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10 Best Ergonomic Chairs and their Features for Reducing The Risks of Back Pain

Best Ergonomic Chairs and their Features for Reducing The Risks of Back Pain

Whether you are a freelancer or a regular employee to a private firm, you may need to spend hours on the desk. Normal chairs don’t provide enough support to our body. Consequently, people suffer with unbearable back pain and neck pain. Is there any way of avoiding this troubling problem? Of course, there are many ways.

You can start exercising, take heat therapy, inversion therapy, but you should try to remove the main cause of pain. It is the standard chairs we use in our offices and at home.

You should sit on best ergonomic chairs rather than sitting on normal chairs.

The ergonomic chairs provide essential support for our back and reduce the risks of back pain, neck pain and many other health issues.



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AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

5 out of 5

Furmax Ergonomic Executive Computer Headrest

5 out of 5

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair - Black

4.5 out of 5

LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair

4.5 out of 5

SLEEKFORM Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool For Home and Office

4 out of 5

We Have Reviewed Some Top-Rated Ergonomic Chairs To Help You In Finding The Best Ergonomic Chair. Check These Reviews

1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

It is one of the most widely chosen ergonomic chairs across the world. The manufacturers have used high-quality black leather to improve the quality and the look of the chair.

It has padded seat and comfy back to provide improved comfort for those, who spend hours on the desk. You can pneumatically adjust the height of the seat and dual-wheel casters offer better mobility to the chair.

It can weigh up to 225lbs and the buyers get complete assembly instruction with the product. This chair is perfect for all sizes’ users and the manufacturer is providing 1-year warranty on the performance and quality of the product. Certainly it is a useful ergonomic chair for quick relief from the back pain and neck pain issues.

2. Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair With Mesh Padded Seat And Flip-Up Arms

Unlike many other ergonomic chairs, Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair is a contemporary design’s chair. It comprises curved mesh back to offer extended support to the lumbar area of the user’s body.

It improves the comfort of the user’s body by reducing discomfort around mid-to-upper back region. The waterfall shape of the front edge reduces pressure from the lower legs and promotes circulation around the targeted region.

You can easily move the chair to 360 degrees and utilize the whole work area without walking on the ground. The manufacturers have equipped this chair with heavy-duty nylon base with dual casters, which provide enhanced mobility to the chair.

3. Aeron Chair By Herman Miller

Yes, Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is one of the most expensive chairs in the market. The basic model of this chair costs $600, but its luxurious look and comfort lures buyers towards this awesome ergonomic chair. It is widely being used in expensive offices, shows and in the house.

This chair comprises every feature that you expect in a good quality chair. The manufacturers have used a graphite frame to provide a sturdy structure.

The lumbar pad improves comfort around your back and it has everything that you need to prevent body pain. Many new models of this chair are available in the market that you can purchase for your office requirements.

4. Aeron Task Chair By Herman Miller: Highly Adjustable w/PostureFit Lumbar Support

It is another expensive chair by Herman Miller, which comprises highly adjustable vinyl arms. The standard carpet casters improve the mobility of this chair and provide a sturdy base.

This chair has been designed especially for those, who spend hours on the desk and need complete comfort during their work.

The Aeron Size C offers incredible back support and the user can also adjust the arms of the chair to improve the level of comfort. Unlike other chairs, Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller offers 12-year factory warranty.

Whether chair’s cushions get ripped, casters get damaged or frame gets broken, you can replace it with a new chair. The manufacturer assures user about long-term service of the chair that’s why he is offering 12-year warranty.

5. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair

It is not just an ergonomic chair, but you can call it a beautiful ergonomic chair that can enhance the aesthetic of your office interior. It incites blood flow and oxygen flow in the user’s body to keep the user focused on his work by feeling relaxed.

You get 6 different ergonomic functions to improve your posture, while working on the computer. The ergonomic design of this chair reduces tension around your spine and prevents fluid loss from the discs.

Chair covers maintain good air flow and prevent unnecessary heat. You can spend hours on this chair and there will be no discomfort or pain in your legs, knees, back and neck. Just like other chairs by Herman Miller, Embody Chair also offers 12-year factory warranty. Yes, we consider it the best office chair for lower back pain.

