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Spinal Decompression Therapy, 3 Effective Ways of Curing Back Pain

Back pain and neck pain, both have become very common health issues for the common people. Individuals across the world are suffering with these issues and they need quick and effective cure to treat the issues. The health experts provide some cures to treat the problems, but not all the ways work quite effectively. Sometimes, you need to go for surgical treatments, if you want quick treatment. The surgical treatment may put you on the bed for one or two months and that’s why many people do not prefer it. Well, there is also a non-surgical treatment, which you can take to cure this problem. It is called Spinal Decompression Therapy. Here we are going to reveal all the necessary details regarding this therapy and its ability of curing the back pain problem.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

It requires a special kind of table to improve spinal traction and stretch the spine. It is a non-surgical way, so there is no need to worry about the long-term curing procedure. The healthcare professionals like chiropractors help patients in improving the spinal traction to prevent back pain. The same principal is applied to cure back pain and neck pain issues during the decompression therapy. The ultimate goal of this therapy is relieving the pain and improving the health of the patients. It requires a motorized table or an inversion chair to help patients in relieving their pain.

Is There Any Clinical Evidence?

Just like any other new cure, people would like to see the evidence of spinal decompression therapy. We understand that no-one wants to put his life and health in danger due to some unproven cures. However, the spinal decompression treatment is a clinically proven treatment and many fitness experts believe that it works.

The fitness experts have researched many times and they have concluded that the decompression therapy works quite better than the surgical treatment. Though, there is confusion among the experts that spinal decompression may not provide as effective cure as sham compression. However, still many fitness experts, therapists and doctors believe that decompression therapy can provide much faster and better cure for back pain than other therapies. The evidence of decompression therapy’s effectiveness may not have pleased some fitness experts, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. People are taking this therapy and they are experiencing rapid boost in their spinal health.

clinical evidence for back pain

Some Useful Spinal Decompression Exercises

Yes, you can practice some exercises for spinal decompression at home. Thinking like spinal decompression cannot be achieved without the equipment is not fine. We are listing some useful exercises, which you should perform daily at home to relieve back pain.

The Cat Stretches

The Cat Stretches

It is one of the easiest exercises you can practice at home. You extend pressure around the lumbar region of the spine to gain the maximum benefits. Place both of your hands under your shoulders and knees below your hips and position your head straight. Now inhale and push the back towards downside without bending your hands. Exhale and stretch your back towards the upside. Keep yourself in the same pose and practice it for at least 15 minutes.

The Child Pose

The Child Pose

It is another great exercise for spinal decompression. Get a yoga mat, stand on your knees and then slowly sit on the knees. Now lower your head and tuck the arms behind your hips. Now use your hands and head to pull the spine. Do no move the hips forward to stretch the spine. Practice this pose for 10-15 minutes and you will feel quite better.

Back Arch

Back Arch

This is one of the easiest exercises one can do at home. Simply lie down on the yoga mat, bend your knees and clasp hands around the knees. Now pull both of your knees towards your chest and then release the knees. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times to stretch your spine effectively.

Partial Sit-Ups

It may not be quite easy for many people, but it is effective. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, clash your hands behind head and now pull your head towards the knees. Try this exercise at least 15 times in a round to experience quick benefits.

The Best Equipment For Spinal Decompression

Have you ever thought to buy an inversion table? Never, then it is the time for you to review it. An inversion table is a device, which is used for Spinal decompression therapy and inversion therapy. This device offers the safest and healthiest way of relieving back pain. You should buy it, if you are suffering from severe back pain.

Consider Surgery As the Last Option

Please do not seek surgeons support in the starting. You can try above mentioned exercises or buy an inversion table to relieve the back pain. If still you suffer with severe back pain and neck pain, then meet a surgeon. Though, most of the people, who have tried above explained ways of relieving back pain, they have cured this terrible health issue without doctor’s support.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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