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Best Compression Sleeve for Tennis Elbow Reviews in 2021 [Top 10 Picks]

Tennis elbow is a common injury that can be caused by overuse or improper use of the arm. If you ever had tennis elbow, you know how painful it can be. You might not even be able to use your arm because of the pain and discomfort. It's not a condition you want to ignore, as it will only get worse with time.

Compression sleeves are a great way for you to prevent tennis elbow from happening in the first place. It is also used before playing tennis activities that put strain on the affected area. They are commonly made from elastic material such as spandex or they can also be made from neoprene rubber-covered fabrics like those found in wetsuits and drysuits.



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Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

5 out of 5

Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

5 out of 5

PowerLix Elbow Brace Compression Support (Pair)

4.5 out of 5

Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves

4.5 out of 5

ABYON Professional Elbow Compression Sleeve

4 out of 5

The compression sleeve wraps the area being treated with firm pressure, which reduces swelling and disperses lactic acid build up during recovery periods after rigorous activity by increasing blood flow back through muscles while reducing pain caused by tendonitis when done properly.

Now, compression sleeves are very commonly used for both precaution and treatment. Let us check the detailed discussion which one fits perfectly in your comfort and choice.

Our Best Review on Compression Sleeve for Tennis Elbow

In recent years, this product has become very popular as a treatment of mild or moderate cases of tennis elbow.

Why it is a sensitive choice for a tennis player? Because, when you wear it, it will stick with your hand and arm for a long time. There is a matter of look, comfort and also budget. So, it is a smart move to check all the product reviews and make a good decision.

1. Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

Kunto Fitness elbow brace is made from 70% Nylon, 15% Spandex, 15% Rubber. The flexible rubber works to keep your elbow in a natural position while providing compression to reduce your pain.

It is a lightweight, breathable compression sleeve that provides support for your elbow joint. Many other Tennis players also feel comfortable using them. Because if they feel joint inflammation, this sleeve helps a lot. Many gymnasts also use this compression sleeve when doing physical exercise like weightlifting, powerlifting and more. It supports them to keep their elbows away from being injured.

Most sports players and athletics use it for a better result during exercise or at the office to keep elbows warm and comfortable throughout the day. One of the features that help the users to improve their blood circulation in their arms and hands is its 4 way stretch fabric. It was created in a special way so that you could wear it comfortably under your outfits.

Most athletes and sports players use this sleeve, because it fits on the left or right arm separately without interfering with movement as much as other brands do on the market today.


  • Made from Nylon, Spandex and Rubber
  • Full arm motion supported
  • Don't feel itchiness as well as breathable


  • Relieve elbow pain slowly

2. Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

If you play tennis, you must be aware of any kind of elbow situation of your striking hand. Due to heavy stress on your hand joints. You might have to leave the game due to urgent situations.

If faced with such injury, the first step must include a protective support on the muscle. In that case, Strap Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve is one of the good solutions for faster relief. They also use this compression sleeve any other form of repetitive stress injury that causes pain on the inside part of their arm and can limit mobility in order to ease pressure on these muscles.

It might have a very slight itchy feeling which is hardly recognizable. It also provides support and protection to the elbow area with improving circulation like other sleeves. As it soothes any kind of tendonitis and reduces inflammation, you will be flexible to avoid easy damage and discomfort.

These Elbow Sleeves will not give you a restricted feeling like other bulky braces. All the players are quite concerned about proper blood circulation throughout their fingers and hands. So, according to the price range it is not a bad choice.


  • Faster relief from pain
  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Support for maximum sports and fitness exercise


  • Feel stiffness & discomfort (less) after a certain time

3. PowerLix Elbow Brace Compression Support (Pair)

PowerLix Elbow Brace is divided into 3 parts, 1st one is its fabric, 2nd one is compression and the 3rd of is the fitting of the sleeve. Its fabric helps a decent amount of airflow to keep the sleeve dry and also by absorbing sweat. Its 4-ways compression fabric provides gentle compression, which can help to reduce symptoms such as throbbing, pulsating pains or soreness in your elbows caused by injury.

It is made of neoprene which helps to avoid itchiness on your skin. But if you have sensitive skin, then you might face a minor problem. It fits tightly to the skin, forming compressive layers that will reduce swelling and ease pain. It can also protect your elbow from knocks and falls as well as encourage blood circulation around this region of the arm.

It comes in 4 sizes: Small (7"-8.5"), Medium (8.5"-10"), Large (10"-11.5") and Extra Large (11.5"-13"). This sleeve has the capability of expanding approximately sixty percent than the diameter of the sleeve.