6. SAYL Chair By Herman Miller

Yves Behar has spent almost three years for designing and evolving the features of SAYL and today it is available in the market with remarkable features. This chair’s innovative features like ArcSpan and Y-Tower turn it into the one of the best ergonomic chairs of this age.

The ArcSpan feature enhances back comfort and the Y-Tower prevents chances of pain caused by the fabric.

The design of this chair seems highly inspired by the Golden Gate Suspension Bridge. The frame is capable of bearing immense load and it doesn’t require a large box, once disassembled. This chair has already got the attention of millions of buyers for its unbreakable structure and that’s why people are buying it.

7. Leaders Executive Office Chair Fabric: Synthetic Leather

The revolutionary design of this chair would lure you and you will say wow. Unlike, other models of ergonomic chairs Leaders Executive Office Chair provides a dual backrest with adjustable controls. Any size’s user can sit easily on this chair and feel better comfort.

In addition to the adjustable backrest, this chair also features adjustable headrest and pneumatic seat height controlling mechanism. You can turn the chair’s height and shape right according to your demands.

It has triple Y six legs-base that improves stability of the chair, when you are using it. The user can remove the armrests to feel better comfort. All of the mentioned features of this chair make it a great ergonomic chair.

8. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base With Headrest

Of course, anyone can get impressed towards the charming color, design and shape of this ergonomic chair. We have listed this chair among the best ergonomic office chairs reviews because of its modern ergonomic shape and color.

The manufacturer has used top grain leather to enhance the beauty of this chair. He is offering a 5 year warranty over the product.

The seat slide is adjustable and its lumbar support system makes it a very comfortable chair. The highly-adjustable armrest can take your comfort feel to the next level.

Yes, this chair is equipped with comfy backrest, headrest and you can adjust the angle of backrest to feel relaxed.

9. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

This chair has everything that you require to reduce discomfort and spend hours on the work desk. The contemporary chair design and the pneumatic mechanism turns this chair into a great office chair. It is a perfect choice to accommodate multiple shapes’ users. 

Yes, it can offer 360-degree access to the work area and robust casters ensure long-lasting service of the chair. The waterfall edge of the chair is simply the best to prevent lower-leg discomfort.

In addition, it improves the blood circulation in the lower leg region. The breathable mesh-back supports your back and eliminates causes of back pain. Due to such high-quality features, this ergonomic chair has succeeded in maintaining its spot among the top ergonomic office chairs.

10. ANCHEER Ergonomic Office Chair With Black Mesh And Adjustable Lumbar Support

High strength polyester mesh material turns this chair into one of the most durable office chairs. It offers high density polyester that has gone through 3M test and proven its ability of making the user feel cool and relaxed.

The scooped design of the seat helps the user in sitting centrally and gaining extended support from the backrest. Yes, it has a waterfall front edge to reduce discomfort of your legs.

The durable cushions ensure that you can feel complete comfort, when you sit for hours on the chair. The backrest has the curved shape, which turns your spine into S pattern. It is a feature-rich, ergonomic chair that you should buy to experience several health benefits.

Why Should You Invest In Ergonomic Chairs?

A lot of people across the world refuse to buy the ergonomic chairs because they already have new chairs in their office or at home. At the same time these people also suffer with troubling back pain, leg pain, neck pain and several other issues related to bodily pain.

Don’t they realize that their health issues are occurring due to the chair? Of course, people realize it and there are a few more points you should check to realize the need of ergonomic chairs.

Buy It For Better Posture

Does your friends or office colleagues joke that your posture is not correct? They may say right because the shape of traditional chairs is quite responsible for incorrect posture. You can improve your posture easily by using an ergonomic chair. These chairs are quite different in shape and their backrest offers you enough support to sit straight and correct.

The ergonomic chairs allow you to adjust the armrest, height and backrest of the chair according to your body’s requirements. Thus, you can improve your posture by using an ergonomic chair in your office or at home.

