Top 3 Teeter Hang Up Reviews for A Faster Back Pain Solution

People consider back pain as a common issue. All the adults, who work hard, sit on the chair for a long time or spend the whole day in the kitchen, suffer with back pain.

Sometimes it seems like a normal problem and sometimes it interrupts your work and affects your performance. Many people take doctors’ support to treat the issue, but they don’t get a permanent cure.

They start pretending like it is impossible to cure back pain issue, but the Teeter inversion tables have proven them wrong.

The user hangs upside down on the table to take inversion therapy. Yes, inversion therapy can reduce your back pain and provide long-term relief from the problem. Check Teeter hang up reviews to reveal more information on Teeter’s best inversion tables.

Best 3 Teeter Hang Up Reviews:

Teeter has got succeeded in attracting users towards its top selling inversion tables. It has produced equipment, which have helped people in reducing back pain quite easily. People have tried these machines and shared good reviews about these machines. We have checked the reviews and then listed top three Teeter hang ups inversion tables, which are:

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

2. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table With Back Pain Relief Kit.

3. Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table.

Whom is Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Designed For?

Teeter’s hang ups inversion tables are the best to relieve back pain. Anyone, who is suffering with backache problems, can use these tables. However, Teeter has designed its inversion tables, especially for:

  • Chef
  • Housewife
  • Employees, who mostly work by sitting on the chair
Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Designed


Teeter’s hang ups inversion tables are futuristic inversion therapy machines. We have listed the best features in the Teeter hangup review below:

Better Comfort:

Teeter’s top rated inversion tables comprise ComforTrak Backrest. This kind of backrest is considered the best for better spinal comfort. The user doesn’t feel pain or discomfort, when he lies down on the ComforTrak bed.

He feels relaxed and refreshing as the inversion table moves to form the upside down angle. Teeter’s top rated inversion tables also comprise Ergo-Embrace Supports to grab the ankles of the user. The overall weight of the user’s body is distributed equally around the user’s feet and heels to reduce the discomfort.

These equipments comprise adjustable foot platform, which you can set according to the size of your feet. Teeter inversion tables offer an adjustable mechanism to stretch the table. You can set it according to your height and then enjoy a comfortable inversion therapy.

1. Robust Frame:

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Features

People should first consider their body weight and then purchase an inversion table. Teeter’s top rated three inversion tables can support and invert your body easily, if your weight is up to 300 lbs and if your height is up to 6’6’’.

This company provides inversion tables with sturdy frame. The steel-made frame of the table provides it a durable structure. The company also offers 5-year warranty on the table.

It means, if the table breaks, malfunctions or causes any kind of trouble, you can replace it with a new Teeter hang ups inversion table. Teeter provides durable equipment that can meet all of your inversion demands. You get impressive results in terms of reduced back pain, if you use it daily.

2. Stretch Max Handles And Pre-Set Rotation Control:

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Features

Inversion therapy can be a very difficult process for you, if you have never done it before. The body rests in upside down motion during this therapy.

You may face trouble in putting your body in such a weird position for the first time. That’s why Teeter’s best selling inversion tables provide Stretch Max Handles along with angle guide to assist the user.

You can grab the handle and start with a comfortable position. Later you can extend the angle of inversion according to your requirement.

Teeter’s equipment also comprise Pre-Set Rotation Control mechanism through which you can set the angle of inversion between 20, 40 and 60 degrees and then lie down on the table to invert your body according to pre-set angle.

3. Easy To Assemble:

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table Easy to assemble

Unlike other inversion tables, Teeter’s hang ups inversion tables are quite easy to assemble. It will hardly take 13-15 minutes in assembling the machine and then you can start the inversion therapy. You can assemble these equipments in 5 simple steps and you get a guide to do so.

You get 90% preassembled equipment and you just need to fix the handles and some other components and everything is done. The users can get BILT assembly app and check that app to know how to assemble Teeter inversion tables.

