How to Relieve Back Pain without Drugs in 6 Ways?

Many people experience mild or severe back pain. In the starting, back pain seems like common health issues. Many of us think that it will go away after some time. Often, that doesn’t happen because back pain occurs due to poor sitting posture, poor sleeping posture and also due to some physical activities. People take the painkillers to relieve pain and painkillers work for a few hours. Soon, people get addicted to painkillers because of back pain and then they think “How to Relieve Back Pain without Drugs”? Is this possible to do? Yes, it is possible to relieve back pain without drugs. You should follow some tips to do that.

How to Relieve Back Pain without Drugs


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By an inversion table to perform spinal decompression therapy:

The spinal decompression therapy is a proven non-surgical treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and joint pain. You need an inversion table to perform this therapy effectively. Buy a high-quality inversion table and use it to hang your body in upside-down position. Stay in that position for at-least 2-3 minutes. This therapy will help you in releasing the pressure caused by gravity over the spinal disks and vertebrae cervical. As a result, the back pain and neck pain problem will get cured quickly.

Change your mattresses and pillows:

The back pain and neck pain also occurs due to poor sleeping posture. You should search for high-quality mattresses and pillows, which can help you in maintaining ideal sleeping posture whole night.

Use the ergonomic chair in the office:

If you are sitting on a normal chair whole day, you are taking a big risk with your spine. Poor sitting posture also causes back pain and neck pain issues. An ergonomic chair can offer the best support for your back and prevent health issues effectively.
The drugs work quickly, but drugs do not offer long term relief from back pain. Try above given methods and you will cure the back pain issue without using drugs.


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