While using the sleeve, you feel a firm feeling in your arm. It is maybe because of the way it was knitted. If you are smell sensitive then you can be relieved to know that it is odor free.


  • 4-ways Compression Fabric
  • Odor Preventive Material
  • Fully Breathable
  • Anti-slip System
  • Reduces Swelling


  • Slight Skin Irritation Problem
  • Reduces Elasticity over time

4. Sparthos Elbow Compression Sleeves

Sparthos Elbow Sleeve is crafted from breathable yarn. The manufacturer of this sleeve only mentioned that it is made from Nylon. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Cobalt Blue, Desert Beige and Pink. It comes with a pair of elbow sleeves.

It is a slim fit and seamless compression sleeve. Sometimes it can lose around your forearm if your bicep and forearm size are bigger than your elbow. It comes in four sizes. The small size is about 4 1/2" - 7", medium size is about 7" - 9 1/4", large size is about 9 1/4" - 10 1/2" and extra-large size is about 10 1/2" - 13". So, we recommend measuring your elbow size before getting this sleeve.

It is wearable under a jacket, sweatshirt and other clothes. Many of its users say that it is like their second skin. It is usable when typing, doing crossfit and other exercises. It is made of a stretchy material that creates stressful and repetitive motions to do work for a long time. So, professional tennis players, even athletes, bankers, and housewives prefer to wear it.

Its fabric helps to keep your skin off from moisture and sweating. Most of the time, it keeps your skin odor free. Its non-irritating yarn prevents skin from getting itchy. Sometimes it creates less itchy and flare-ups if your skin is sensitive.

Sparthos Elbow Sleeve is used for sore arms for reducing tendonitis, joint inflammation, and different types of sports elbow pain like tennis elbow, golf elbow, etc.


  • Stretchy material for easy movements
  • Moisture and sweating free
  • Alleviate pain in entire arm
  • Color is available
  • Non-irritating yarn for comfortable


  • Size selection challenging
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

5. ABYON Professional Elbow Compression Sleeve

ABYON Professional Elbow Compression Sleeve is one of the best mid-range products for you if you are looking for a high quality sleeve.

It is a 3d designed compression sleeve by ABYON is a good choice for people who are suffering from different elbow pain. The 2-piece Tennis Elbow Brace set and 1-piece compression sleeve will save your bucks in the long run.

ABYON brings 4 sizes of soft sleeve for you which are small, medium, large and extra-large and their measurements in inches are 8"-9", 10"-11", 12"-13", 14"-15". Two braces come in according to your sleeve size. Its skin-friendly nylon helps to keep your skin in more comfort.

ABYON Professional Elbow Compression Sleeve is a multi-usable sleeve. Its compression level is full range. This sleeve can provide equal pressure around your entire elbow, forearm, and bicep if you have the actual size of these parts. Whether you get pain caused by tennis, baseball, football, volleyball, basketball or simple day-to-day mild stress pain, it works very well for you.

It is also a well-known sleeve when you want to get rid of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or fatigue. If you are looking to reduce your muscle vibration, its medical grade stretchy neoprene gives you a good solution. The hook and loop closure type tennis elbow straps also prevent it from sliding down and help to treat elbow discomfort as well. For a better result, wear this sleeve and a brace at the same time.

You can also use it during your daily activities from exercising to gardening with no issues because its non-slip fabric design helps to withstand it on your arms. You don't need to have any tension about seating because its special breathable elastic blend helps to keep your elbow dry for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sweating free Sleeve
  • Anti-Slip Sleeve
  • Reduce muscle vibration
  • Provide premium compression with comfort

6. Copper Fit Freedom Elbow Compression Sleeve

If you look for a budget-friendly elbow compression sleeve, then Copper Fit brand is a good choice for you. The Copper Fit Freedom Elbow Compression Sleeve is made from Polyester (86%) and Spandex (14%). It is a hand washable sleeve so you can wash with soap or detergent.

Its seamlessness helps to provide you comfort. It helps to relieve muscle stiffness, ache from the sore elbow but don't think it does faster. But the positive result you will get. It also helps to ease swelling as its smooth fabric helps to maintain a good blood circulation & oxygenation flow through your muscles. If you have full numbness in your arm, then you will get a poor result.

You never see or feel this sleeve rolling off. Sometimes you notice the strip obstructs the expansion of the upper cuff but it is a silly issue.

If you are a color-selective person, then you might not have many options here. But again, comfort and need is color blind. Copper Fit Freedom Elbow Compression Sleeve comes with a honeycomb design that looks good.

