pillow.

Buy a Pillow According to Your Sleeping Habit:

How do you sleep? Recognize that you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper. Companies build different pillows for different sleepers.

You should a pillow that is built to support your neck, according to your sleeping habit. We have listed the best pillow for neck pain and headaches by considering sleeping habits of different individuals.

You can check all the reviews of the previously endorsed pillows and then pick a right one. We have made the selection easier for you by explaining all the features of top rated pillows.

So, check everything carefully before buying a pillow.

Are You Allergic to Feathers?

People develop allergies to several things like dust, brightness and also to materials used for filling the pillows. Are you allergic to feathers? You should not buy feather filled pillows, if it causes allergy.

We have reviewed eight best pillows for neck pain. Seven out of eight do not use feathers as the filling material.

Only Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow use feathers to improve coziness, but it is also hypoallergenic. So, there is no need to be worried about your allergies to feathers.

Choose any pillow we have mentioned above and you won’t face any trouble in sleeping.


Are you in the mood of buying the pillow after two or three months? Probably not and it takes several minutes in checking the neck support pillow reviews and choosing a right one.

In addition, you may also not feel better comfort if you frequently change the pillow.

So, why don’t you search for a durable pillow with a durable cover and material? Pillows like buckwheat pillow, latex pillow and memory-foam pillow can offer long-term service.

These are machine-washable pillows, so you can maintain their cleanliness and use them for a long time.

Don’t Make Price the Main Criterion of Buying a Pillow:

Of course, all of us want to save money. At the same time, we also need a high-quality pillow to reduce neck pain and back pain problems.

You may need to slightly increase your budget for buying durable and reliable pillows for neck pain. Do not consider the price as the main criterion because thus you will shortlist only poor quality down pillows.

Purchase a pillow that can prevent all your issues related to neck and back. You will be able to work better, if there will no pain and thus the pillow will improve your performance and lifestyle.

You Won’t Use the Same Type’s Pillow Forever:

A pillow, which provides health benefits to you now, will not be the best for you forever. The shape and size of your body may increase or decrease in upcoming years.

You should recognize the changes in your physique and then replace the old pillow with a new and perfect one. You can follow the same guide again to choose a new pillow.

We are sure that our suggestions will help you in finding a perfect pillow for uninterrupted and relaxing sleep.

Final Verdict:

Doesn’t it seem quite amazing that a pillow can bring a pleasant change in your life? Of course, yes and that’s why people have become more careful about what they should buy and what they should not.

People have used cotton filled and feather filled pillows for many decades. There were not many options during the old age, but now we have options.

Pillows like Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Tri-Core, Z, Chiroflow and ComfySleep’s Buckwheat Pillow have made it possible to take uninterrupted and healthy sleep for a long time.

People, who have recognized the benefits of these pillows, are buying them and using them. You should also choose such high-quality pillows for better health of your family.

Every family member from a teenager to an adult should protect his neck and back from possible troubles. It can be possible, when you use the best pillows for neck pain.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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