Method And Benefits Of 25 Top Relax Massage Therapy

Everyone knows that getting a massage soothes your body and mind, but which one is the best? No need to go over thousands of lists or research as I have complied here the 25 top relax massage techniques.  You may know some of these methods and others not, but they’re all good.

List Of 25 Top Relax Massage

List Of 25 Top Relax Massage

1. Swedish Massage Therapy

In this method, the therapist starts by applying general strokes on the tight muscles. There are 5 main types or techniques used in a Swedish massage.

  • Vibration strokes incorporate rocking and shaking movements
  • Tapotement strokes have percussion elements
  • Friction involves wringing and circular motion movements
  • Petrissage strokes have kneading, rolling and lifting
  • Effleurage strokes are smooth and lengthy

Swedish is the most popular and widely used massage today.

2. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage or DTM concentrates on knotted areas and bothersome parts of muscles and tissues. The strokes are slow and deliberate, working the muscle grain to provide relief.

There is more pressure compared to Swedish massages but it is not painful and can be adjusted. DTM is the ideal method for soothing repetitive strain, problems with posture, tight and painful muscles and other chronic body aches.

3. Myofascial Release

Fascia refers to a muscle tissue layer that serves as support for performing different types of postures. This massage is used to relieve tension and tightness on the fascia, providing relief for muscle contraction.

Myofascial release massages are gentle and the strokes done repeatedly on the affected area until there is relief. This is the most suitable for those posture problems. It is also for those who don’t want intense massages.

4. Sports Massage

Sports Massage

This massage is more intense than the regular and is appropriate for fitness buffs, athletes and sports enthusiasts. This massage offers 3 benefits:

  • Speeds up healing of cramps and injury
  • Assists in training and warm ups
  • Acts as prevention for injury

Sports massages are also suitable for treating strains, sprains, tendonitis and other common types of sports related injuries. Even those who aren’t into sports can benefit from this.

5. Reiki Massage

A Reiki massage involves hands on holding movements that correspond with the position of the nerve plexus and other organs. These postures assist in calming the body and improving other processes.

Reiki massages are also ideal if you have frequent mood swings or other types of anxiety disorders. This method has proven effective with a lot of people and is gaining popularity in many circles.

6. Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on the principle that every organ in the body is linked to the hands and feet via the nerves. This kind of massage applies different types of pressure on the palms and feet to relieve stress.

While the focus is on the feet and palms, stress relief is felt throughout the body. What reflexology does is provide relief for the entire body. This massage also includes different types of pressure massages, stretches and movements.

7. Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu relies on the same principles as acupuncture that originated in Japan. Shiatsu is based on the idea there are meridians – energy pathways – in the body. These pathways can be blocked due to poor health, diet and other reasons, and that is what Shiatsu provides relief for.

Shiatsu involves holds, pressure points and stretching to remove these blockages and allow energy to flow freely. This restores balance to the body and leads and eliminates discomfort and pain.

8. Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is gentle and aimed at those who want to experience relief, relaxation and comfort. The focus of the therapy is the way the fluid flows in the spinal cord and the human brain.

The therapy involves tracking the fluid and the craniosacral therapist bases their therapy on the affected area. Unlike other massages this therapy is more subtle to remove the pain.

9. Rolfing Massage Therapy

Rolfing focuses on the myofascial elements with the goal of easing muscle tightness. The movements and motions provide relief to the bones and muscles. This type of massage puts focus on the legs, torso and arms to provide the best result possible. It is also effective in treating muscle tension, injuries and cramps.

Rofling is also suitable for treating muscle deviation and conditions. Since it works on various muscles and tensions, you’ll want a certified specialist performing the moves.

10. Pregnancy Massage

As the name applies this massage is for pregnant women or those who have just given birth. This is a gentle massage and the goal is to enhance blood flow. With better blood flow women will feel less tension and will be able to relax. Whether you’re pregnant or just given birth, you should consult your doctor first before getting a massage.

11. Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is one of the most soothing as the session includes application of essential oils to accelerate healing and recovery. The massage is used to relieve stress, anxiety, muscle tension and improve mood.

Different types of essential oils are used, but the benefits are similar. With regular aromatherapy you’ll feel:

  • Calm
  • Rejuvenated
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxed
  • Energized

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils though you can opt for others.

12. Watsu Massage

Watsu Massage

Combining hydrotherapy and Shiatsu, this method uses pressure and water to provide relief for stress. You and your massage therapist get in a 3 to 4 ft deep body of warm water. During the session, your therapist employs different types of hand movements to soothe your muscles.

There is pressure applied on the stressed muscles, but the discomfort is reduced by the water. There are some variations but overall this is one of the gentler massages around.

13. Stone Massage

This massage involves the use of stones which are cooled or heated and applied to the body. The stones may also be coated with oil and massaged on the body, pressing gently on sore muscles.