You will get three sizes of this sleeve and the measurements are Medium (8.5”-10”), Large (10”-12”), Extra-large (12-14”). The size we got from the product picture. If you are a bodybuilder, then large size is perfect for you. If you are a muscular woman, then its medium size fits well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pocket friendly
  • Hand washable
  • Anti-slip design

7. Mava Sports Bamboo Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

If you are looking for an economical, durable product to protect your elbows during workouts or outdoor activities, look no further than Mava Sports. This elbow sleeve provides a lightweight and low profile option that will not disrupt any of the movements in which hand it is worn.

When it comes to quality, you cannot be too careful. This is why the makers of this item have blended three different materials together in order to ensure that durability and support come without any discomfort. These materials help to give a better comfortable feeling while training or serious matches.

You'll sweat less because spandex manages moisture while latex wicks away perspiration from skin's surface for maximum comfort during exercise sessions and bamboo charcoal fiber has an extra cool down feature which really helps in reducing the temperature.

For those who want an easy way to reduce pain and heal injuries, these compression sleeves are for you. Wearing them as a second layer under your clothes will ensure they're invisible while providing relief from discomfort or accelerated healing after injury - all in one convenient package.

The sleeve is perfect for people who want to do repetitive arm motions without having the fatigue of their muscles become a problem. The sleeve can be used by everyday athletes, like those with arthritis and cross training enthusiasts or someone recovering from elbow tendonitis when they need that extra support. Weightlifting is also possible using this compression but it should not go over higher weights because its effectiveness falls off at the point.


  • Affordable with high quality material
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Avoids elbow injuries
  • Usable for Maximum Sports


  • Inappropriate for long time use

8. Venom Strapped Elbow Brace Comparison Sleeve

If you are a huge muscular person, then a Venom strapped elbow brace comparison sleeve is an optimal solution. Improper size can impede your comfort and reduce the probability of protecting your forearm and elbow, as these parts are vulnerable to hurt. More significantly, the area above the elbow needs protection besides proper fitting. That’s why the company makes this sleeve in four sizes: small, large, extra-large and double extra-large.

A reliable product is important for reducing your elbow discomfort. And for that, this Venom Sports Fitness Company brings this Sleeve.

It is lightweight and so you always feel a weight-free arm. Its knit compression material ensures comfort; you can easily use it efficiently and effectively. Concerning the building material, its unique material helps to wick away moisture and increases blood circulation.

The elbow strap with this sleeve prevents it from slipping and keeps you off from tension for readjusting. It fits properly if you choose the actual size. Moreover, the Velcro strap ensures maximum stretchiness and helps to control your arm’s movements.

The union of the stretchy fabric & adjustable elbow strap helps to reduce other's elbow pain such as golfer’s elbow, skin inflammation, hyperextension, arthritis, and tendonitis.


  • Prevents moisture.
  • Adjustable straps offer stability.
  • Stretchable fabric provides comfort.
  • Reduces hyperextension


  • Doesn’t support instant recovery.
  • Difficult to select actual Size

9. Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace

The Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace is also very commonly used by tennis players, golfers and arthritis patients for reducing their elbow pain. As it provides efficient support and protection with unimpeded arm movement.

This compression sleeve has a textured material that provides a firm fit. It is breathable and also durable, and it's made to fit both left and right arms. The brace provides relief from tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, or any other type of elbow pain.

You can wear this arm sleeve for tendonitis during your favorite sport activity without worrying about restrictions in your movement. It prevents joint strains and injuries, or provides you with some sufficient amount of pain relief if you are already in the phase of rehabilitation.

The Sleeve Stars Tennis Elbow Brace is wonderful for both men and women because it is designed to account for different arm sizes. It fits people who have big or small arms, and it is comfortable to wear, whether you are an athlete or just someone who's looking for pain relief. It comes in only black, so you don't have any color selection option that can be a negative site if you are a color choosy person.


  • Minimizes Swelling
  • Pain-free Fabric
  • Moisture Preventing Fabric
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Made for Men and Women


  • Instructions Manual Not Included
  • Not Long Durable

10. Elbow Sleeves (1 Pair) W/ Wrist Wraps

The Gymreapers Elbow Sleeves Compression Brace are mainly used for Tendonitis for tennis players. It is made of high performance 5MM neoprene which not only provides the joint stability while keeping it warm during play, but also helps prevent injury and swelling. It also stretches and limits your movement during the game. The given support on the elbow will help improve your grip on any racket type you select. These compression sleeves help relieve elbow pain as well as reduce swelling after playing sports, like tennis or golf, where you need good grip strength and forearm stability. By putting these on before any sport you play and removing them post-game, you'll feel relief from tightening in muscles and decreased JOLTS (jumpouts).