The app also offers information on different ways of taking inversion therapy to gain the maximum benefits. You can fold Teeter inversion tables to save the space that’s why these more useful equipments.

4. More Stretch For The Maximum Inverting Benefits:

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table maximum inverting benefits

By considering previous four features you can say that Teeter inversion tables are the simplest inversion tables to use. It starts with assembling the device, using it and folding it up to store, everything is easy and health promoting.

All the tables are flexible, which flexes according to the height of the user. To provide better comfort, the backrest improves air circulation around the back.

The ComforTrak Backrest is a lot better than cushion-made backrest of rival tables because it brings lots of therapeutic benefits to you. Thus, the inversion therapy becomes an enjoyable process and you would like to do it every day. You can invert at any angle you want, you can distribute the weight of your body by stretching your hands and the table will hold your body through the waist and ankles.

  • Delivered as 90% preassembled inversion table and offers a guide app to assist in assembling.
  • Takes only 13-15 minutes for assembling and easy to dissemble.
  • A foldable inversion table that takes small space for storage.
  • EP-960 has a sturdy frame that supports body weight up to 300 lbs, which turns it into the best teeter inversion table.
  • Available with complete guidance for inversion therapy and an instructional DVD.
  • Suitable for the users of 6’ 6’’ height.
  • The company is offering 5-year warranty on all three inversion tables.
  • Built according to UL 1647 standards and certified inversion tables for long-term benefits.


  • Teeter’s top rated inversion tables are robust and offer steel-made structure to support the user’s body. Hence, the equipments are heavy because the company wants to maintain a good balance of quality and durability.
  • Teeter’s low cost inversion tables like EP-560 doesn’t offer extended reach ankle system, which is amiable with EP-960. It is a disadvantage for the users of EP-560.
  • The users can use tether straps only till 60 degrees. Some users may also like to use this strap during the full inversion. You can consider it as a big drawback of Teeter inversion tables.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Rating of Teeter Inversion Table?

The maximum buyers from all over the world have rated Teeter Inversion Tables between 4.5 and 5 stars. According to users, Teeter’s equipments are reliable, useful and beneficial for reducing back pain, sciatic nerve pain and other critical health issues related to the spine.

What Are the Options for Those, Who Exceed 6’ 6’’ Height?

Answer: At present Teeter is providing inversion tables only for people with 6’ 6’’ height. Teeter’s customer service may offer further details on alternatives for people, who exceed this height.

How Much Space Is Required to Store the Inversion Table?

Answer: All three Teeter inversion tables cover 60” x 29” x 59” space, when fully assembled.

What is the Weight Of Fully Assembled Teeter Inversion Table?

Answer: According to available details, EP-560 weighs 67lbs, when fully assembled and EP-960 weighs 73 lbs, when assembled.

Can I Fold the Inversion Table Without Disassembling It?

Answer: Of course, dissembling is not necessary to fold the inversion tables. You can easily fold and store it. It would be better, if you store it next to the wall because storing and pulling out underneath the bed would require so much power.

Can I Get Assembling Instructions Online?

Answer: Yes, the assembling instructions are available on Teeter’s official web page. You can visit the website and get complete details on how to assemble and dissemble the inversion tables.

What is The Warranty?

Teeter provide 5-year warranty on all of its inversion tables. The terms and conditions are applied with product warranty and you can check those details online.

Best Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Teeter has succeeded in gaining the attention of many buyers by producing and supplying top-class inversion tables. Today, it is a worldwide famous brand that has sold inversion tables to over 2 million users.

We have carefully checked and mentioned all the good and bad things about Teeter’s equipment In Teeter hangups review. Yes, we agree that Teeter EP-560, EP-560 Ltd. and EP-960 Ltd.

The durable structure and health-promoting mechanism turns them into the best inversion tables. Even thousands of other users have appreciated the performance of Teeter inversion tables. They have got quick results by using Teeter’s equipment and today they are recommending it to others.


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