Heated stones are smooth. They’re light enough but with sufficient weight so pressure can be applied. The cooled or heated stones are usually applied on the back, but it can be used on other parts of the body.

14. Thai Massage

In spite of the name, Thai massage most likely began in India 2500 years and is based on the principles of yoga and Ayurveda. Thai massage uses the hands, arms, legs, feet and knees so your body is stretched into various positions.

The pressure is deep and gentle. The pressure from the therapist provides stress relief, promotes relaxation and eases body tension. Other benefits of Thai massage are better blood circulation and increased body flexibility.

15. Lymph Massage

The massage is aimed at the body’s lymphatic system, providing relief for those with chronic arthritis, cellulite, joint pain and chronic fatigue. There are different ways to get a lymph massage, and properly done it eliminates extraneous water in the body while strengthening it.

Lymph massages are important because it keeps your lymphatic system in good condition. A qualified therapist is necessary to ensure the massage is done right.

16. Lifestream Massage

This massage has elements of deep tissue massage, Swedish and relaxation strokes, and the goals are muscle tension relief, increased comfort and relieving pain. These therapists need to be specialists to ensure that everything is done right.

17. Healing Touch

Healing Touch

This method is often employed by nurses on patients suffering from chronic pain. The calming touch is just one part as it is integrated into biofield therapy. The healing touch aims to improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The healing touch is non invasive and aims to improve the energy field in the body. The end result is you’ll be revitalized and rejuvenated, while the role of the therapist is to balance the energy in the body.

18. Amma

Amma is an old Japanese style massage that aims to restore balance to your body’s energy. The massage therapist uses various strokes, muscle manipulation and stretches to sooth the muscles.

Amma therapists use fingers, hands, feet and elbows, applying acupressure along the body’s energy points or meridians. Amma is good not just for muscle pain but also for relieving tension, pain and anxiety.

19. Balinese Massage

This a gentle massage that aims to help you relax, improve blood flow and circulation and increase oxygen levels. After a session you’ll feel calm, rejuvenated and healthy.

Balinese massage may use different techniques like skin folding, stroking and kneading. The pressure ranges from light to heavy. Depending on the client’s needs, stones may or may not be used to relieve stress. Essential oils may also be applied to further ease the muscles.

20. Dry-Water Massage Bed/Aqua Massage

This technique is commonplace in Las Vegas and relies on jet water to massage your muscles rather than a therapist’s stroke.

A typical dry water massage has jet water being used to physically massage your body. A variant has you stretching on a ham pad with a plastic sheet covering you. Streams of soothing, warm water is then sprayed.

The approach is similar to taking a shower to ease muscle pain except it’s more efficient. Apart from muscle relief, aqua massage offers relief for chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other muscle aches and pains.

21. Traditional Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese Massage

There are two types of traditional Chinese massage, the Zhi Ya and the Tui na. Zhi Ya concentrates on pressing and pinching the acupressure areas while Tui na is more about kneading, stretching and pushing the muscles.

While Tui na is considered a massage in the West, it is not in China as massage as there it is known as Ammo. Both Tui na and Zhi Ya are based on traditional Chinese medicine principles and use different techniques.

22. Hilot Massage

Hilot is a traditional massage done in the Philippines. It involves manipulation of the joints, massage and herbs to relax the muscles. While mainly for muscle relaxation and tension relief, hilot is also good for treating ankle sprains and muscle strains.

Hilot is also used to to relieve musculoskeletal pain and also helps in giving birth and helping mothers recover after birth.

23. Trigger Point

Trigger point goes deep in your muscles so it’s more like a deep tissue massage. The aim is to loosen up tight muscles that cause pain. A good example is muscle tightness in the neck may be the cause of headaches. By relieving the tight spot you get rid of the headaches.

This massage focuses solely on the points that cause pain, not the entire muscle. The therapist does it by applying deep pressure again and again until the pain is gone. This is one of the reasons why trigger point massage is good for those who suffer from chronic pain.

24. Myofascial Release

This is akin to trigger point, only this time the aim is to relive pain in the fascia. The fascia is a tissue that spans all the muscles in your body, so by relieving pain in major parts of the body.

The massage therapist starts by doing a gentle massage all over the body, looking for tightness or tension in the fascia. Once the tight areas are found, the therapist starts to apply more pressure on that area. Pressure is increased slowly and is effective in getting rid of pain.

25. Heated Stone Massage

As you may have guessed, this method involves the use of heated stones to relax the nerve and muscles. This type of massage often uses small mineral stones or precious stones to alleviate pain.

This massage is said to balance the chakras or energy centers in the body. That is why after each session you feel energized.
Massage is good for the mind and body, but some are better than others. The nice thing about it is you have a lot of options and don’t need to stick to one type. With the options given here you’ll be able to pick and choose the one that suits your needs best.
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