5 Best Infrared Heating Pad Reviews For Fast Pain Relief

The heat therapy is a proven way of reducing pain. The electric heating pads and heat wraps are quite popular among people for heat therapy. However, many people don’t like red-hot heating pads. People were looking for an alternative device to these traditional heat therapy products. The choice was not available before a few decades, but now it is available. These heat pads are called infrared heat pads, which are fairly different from traditional heat pads.

These heat pads release Far Infrared Rays and these FIRs penetrate almost 3 inches into the user’s body to cure the pain. It is a useful product and quite high in demands. We are sharing some infrared heating pad reviews so that you can buy the best device for quick pain relief.



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Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad

5 out of 5

Far Infrared Mini Mat With Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy

5 out of 5

Large (69"X 31") Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat / Pad Mat80

4.5 out of 5

Healthyline Natural Jade & Tourmaline Mat

4.5 out of 5

Far Infrared (FIR) Professional Healing Heating Pad

4 out of 5

1. Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad

This infrared heat pad applies FAR technique heat user’s muscles effectively without causing any threat to the skin. This heat pad has been chosen by numerous users across the world and all of them have reported positive results.

It is a user-friendly product that operates on electric socket and produces health promoting infrared rays in the muscles. You can use it during the travel, clean it in the washing machine and the poly-cotton covered Velcro straps will offer incredible comfort during the therapy.

The users can set this device to three separate heats to enhance or reduce the heat intensity. The user can use this heat pad almost everywhere and that’s what turns it into the best infrared heating pad. You should not be worried about the power consumed by Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad.

It consumes only 36 watts and produces temperature between 44°C to 60°C.

2. Far Infrared Mini Mat With Amethyst Crystal Radiant Heat Therapy

It is another great alternative to traditional heat therapy pads. Just like the previous heat pad, Far Infrared Mini Mat uses FIR technology to reduce inflammation of the muscles, joint pain and the soft tissue pain within a few seconds.

This mat also offers several other health benefits including better metabolic system, improved blood circulation, relief from fatigue and enhances the functioning of the immune system. No anxiety or stress will interrupt your work performance, if you are regularly using this heat pad for heat therapy.

The Far Infrared Rays of this heat pad penetrates deep into the body of user and attacks directly on the inflammation causing elements. This mat releases negative ions in the user’s body, which heal pain quite quickly and provide significant relief from pain.

It is a flexible heat mat and tiny amethyst stones turn it into the most comfortable heat pad for heat therapy. You should use it, if you want instant results after a small session of heat therapy.

3. Large (69"X 31") Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat / Pad Mat80

Describing it just as a heating pad would not be fair. Actually, it is a heating mat that comprises 184 pieces of natural jade stones. The Asian jade stones have always been used for healing purpose by the natives. The size of every stone is 1.6”, which is sufficient for a relaxing heat therapy.

This mat offers a thermostat monitor to control and maintain the FIR heat for long-lasting heat therapy. The user can easily adjust the temperature between 20 degree Celsius and 50 degree Celsius and enjoy a relaxing session of therapeutic heat therapy.

It is up to the user that he wants a heat therapy or cold-compression type therapy because this heat mat can easily turn the temperature down according to the needs of the user. It is a safe and doctor’s recommended device that releases negative ions to heal the pain issue. There is no risk of using it because it works in the safest way to heal your body pain.

4. Healthyline Natural Jade & Tourmaline Mat

It is a heat therapy mat that has got a huge appreciation for its ability of penetrating deep up to 6” in the user’s body. It attacks the causes of pain in the user’s bones and then eliminates the elements causing pain.

It has a perfect size of 72”x24”, which is efficient enough to invigorate user’s body’s tissues, cells and other important systems. The negative ion therapy is the main weapon of this mat against bodily pains.

The negative ions improve the detoxification process, decreases acidity issue and provide quick relief against many other health issues. It is an FDA registered product and it provides 7 step quality control mechanism to improve the therapeutic benefits.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that Healthyline natural Jade & Tourmaline Mat is one of the best infrared heating pads for back pain. It is a feature-rich heat pad and you get 1-year replacement warranty with a 5-year warranty on controls of this heat pad.

5. Far Infrared (FIR) Professional Healing Heating Pad

It is another great product from HealthyLine that heals your pain by applying old, but proven pain relieving technique. The Jade and Tourmaline stones are fixed in the healing pad along with the crushed Amethyst Crystals.

In addition, the FIR technique and negative ions are released into your body to provide instant and effective relief from all sorts’ pain of muscles, bone pain.

The joint pain becomes an unbearable problem for the elders and they use various types’ oils and other ingredients to relieve that pain. Unfortunately, nothing else works as effectively as infrared heat therapy. This HealthyLine pain reliever heat pad also reduces stress, tension, depression and anxiety issues simultaneously to provide overall health benefits.

Nowadays, Far Infrared Professional Healing Heating Pad by HealthyLine is in huge demands for its therapeutic features. You can buy it online to experience quality results.

Essential Aspects You Must Check Before Buying an Infrared Heating Pad

Everyone knows that heating pads can work a lot better than pain relieving medicines. People get confused among traditional heating pads and infrared heating pads, but we have explained above that why infrared heating pads are the best. Now, let us guide you for buying the best infrared heating pad according to your requirements.

What are the Features?

The first and very important thing you should check before buying the infrared heating pad is its features. As we have mentioned in the infrared heating pad reviews, different pads provide different features for pain relief.

At first consider that what will work for you and what will not, and then make a decision on purchase. The infrared heating pads work in a very different way. Do not make mistake of considering these pads the traditional heating pads.

What is the Warranty?

The infrared heating pads are relatively new in comparison to the electric heating pads. You might be trying these heating pads for the first time. You may not like to waste your money on a device that would not deliver claimed results. So, we suggest you to check the warranty offered by the manufacturing brand for the performance of the infrared heating pad.

All the heating pads we have reviewed in this post offer 1-year to 5-year warranty and replacement guarantee. You can choose any one of our suggested heating pads to experience a different way of healing pain.

Always Ask for the Instruction of Using Selected Product

The technique and functionality of the infrared heating pads are fairly different from traditional heating pads. You may have used electric heating pads, but infrared heating pads don’t operate in the similar manner.

You should check that the instructions are available with the chosen product or not. If not, then search online for how to use. You can experience all the benefits of the heating pad, if you have complete knowledge about how to use and how to operate the heating pad.

What is the cost?

Yes, the cost of the product matters a lot. The infrared heating pads are more expensive devices than electric heating pads. The product’s quality should be right according to its cost. Nowadays, many local brands are producing and selling poor quality and uncertified infrared heating pads.

Beware of those devices and choose the heating pads we have reviewed in this post. It will save your money and you will get a device that would actually heal several types’ pain without causing any side-effect to your health.

Final Verdict

Famous brands are producing health equipment that comprise the latest technologies to offer quicker and better relief from serious health issues. The FIR technology equipped infrared heating pads are the best heating pads. These pads are certified by the world’s leading organizations and now they are available in the market for purchase.

We have made the way of finding the best infrared heating pad very simple for the buyers. All you need to do is just checking the reviews for the features and quality and then choose the best one. We ensure you that you will get great aid for relieving joint pain, muscle pain and bone pain. Numerous readers have followed our suggestions and today their problem is resolved.


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