10 Simple Steps – How to Reduce Back Pain with Yoga?

Yoga is a proven way of living a healthy life. It is an ancient exercising technique, originated in India and practiced by millions of people since its introduction to the world. Today, Yoga is not only practiced by Indians, but it is also popular in many western countries. Over the time, it has been proven that Yoga is capable of dealing with all sorts of health issues.

10 Simple Steps – How to Reduce Back Pain with Yoga

There are a number of breathing exercises in Yoga that helps you in curing dangerous health issues like cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity and other diseases. In addition to these exercises, Yoga also offers some great poses that you can perform to cure back pain problem. People, who ask how to reduce back pain with Yoga, they should check the Yoga poses explained below.

1. Sukhasan Pose

Sukhasan Pose is probably the easiest Yoga pose that a person can try at home. Take a mat and sit on it by folding your legs. Keep your back straight and place both of your palms on the knee. Both hand’s thumb should be touching the index finger, and your head should be straight. Now close your eyes and start breathing deeply. Practice this yoga pose at least for five minutes. It helps you in relaxing your mind and strengthening your backbone.

2. Vakrasana Pose

Vakrasana Pose

Sit straight and spread your legs towards the front side. Now place your right feet near the left knee and twist the waist towards the right side. Your upper body should be moving towards the right side with the twist of your waist and touch the floor with the right hand. Now get back to the initial position and repeat the same pose towards the left side. Vakrasana provides a gentle massage your backbone; neck, waist, and shoulders are exercised precisely.

3. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is an efficient way of reducing back pain and improve body alignment. Sit in Sukhasana pose to practice this yoga pose. Now take both of your arms upsides and touch both palms like Indians do in Namaste position. Keep the elbows straight while your palms are joined and breathe deeply. Keep your hands in Namaste position for at least 5 seconds and get back in the sukhasan pose. Practice this yoga pose for 5 minutes in a day and experience reduced back pain.

4. Utkatasana Pose

Utkatasana Pose

Utkatasana pose is another name of chair pose, which is practiced by many individuals daily. This Yoga pose is beneficial for people with back pain because the lower back portion of your body stretched precisely when you practice this pose. Stand straight and keep your feet 12” apart. Now level your hands to the shoulders and palms facing downwards. Now bend your knees slowly and get your body in chair pose. Keep breathing deeply and exhale while getting back in normal standing position.

5. Vrikshasana Pose

People call it tree pose because we take our body in tree pose when practicing Vrikshasana. Often it has seen that pregnant ladies lose their balance and suffer from spine pain. Vrikshasana is the best treatment of such health problems. Stand erect in Namaste position and slowly take both of your palms upsides. Now place your left feet on right thigh. Try to balance your body for at least 10 seconds and inhale. Repeat the same pose with the left leg and you have done. You should practice this Yogasana at least ten times with both legs to get maximum benefits.

6. Konasana Pose

Konasana Pose

This Yoga pose is beneficial for people because you stretch your body for flexible muscles and get better flexibility. Stand straight by spreading your feet 24 inch apart from each other. Now take right-hand upside and inhale. Bend your body towards the left side and keep the right hand’s elbow straight. Exhale and come back in initial position and then practice the same pose towards the left side.

7. Butterfly Pose

People with back pain should try this easy yoga stretch because it efficiently reduces back pain and promotes better blood circulation in the body. Sit down on a mat and fold your legs in a way that both feet can touch each other. Now catch the feet with your hands and move both knees together upside and downside. It is an easy Yogasan that also support pelvic muscles.

8. Paryankasana Pose

This pose should be practiced for strengthening the spine, thigh and pelvic muscles. Lie down and keep your legs straight. Now fold both your legs to place the feet at the side of the posterior. Inhale normally and be in this position as long as you can.

9. Trikonasana Pose

The Trikonasana pose is an effective yoga posture to maintain good flexibility and improve the blood circulation. Stand straight and level your hands towards front side in which palms should be facing downside. Now bend touch the right knee with the right hand and your left hand should be pointing towards the sky. Be in this pose for a few seconds and then repeat the same pose with another side.

10.  Cow pose

The Cow pose or Cat pose is very beneficial during back pain because it strengthens your lower back. Get your body in table pose; keep wrists below the shoulders and knees under your hips. Now try to create an arch by your spine and inhale. Many doctors suggest pregnant ladies practice this pose to reduce the back pain problem.

These are the best yoga poses for back pain relief. There is no need to say that you should also perform the Pranayam or the breathing exercises to speed up the curing process. Most of the above explained Yoga poses help you in stretching your back muscles. You can easily release the pressure of the spinal cord by performing Yoga stretches daily. You don’t need any special equipment. Just buy a Yoga mat and perform all the Yoga poses over that mat. You won’t slip and perform all the poses effectively. Now you know how to reduce back pain with Yoga, so try suggested poses to live a back pain free life.


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