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3 Common Sleeping Postures with Their Advantages and Disadvantages

A healthy sleep is one of the most basic needs of our life. People spend a lot of time on their job and get tired. When they come back home, they just take their dinner and sleep. A tired person never thinks that he or she is sleeping in a right position or in the wrong position. People think that there is nothing to do with sleeping posture, just go to the bed and sleep. Well, let me tell you few important facts that if you won’t sleep in a right position, you might face some serious health problems, including back pain and neck pain.

There are many people, who carefully choose the sleeping position. It seems quite easy to ignore the fact that sleeping positions don’t matter. It becomes quite painful and troubling to spend the day, when people face adverse side effects of sleeping in wrong positions. That’s why today people are trying to know how much they should doze and which is the best sleeping position. Such details can probably help a person in maintaining good health without having any sleeping disorder.

Some Good And Bad Sleeping Positions

If you want to know that which is the best sleeping position and what are its advantages for health, then you should read the information given below. I am sure you will find a position that will help you in having healthy sleep.

1. Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers

There are many doctors, who agree that back sleeper is the best sleeping position. It is a natural sleeping position in which most of the individuals sleep. In other words, we can also call it shavasna pose of Yoga. In this position your spine and neck remains straight. This sleeping position is also considered good for better health of the spine and neck. There are many people, who work in offices. They put too much pressure over their neck and spine during work because of which spine or neck pain may occur. The back sleepers sleeping position provide enough relief to both neck and spine.

If you want to improve the health benefits of sleeping in a back sleeper position, you should use high-quality pillow and mattresses. Quality pillows offer perfect support for neck and you inhale more oxygen during the sleep. Well, there is also a disadvantage of sleeping in this position. A very common known disadvantage is snoring, which occurs with people sleeping in the back sleeper position.

2. Side sleepers

Side sleepers

A lot of people around the world claim that they are side sleepers. Side sleepers are the best sleep position for you, if you sleep on your left side. There are many doctors, who suggest pregnant ladies to sleep on their left side.Sleeping on left side improves blood circulation, which helps babies in growing quickly.

If the side sleepers sleeping position is good for health, then there are also several disadvantages of it. A very well known disadvantage of sleeping to left or right side is numbness in hands and squished hands. When you sleep on your left or right side, your hands may lay down below your body. It stops the blood flow and causes numbness of the hands. The side sleepers sleeping position also causes too much pressure over the lungs and stomach. You may probably feel problem in taking a long breath, if you are using poor quality mattresses.

3. Stomach Sleeper

Stomach Sleeper

Almost health experts around the world suggest people avoid sleeping in this position. However, it is not completely bad for the humans. If you snore too much during the sleep and your partner is frustrated of this bad habit, then you should take Stomach Sleeper posture during the sleep. This sleeping position provides good relief from the snoring habit. Among all other sleeping positions, stomach sleeper is considered the best position to cure sleep apnea disorder. There are many people, who complain about their sleep apnea issue. If you are also one of them, start sleeping over your stomach.

If you carefully check the benefit portion of the stomach sleeping position, you will find only two advantages of it. According to the health experts, stomach sleepers is the worst sleeping position. It can cause several health problems. The main disadvantage of sleeping in this position is lower back pain. The natural curve of our spine gets affected by this sleeping position. It can also cause neck strain that any working man or woman would not like to face.

How Should You Choose the Sleeping Position?

It is not a very difficult task to do because there are multiple sleeping position and their benefits are also multiple. Every sleeping position comes with its certain benefits for health and certain disadvantages. As you can check above in this post, three different sleeping positions are mentioned with their health benefits and disadvantages. You should simply check that which position is the best for your body and health. Some people suffer with snoring and sleep apnea disorders and some people suffer with back and neck pain problems. All of these health issues affect healthy sleep and rest and these should be resolved quickly.

The Importance of Right Pillow and Mattresses

Mostly, people think that all the sleep disorders and health issues will be cured, if they start sleeping in a right posture. A healthy sleeping position is important, but high-quality pillows and mattresses are also important for healthy sleep. The down pillows and poor quality mattresses cause health issues like back pain and neck pain. These issues can get bigger and affect your daily life, if you don’t change the mattresses and pillows quickly.

The pillow and mattress manufacturers are now using quality materials like latex, memory foam and buckwheat to improve the comfort of the pillows. You can check the reviews of the pillows and mattresses online, know their benefits and then buy the best for your home. Consider it as a one time investment for better health and pain-free life. Sleep properly, do not take risks with your health and you will not suffer with intense after getting up early in the morning.


John Harris is the author and site editor of backaware.com. He is a physiology devotee, who research on the recent updates and always shares the things he finds helpful for everyone. He workout regularly and travels a lot and read detective novels when he gets time. He is married and father of a cute boy.

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