These Braces can be easily moveable on the arm to implement a custom fit around your joint. It is very easy to take on and off so you don't have to stop your game. You can easily slide it up or down as needed while still keeping the support and warmth that it provides you with. You won't need any help putting these compression sleeves on because they are designed to be put on by yourself, even in a rushed situation.


  • Extra 2 Wrist Wraps included
  • Sizes and colors available
  • Specially designed for weightlifting
  • Comfort of use during training sessions
  • Sweating free


  • Stretch Out when use a long time
  • Costly

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Compression Sleeve for Tennis Elbow

tennis elbow sleeve

There are few factors that you can't avoid when you choose a compression sleeve for tennis elbow. If you choose the wrong one, then it can actually make your condition worse instead of better. So here are some factors to consider for the right compression sleeve for tennis elbow:

Construction Materials:

Cotton sleeves may not be as durable, but they are more comfortable for prolonged use. Nylon sleeves are more durable, but can cause irritation when worn for long periods of time.

Breathable and Comfortable:

Breathable compression sleeves provide for the best possible circulation of blood to and from your arm. These sleeves are also more flexible than other compression sleeves, so they aren't too constrictive. Breathable compression pads in sleeves are also more comfortable because they don't create too much pressure on your arm. Breathable compression sleeves are a great choice for you if you want to get relief from pain caused by tennis elbow.


The size should be as tight as possible without being too tight. If it's too loose, then the sleeve will not provide enough pressure to help reduce the pain from your tendonitis or tennis elbow. You should also check that you have a good fit around your wrist.

Elbow Protection:

Elbow Protection

In order to prevent injuries from happening, it can be very useful for people who engage in sports or other active pursuits like working out at a gym or climbing up mountains, and who are concerned about getting injured, to wear a compression sleeve as an Elbow protector. With such a device on their arm, they will be able to exercise without fear of Elbow injury. A compression Elbow sleeve provides protection around the Elbows by compressing its fabric which adds support for muscles and joints in order to keep them safe from any injuries.


1. How Long Should You Wear A Compression Sleeve For Tennis Elbow In A Day?

Answer: This depends on the severity of the injury. You should wear a compression sleeve for tennis elbow as long as you feel you need to. The time varies from person to person and from injury to injury, so it is advised that you consult with a doctor, physical therapist, or other medical professional for more specific information. Doctors recommend wearing the sleeve for 5-7 hours per day. They also recommend that if at any point you notice any aggravation in your pain, or the pain is getting worse, it’s recommended to take a break from the sleeve and consult your Doctor.

2. When Should You Wear a Compression Elbow Sleeve for Tennis Elbow?

Answer: When to wear an elbow sleeve will depend on the severity of your injury. When you take some time off from playing tennis or any other physical activity, wearing an elbow sleeve will help protect your injured tendon from getting traumatized again. When you are just starting to resume your workout routine, it is recommended that you use the sleeve only during exercises and not when playing sports. When your symptoms have completely gone away and are no longer present, then it is safe to start wearing the sleeve all day long.

3. Should I Wear A Compression Sleeve While Sleeping After Tennis Elbow Injury?

Answer: Yes, you can wear compression sleeves while sleeping. Because wearing a compression sleeve while sleeping with an injury can help reduce the pain sooner. In fact, many players sleep or rest in a sling as is often recommended after surgery to accelerate healing of the injured tissue. This type of support guides the body's focus away from an injury by gently supporting and moving it while still allowing blood flow to circulate normally.

4. Will a Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve Help a Pinched Nerve?

Answer: If you're experiencing discomfort or pain in your elbow, then it may be important for you to try wearing a compression sleeve during the day and night. These sleeves are designed so that they can provide relief to those who experience pain from having a pinched nerve.

5. Do Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeves Reduce Arm Fat?

Answer: The tennis elbow compression sleeves can help in reducing the arm fat, because these are designed to reduce the fluid retention that causes pain.

6. Do Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeves Prevent Swelling?

Answer: If you are experiencing symptoms such as swelling, it is possible that compression sleeves will help. Compression sleeves feel tight and heavy on the outside of the arm, but they allow for a lot of compression to prevent swelling.


Tennis elbow is a common injury that can be debilitating and cause pain for years. You don't have to let this condition hold you back from playing your favorite sport, but there are steps you should take to lessen the chance of it happening again. One of those steps includes wearing compression sleeves during play or exercise. If you have been suffering from tennis elbow, this blog post may be the answer to your prayers. We hope one of these solutions will suit your needs.

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