No Chance Of Neck Problems And Backache

No-one can deny that he or she suffers with neck pain, back pain and also with the leg pain issues, when spend hours by sitting on a normal chair. It happens because traditional chairs have not been designed for working purpose. These chairs have been designed for short term use.

On the other hand, the ergonomic chairs have been designed especially for the office use. You can check their designs, materials and the features that ensure quick relief from all types pain-related issues.

Think About Your Comfort

You can consider other reasons as secondary reasons, but do not compromise with your comfort. The traditional chairs can’t support, when you sit at-least six hours continuously. The ergonomic chairs are built to prevent your body from unnecessary stress and offer better support against muscle strains, spinal issues and neck issues.

No Pressure Around Your Hips

You can check in the ergonomic chair reviews that different manufacturers use different materials for the cushion. The ergonomic chairs prevent your hips from the pressure that occurs due to hours of sitting. You get a comfy surface to sit and work.

Unlike the ergonomic chairs, the traditional chairs provide hard surface to sit. Traditional chairs may cause several serious health issues related to your back and hips. So, do not take further risks with your health.

Improves Your Working Speed

By considering all the above mentioned points you can understand that ergonomic chairs can help you in improving your work speed. Just go through the reviews of the top rated ergonomic chairs and check the features.

The chair designers have introduced these features to improve your comfort. You can work longer and much faster, if you are feeling comfortable on the desk.

Some Tips For Buying The Best Ergonomic Chair

Hence, it is going to be the chair on which you will spend several hours of your day, it should be perfect. The way of buying a perfect ergonomic chair is quite simple. Follow the guide and you will get it.

What Are The Adjustment Features?

The most important thing you should check before buying the chair is its adjustment features. Of course, all the users would not prefer the same height’s chair. Tall people may like to increase the height and short people may like to increase the height. Your chosen chair must offer the height adjustment facility so that you can sit at a comfortable height.

The chair should also offer the armrest adjustment feature. Many people face problem in operating their computers due to the armrests. Most of the reviewed chairs offer armrest adjustment feature through which you can pull ahead or push back the armrests.

Some chairs also allow the users to adjust the backrest. You can incline the backrest at a certain angle to feel better comfort. Usually, the backrests of ergonomic chairs incline automatically according to the requirement of the user. You can buy these chairs to reduce extra efforts.

How Supportive The Base Is?

Do you consider the durability of casters before buying a chair? Consider it, if you don’t because the base of the chair should comprise enough casters to provide better stability. You may turn the chair several times in the office and move it. The mobility of the chair would depend on how effectively the casters move. So, check it carefully.

Does It Have A Sturdy Frame?

You would not like to sit on a chair, which can get broken because you are overweight. High-quality ergonomic chairs can bear lots of weight. You should not think about spending some extra money, when it comes to buying a durable chair with sturdy frame.

Many brands offer 5-year to 12-year warranty for their chairs. You should invest in such chairs rather than spending your money over poor-quality chairs.

Choose A Chair With Multi Function Mechanism

All the chairs we have reviewed in this post offer multifunction mechanism. In other words, you can set backrest angle, tilt the front edge of the seat to improve comfort and lock the seat to sit in the same position.

The multifunction mechanism allows users to set the chair’s shape effectively according to their requirements. You can adjust everything to improve the comfort and still you won’t suffer with any kind of pain.

The Cost Of The Chair

You cannot buy ergonomic chairs at as affordable prices as you can buy the traditional chairs. These are therapeutic chairs that heal your back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and leg pain issues and offer incredible comfort for long-term sittings. If you think that you can buy such feature-rich chairs at very cheap rates, then you are wrong.

You will have to prepare a good budget. You may find some discount, on online purchase and thus you can a little bit reduce the price of the chair.

Final Verdict

You may need to visit the doctor in a few months, if you frequently ignore the back pain, neck pain and leg pain issues. All of these issues occur due to spending hours on chairs, which are not meant to be used as office chairs. The best ergonomic chair prevents your medical expenses, makes you capable of working longer and helps you in correcting your upper body posture.

Our endorsed chairs are equipped with all therapeutic features and functions. So, you can choose any suitable chair from the reviewed chairs and place it against your work desk.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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